Monday, December 13, 2010

13 Types Of Girls You Ought To Avoid Dating

Generally speaking, men're looking first for physical attraction at a woman. Many of them consider when she actually is beautiful and well dressed, its the perfect partner they are looking for. But they don't know that behind this appearance its hiding something worst.

Maybe this happened for your requirements too. Once you began a relationship along with her you found out that she actually is not exactly what you would like and what you expect. She hurt you and dumped you once you last expected. A lot of men are running after a female who lied them and used them. But, so that you can stop this, you have to know from the beginning which types of girls you need to avoid for never to be hurt again.

Desperate girl

-it is the type of your ex who spend all her life presented, looking for a perfect life, and suddenly she discover that she gets old and she or he does not get married yet because she hasn't met an ideal man for her
-she wants desperately to get married irrespective of who the guy is or what he is doing
-she is pressed when and is preparing to marry with a jerk so long as he's marriage material
-watch out because if you marry certainly one of this, you must spend all of your life with her

Materialistic girl

-usually is great looking and well dressed
-is looking perfectly outside but inside this is a couple of money hungry taker
-she is looking constantly after boys which are staying very well with their wallet
-she expects that the man should finance her entire life simply because she actually is biologically female
-she is very friendly, nice at the start but over time you'll find that no matter how much you allow her, she would like more
-she is greed personified
-she is interested only in what she’d like and never others feelings
-stay away from this type of girl because she will dumped you after she spend all of your money

Angry girl

-she is the kind of your ex which sees life like a battle
-anything what's happening or is told to her is seen as a insult at her address
-has also a bad opinion about man, sees only a bad sides of the man
-she is always upset and angry
-usually she likes to get of context everything what exactly is believed to her and to interpret the language like she wants
-you don't have any future along with her, she has a simmering anger at men that may explode at any moment

Insecure girl

-she is very nice and treats men very well
-but she suffers by frustration
-is wracked by anxiety about making the wrong decision
-she has to think twice about what direction to go, what to wear, where to search, what to eat
-she needs constant reassurance that she's attractive and worries incessantly

Stupid girl

-this kind of girl likes to speak a great deal but she doesn't say nothing smart
-she loves to say always gossips in regards to the others, but when you wish to talk something important with her, she can't make conversation

Uptown girl

-she is very wealthy
-everything she's is better than yours and she wants to make certain that you realize it
-she only dates the best of best
-is entirely focused on herself
-she is very selfish, self-indulgent surfaced as '' daddy's little girl''
-needs to be constant center of attention it doesn't matter what she does or where she goes

Childish girl

-everything in life hurts this sort of girl
-is the sort of girl who cries a great deal, every innocent comment or criticism will upset her
-avoid this kind of girl because if you're dating one you'll have to spend on a regular basis apologizing even if you didn't make any mistake
-avoid also lasting relationship with her because she's able to suicide if you want to leave her and all the culprit will probably be thrown on yourself

Elusive girl

-is the kind of girl that is afraid to begin a relationship
-she could be hurt in a past relationship therefore subconsciously avoids or sabotages new relationships in the present
-she look interested at the start but after a few years she runs away
-is the kind of girl who likes to send mixed messages so you might never understand her

Talking girl

-it is a big difference between somebody who can make good conversation and have love of life , and somebody who always have to make a comment about everything
-it is the type that is very hard to please and try to has to say something about things are happening or speaking round her

Romantic girl

-this lives in their own world, of movies and romance novels
-she is very dreamy, imagining things, expecting Prince Charming to come after her
-she doesn't discover how real life is
-she was grown with the notion that she's a princess

Dragger girl

-this kind of girl will always have you feeling bad even there's no reason to feel that
-it is always worrying and she can never be happy, everything around her is a total drag
-even if an excellent thing happen for you, she will make you feel like it was the hardest situation that could happen ever

Controlling girl

-she likes to have the total control inside your relationship and also on you also
-wants to control you in all you do, you wear or eat
-if you try to regulate her too, she's going to get angry, cry, scream or use any deceptive female tactic before you give up

Flirting girl

-she flirts with anybody and flaunt her sexuality at each opportunity
-has a big power of attraction
-exist the risk to dump you in any moment if somebody better occurs

Effortlessly these kinds of girls you need to avoid, now it is more easy for you to make a great choice about the next girlfriend; bear in mind that does not all of the women are the same, maybe there is somewhere a great, carrying woman only for you.

By: Srinivasan Gopal

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Flirting Guy–tips For Men Who Want To Attract Lots Of Women

If you are a flirting guy and the charm just does not seem to be working like it used to, you are probably starting to get concerned? Is it that you are older? Are you just giving off the wrong vibe? Are you going after the wrong women? Is there something wrong with you that you just do not see? Before you trouble yourself with finding all of the right answers, there is really only one thing that you need to know. Sometimes it isn’t what you say or how you dress. Sometimes attraction is just chemistry.

Knowing how to attract girl attention is not a science; it is actually more of an art, but science does hold the answer to the mystery for any flirting guy. A great deal of research has been performed on pheromones and these studies suggest that the right ones can attract people to you, especially those of the opposite sex. Pheromones are an important aspect to the survival of any species. They are a chemical that is secreted out of the body and are used to subconsciously communicate with other members of the same species.

For example, pheromones are often used to communicate simple things like territory. You may be familiar with this if you have a family dog or cat. This is just a natural thing that animals do because they want other members of the species to know which space is theirs. However, pheromones can also be used to communicate or alter social activity, as in which way the pack or herd is travelling. Similarly, they can be used to warn of danger or to try to ward off predators. They can even be used to completely alter behavior in an animal all together for a short period of time. In the animal kindgom, sex pheromones are used by a female to communicate with males that she is fertile and available for breeding. Likewise, males might emit a particular scent or other notification that they are capable of hunting and providing security. There are other factors that often come into play in terms of mating, much like in humans, but this is where it all begins.

In humans, pheromones have lost their luster a little bit because of our sanitation requirements, but they are somewhat of a key if you want to learn how to attract girls. Understanding how females can be affected by scent can unlock the ability to attract them to you without having to work harder to impress them. Once they are drawn to you, you can learn to relax a little and be yourself, and not just a creepy or corny flirting guy with lines to spare. Much of the pressure is off so you can focus on connecting, in one way or another.

By: Neil Haddock

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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Attractive Russian Women - How To Get Their Attention

What's the difference between a Russian woman and an American woman you meet in a local bar? The Russian women is hotter, in better shape and won't reject you as quickly. She might be in your country for her job or to study, but regardless of why she is here her looks wil attract attention anytime she goes out.

How is she different from the girls you normally date? Take a look at the profiles of any woman on this dating site and you will see comments such as 'I am looking for an honest, loving, generous, tender and attractive man'. Russian ladies want to be romanced and are raised with the kinight on the white horse ideals. Try to pick her up like the local trailer trash and you will get shot down very quickly.

It does not matter what their heritage or religion is, all women around the world want to be pursued by their man to some degree. Russian women just have loftier ideals when it comes to love. Getting her attention by by the charming, witty man she is looking for is eacy though. All you have to do is to be able to hold an interesting conversation when you first meet. If the prospect of talking to a gorgeous women makes you break out into a cold sweat, then here are a couple of suggestions.

Remember To Listen

It is easy to start a conversation with a beautiful woman, just say hi if you don't know what else to say. But if you are going to have any chance at all of getting past that opening greeting, then you are going to have to know how to have an interesting conversation. The most important tip I can give you here is to remember is that a conversation has 2 sides.

If you speak without listening, you are lecturing.

If you speak and listen, but ignore the other side of the conversation, then you are arguing.

If you speak and listen with interest what is being said, then you are having a conversation.

The first two are useless when trying to meet women. Just remember that your ears outnumber your mouth 2:1. It is a useful thought to keep in mind if you continually crash and burn with women.

The point I am trying to get at is a conversation is 2 sided. Women love to talk so don't feel pressured to do all of the talking. If she shows that she is interested when you say hello (and not all women will - it is a numbers game), then keep the conversation going with open ended questions.

Ask Questions

What is an open ended question? It is a question that you can not answer with a simple yes or now and requires that you provide information back. Have you ever walked into a store and been asked 'would you like some help'? What do you normally say? Quite of often you just want to browse around first and not feel pressured, so you answer 'no'. Or if you feel embarrassed about such a short answer, you can say 'no thanks, I am just looking'. If it is only if you are REALLY interested and came in for something specific will you give a specific answer. The salesperson asked a closed ended question.

Now what happens if they ask a more more specific question such as 'we have some great specials on today, what are you looking for'? You can still shut down the convesation if you are not interested, but the opportunity for a bargain might mean you give a real answer back. You have not given a confirmed no, so you are one step further down the sales path. The same rules apply in talking to a woman. Ask a question to show interest and avoid the dead ends.

In dating, this is called verbal tennis. Every time she answers your question or even asks you a question, answer it and then direct the conversation back to her with another question. It is called verbal tennis because a series of questions and answers are sent back and forwards between the participants. It will take practice to make this feel effortless, so put some work into it with a buddy. Sit down and start a game where you ask a question. The other person answers the question and then asks a related question. The first person who can't think of a question loses.

Now here is a little interesting bit. Do you own a company or are you a manager at work? This is also a great way to promote communication in the workplace. Not only can you use it to create a better work environment, but you can take part in your own team building exercise to improve your dating game.

By: Alex Madison

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Sunday, June 27, 2010

On The Internet Dating And You, Find Your Match On The Web, Location All Over The Planet

Are you fully aware that there are more than a few sorts of dating match services existing on the computer in these days? Have you even laid eyes on any of which? Correct indeed, dating services have created a trend that hooks people—single, committed, or married into its whole system. To top it all, there are the really exciting and entertaining filled free dating match services that you may come across with. Whatever your principles and specs are when it comes to ethnicity, religion, hobbies, interests, body features, and many more, you can always find your equal through the effective programming system that comes along with these dating services via the net. After all, would you still deprive yourself of such opportunity? undoubtedly, not. Why would you?

Here are some of the most important considerations to focus on when looking into the proficiency of a dating match service.

The population amount. Look at the profile bank. How many profiles may you access? Is there a variety of options left for you? The conventional dating match services employ forums, message boards, free world wide web dating email notifications and chat alerts. It would always be best to join a population which features people who share the same nature of interests and are actively participating.

The geographical areas of the members. It matters that your target's place can make it possible for you to meet up. Your end point is to go out with the person and then allow the growth of a romantic relationship. Yet, if you can make long distance romances work, then you may search from wider geographical areas.

The interest sign up. It is always highly recommended to include your interests in your profile. These will be the primary tools in matching you with another person. It is often recommended to converse and be matched with people who share the same interest with you.

Since over the internet dating match is becoming a wealth making industry, so to speak, there is the great possibility that it is turning into a very demanding task. These websites surely tell all of their purchasers that they are the best and that they have the number of features that anyone can be definitely pleased to enjoy. As the buyer, you would be picky when it comes to the services that you would be signing up with. You would want to make sure that it is for the best of your interest.

It is very important that your selected dating match services provide you with a selection of options of prospect people to meet. You would be relying on your service provider with regards to a hopeful romantic encounter and a commitment in the near future. One of the hazards that may confront you is the severity of net animosity. You can never be sure that the profile that you're reviewing bears all true information.

It is important as well that you share the same interests, can ride on to whatever common discussion, and some other differences which may contribute to the spice and savor of your future relationship. It is not always favored to have a partner who seems to be your own clone. There is no excitement to it.

Also remember that dating match services can be challenging. Thus, keep your wits intact and never decide impulsively on any choice of yours.

By: Amanda Mankins

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