Sunday, August 28, 2011

Are We Sexually Compatible?

It is pretty normal for every couple to face with this situation in which one of them has a higher sex drive. The one with the higher sex drive may not necessarily be the guy. What can cause the differences in sex drive? How to cope with this discrepancy in sexual desire? Read on!

What can cause the difference in sex drive?

(1) Relationship problems

This happens as a result of differences on matters such as who should contribute more for household expenses and who should pay for which item, child rearing and relationship with in-laws. When couples cannot resolve conflicts over these matters, one of them will bear a grudge against the other one. This bottled up anger can cause the aggrieved side to lose sexual interest on his/her partner. This can also lead to him/her using the withholding of sex as a weapon to punish his/her partner.

(2) Insufficient knowledge about sex

If one or both of you are raised in societies where there is no sex education or where sex is a taboo and being looked negatively as something dirty or immoral, this can prevent you from looking for ways to enrich and spice up your sex life. You or your spouse may think that sex is just meant only for procreation and cannot see any relationship between sex and pleasure.

(3) Psychological issues

Stress over work or child rearing, performance anxiety, lack of sexual confidence, past histories of sexual abuse, physical or mental ailments, drug abuse, medication (drugs such as those for hypertension can hurt sexual desire) can leave either one of you to lose interest in sex.

(4) Differences in the way you and your spouse look at sex

You and your partner may have different baseline sex drives and/or may prioritize sex differently. This may not be any serious relationship problems, only mere differences in the way how each side thinks about sex.

(5) Not enough passion

Absence makes the heart grows fonder. Not enough space for each other, with both sides sticking to each other like a piece of chewing gum can be stifling and hurt passion in the long run. The pressures and expectations we put on our intimate relationships may kill the passion in lovemaking.

How to cope with discrepancies in sexual desire?

(1) Avoiding blaming your partner

It is always very easy to blame others when problems crop up. This can only cause the other side to get defensive and discourage your spouse from working together with you to come up with solutions. Even if you feel most of the problems lie with your partner, it is better to find out what the causes are or how they arise.

(2) Talking to your partner

When relationship problems crop up, it is best to find the space and time to talk to your partner. If you do not talk to your partner, you will not be able to discover the roots of the problems and he/she may not be aware of the existence of problems or your concerns. Before you talk to your spouse, make sure you think before you talk, avoid putting the blame on him/her, begin your statements with “I” such as, “I think…..” or “I am concern about ……..” and always remember to listen. However if the situation deteriorates to the point where both of you cannot talk to each other without ending up in arguments, you will have to find a counselor or therapist.

(3) Working towards a compromise

It is very unrealistic to expect everything to go according to the ways you want. A relationship is a series of constant adjusting to each other and involving lots of give and take. Finding sexual compromise is much easier when you lay down all your sexual options on the table for both sides to review over them in the process of working through the differences in sexual desire.

By: Ng Eng Hou

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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Russian girls play soccer in bikini.

Girls soccer players of the club "Russian woman" entered the field in a bikini. Thus, members of the most titled club in the country decided not only to break the stereotype of women's soccer as a faint, non entertaining sport, but also increase its popularity among men.

To burst to victory in the swimsuit is probably not very comfortable, so at the near Moscow club's stadium girls have created the appearance of the game, posing for photographers. According to the executive director of "Russian woman" Svetlana Zhuravleva, the women's soccer lacks proper attention of the sports officials and government programs to support the sport. Incidentally, this is not the first action of the odious club: last year, "Russian woman" participated in the photoshoot in the guise of glamorous young women and angels.

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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

4 Of The Best Gift Ideas For A Dressy Young Girl

Do you have a little sister, daughter or niece whose big day is coming up? Is she very modish? Is she like other children who are very much into fashion? If you are seeking the absolute gift for a fashionable young girl, here are a couple of ideas:

A Nice Pair Of Shoes
Children love shoes. The best shoes for young girls are ballerina flats, sandals, patent leather shoes and pink shoes with bows and rhinestones. If you are purchasing a pair of shoes for a young girl, you must know her shoe size and her favorite color. These information can help you find the right choices. After purchasing the shoes, you may want to include a nice pair of socks to match the shoes. White is the most popular and it complements well with various shoe styles. Also, understand the store's policy as to replacement and returning of the items. So that if the shoes doesn't fit, you can just return with your young girl and have her fit the shoes in the store.

Clothes are definitive gifts for chic young girls. Today, the assortment of garments for young girls are extensive. So many choices as well - from summer apparel to everyday dresses. Again, be certain that you know the girl's favorite color. Also, know what size she fits in. Is she small, medium or large? If you can bring an old getup that still fits her the next time you shop, you can use the dress as a guide.

Moreover, understanding the girl's personality will save time in looking for attire. Most girls love floral dresses, pullovers and hoodies. If you can ask her to point out the clothes that she likes in online magazines, then better. By looking at her choices, you will know if she likes skirts, denims or shorts. Another tip is to ask her about her favorite shows and characters. Knowing her most wanted cartoon character or tv personality may be of great help. Like most American girls, there are girls who are big fans of Miley Cyrus. There are several jackets, shirts and denims with Miley Cyrus prints on them. You can even personalize your gift and find a Hannah Montana jacket or you can buy her the same jacket that Hannah is wearing on her shows.

Frills are huge deals with girls. They love to brag their multicolored ornaments and cute charm bracelets to their friends. Another accessory that girls are very attracted to are bags. Tote bags are very in today. They come in a wide array of styles and colors. The most common colors are pink, purple and amber.

Hair Pieces
Hair pieces are very modish especially for young girls. They come in all sorts of styles and hues. The most popular hair accessories are head bands and clips. Hair bows and ribbons are also very chic. Even celebrities wear them. Remember that media has a big influence with the way people dress. And we see on tv that even celebrities love to wear these multicolored hair accessories. If you are clueless about the latest in hair accessories get idea from the stars and celebs and definitely you'll find the absolute piece for your darling little girl.

Giving gifts shows how much you care for a person. It is not just the object but the care and love that you invest in just to find the absolute gift. If you are seeking a good gift to give to a classy girl and you are still clueless, consider the things above and you will never go wrong.

By: Daryl B. Chapman

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