Thursday, May 15, 2008

A Letter From Blonde Daughter To Her Blonde Mom.

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My dear mummy!

Yesterday I finally finished reading your letter. I have news too. Recently your son-in-law read a study that says that most of road accidents happen near your home. Therefore, we moved to another apartment. The apartment is beautiful, there is a washing machine here. But it does not work. Yesterday, I put linen in it, pulled the cord, and all the clothes disappeared. I am looking for Manual (a neighbor all the time proves to me that "this refuse chute is OK").

Recently, the same as my brother Tolya I got problems due to defects in detail of car. Tell you all in detail. I have a favorite dog Arnold, of a rare dwarf breed Shee-Ttsu. Typically, Arnold sits on my lap. But recently it was necessary to stall at traffic lights. I clicked on the pedal, but there was Arnold, who was able to climb somehow under it because there is no a stuff, to protect it from falling under the pedal any small animals, and the instruction does not warn about this. I immediately drew back my leg, because Arnold loudly whimpered of pain! Because of this, I crashed into another car and badly creamed my own car.

Then I was told that I was to blame in the accident, and I will have to pay for repair both mines and another car. If I must pay for that they have done poorly pedal? Had they done a car as it should be, my doggy would not be able to climb under this pedal. And nothing was written in instructions about that small pets could go under the pedal! In addition, Arnold has a fractured pad, it has to treat at veterinarian. Therefore, I need money to repair the car and for daughter's school.

Now in the mornings I have to seize an opportunity of passing metro to get to office. As a proof I send you the pictures which I made with my new phone of last brand.

At work I learn to go roller-skating. I think might be useful. After all, winter is only once a year, and I love to skate.

Your Daughter.

Oh, quite forgotten. I received your letter. So you may repeat, because the money was not really there. I checked twice.

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