Monday, February 14, 2011

What Qualities Do Women Find Attractive In Their Men?

I'm not talking about what women find attract in a man that they don't have yet but are interested in. I am talking about what women find attractive in a man that they are currently involved with, whether it's their boyfriend or husband. Yes, there are certain things that attract a woman to men like confidence, humor, goals, and kindness, but there are other things that keep her around for the long run.

Patience is one of those qualities that every woman is attracted to. This is when her man has the patience to love and respect her when she is acting crazy, or stand by her when she is feeling down, or love her when she is not at her best, and have the patience to stand by her until she is out of her funk. Patience is a great quality for any man to have.

The motivation to fix relationship issues that arise is another attractive quality of a great man. Some men are more willing to work on their video games then on their relationship, and that fact leads to many fights and unhappy moments that could have been solved with a little motivation on his part to improve the relationship.

If there are issues in the relationship and she is trying to figure out how to fix them, then her man needs to be part of that solution. He needs to stand up and get some enthusiasm about their relationship and the health of it. The motivation for a healthy and happy relationship should be a priority in any mans day, and women love a man who have the drive to make their relationship happy.

Being aware of how she reacts to situations and why she acts the way she does is another quality of an attractive man. Of course a man may not understand her right away, but if he takes the time to get to know why she does what she does and how she thinks and feels about things, then he will quickly gain insight into her and be able to understand where she is coming from.

There is nothing worse than a woman's man not understanding why she talks so much, or cries for no reason, when she has told him over and over again why. It's who she is, it's what she does, it's a part of her - and a man who can be aware of that fact and accept it is extremely attractive in a woman's book.

Support is another attractive quality in a man. A man should be supportive of her decisions in life and what she does in her daily life. He should be the one person who always affirms to her that what she is doing, or who she is striving to be, is okay to him and he loves her and supports her, no matter where she goes in life.

These are the qualities that most women would love to see in their men. Not only would a man like this make them feel like they are in a happy and healthy relationship, but he would also make her feel like the luckiest woman alive!

By: Bellaisa Filippis
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