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Attractive Russian Women - How To Get Their Attention

What's the difference between a Russian woman and an American woman you meet in a local bar? The Russian women is hotter, in better shape and won't reject you as quickly. She might be in your country for her job or to study, but regardless of why she is here her looks wil attract attention anytime she goes out.

How is she different from the girls you normally date? Take a look at the profiles of any woman on this dating site and you will see comments such as 'I am looking for an honest, loving, generous, tender and attractive man'. Russian ladies want to be romanced and are raised with the kinight on the white horse ideals. Try to pick her up like the local trailer trash and you will get shot down very quickly.

It does not matter what their heritage or religion is, all women around the world want to be pursued by their man to some degree. Russian women just have loftier ideals when it comes to love. Getting her attention by by the charming, witty man she is looking for is eacy though. All you have to do is to be able to hold an interesting conversation when you first meet. If the prospect of talking to a gorgeous women makes you break out into a cold sweat, then here are a couple of suggestions.

Remember To Listen

It is easy to start a conversation with a beautiful woman, just say hi if you don't know what else to say. But if you are going to have any chance at all of getting past that opening greeting, then you are going to have to know how to have an interesting conversation. The most important tip I can give you here is to remember is that a conversation has 2 sides.

If you speak without listening, you are lecturing.

If you speak and listen, but ignore the other side of the conversation, then you are arguing.

If you speak and listen with interest what is being said, then you are having a conversation.

The first two are useless when trying to meet women. Just remember that your ears outnumber your mouth 2:1. It is a useful thought to keep in mind if you continually crash and burn with women.

The point I am trying to get at is a conversation is 2 sided. Women love to talk so don't feel pressured to do all of the talking. If she shows that she is interested when you say hello (and not all women will - it is a numbers game), then keep the conversation going with open ended questions.

Ask Questions

What is an open ended question? It is a question that you can not answer with a simple yes or now and requires that you provide information back. Have you ever walked into a store and been asked 'would you like some help'? What do you normally say? Quite of often you just want to browse around first and not feel pressured, so you answer 'no'. Or if you feel embarrassed about such a short answer, you can say 'no thanks, I am just looking'. If it is only if you are REALLY interested and came in for something specific will you give a specific answer. The salesperson asked a closed ended question.

Now what happens if they ask a more more specific question such as 'we have some great specials on today, what are you looking for'? You can still shut down the convesation if you are not interested, but the opportunity for a bargain might mean you give a real answer back. You have not given a confirmed no, so you are one step further down the sales path. The same rules apply in talking to a woman. Ask a question to show interest and avoid the dead ends.

In dating, this is called verbal tennis. Every time she answers your question or even asks you a question, answer it and then direct the conversation back to her with another question. It is called verbal tennis because a series of questions and answers are sent back and forwards between the participants. It will take practice to make this feel effortless, so put some work into it with a buddy. Sit down and start a game where you ask a question. The other person answers the question and then asks a related question. The first person who can't think of a question loses.

Now here is a little interesting bit. Do you own a company or are you a manager at work? This is also a great way to promote communication in the workplace. Not only can you use it to create a better work environment, but you can take part in your own team building exercise to improve your dating game.

By: Alex Madison

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