Thursday, September 25, 2008

Super Mini Bikini.

This is what I found on the Internet - a bathing suit like this. Whether this is a super mini bikini, or it should be better to put on going to nudist beach. Actually, it is no secret that the men like bikini. But everything should be kept within limits. Frankly say, I was in two minds, whether to post this in the blog or not, but the women's curiosity took the upper hand. I am very interested to hear the opinions of men. Would they like to see such a bikini on their girlfriends, or let those swimsuits wear other girls, not yours? Please leave your comment.

Please leave your comment.

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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Seven Things I Never Knew About French Kissing

by: clsfd kidd

Things I learned about French kissing.
I come from a very strict religious community. This community frowns on worldly pursuits such as getting laid and focuses on the more eternal goals, like killing Ragnaros. This community I come from is called by many names, but is easily identified by the racist slang, "The Geeks".

As an upstanding member of the Geek community, I never really had the opportunity to kiss anyone remotely attractive, and simply accepted the possibility that I may spend the rest of my life ogling females and considering suicide.

That was until a few nights ago. A party hosted by a heathen non-geek was in the neighborhood, and since I had done homework for the host, I was invited. It was kind of strange to go a party that was not centered around destroying evil, but actually participating in it.

Anyway, to get on with the anticipated list of seven things I never knew about French Kissing...

Foreplay is Awesome, Even for a Guy
I spent around three hours talking and slow-dancing with an amazing woman. The 30-second-rule about men is not completely true. I can imagine how badly it would have gone if I had come on too fast, but the way it was, I was actually going too slow for her, so she was actually jumping MY bones. A better complement cannot be asked for.

Women are Not Made of Steel, Stone, or Plastic
This is a little hard to explain to someone who has not been pressed up against a living, female body. Women are just as bony, squishy, and sweaty as men are. For someone who has spent their entire life seeing women on computer screens or magazine pictures, that person cannot properly imagine what a real woman is like.

Women are Short
Really short. They are like little Halflings. Or cute dwarfs. Really, I had no idea what to do with someone who was that close to the floor all the time. When you are slow dancing with a short person, it can be a little awkward. The really only good place to put her head while you are dancing is to rest it against your chest, because there is no way on earth that you can put it on your shoulder, even if you squat down.

A Muscular Chest Goes an Incredibly Long Way
No, pecs are not only for wrestlers, gays, and gay wrestlers. Pecs are not so you can look nice in a tight shirt. I never knew this before, but when a woman rests her head on your chest, you will know with an unshakable knowledge what pecs are for. And you will be unbelievably glad you went to that really gay gym. You will either thank God or become very religious when this happens.

Women's Noses Are a Lot Longer Than They Look
When you feel something with your face, you get a lot more information in your brain than you would just by looking at it. So when you put your face up against the face of another person, you can learn things that nobody else could know unless they did it, too. And one of those things, is your dancing partner's nose is actually pressing up against your cheekbone. And on a side note, when you are this close to someone, you can sync with their breathing. This sensation can only be described as gorgeous.

Kisses Are Not the Sloppy, Grandmother Things You Hated as a Child
The mouth is the most sensitive place on your body. This is why children always put everything in their mouths when they want to learn about it. There is a massive, massive array of nerve endings in and around your mouth. Placing your lips on another pair of lips is a very nice feeling. But, OH MAN! The TONGUE! There is so much information being poured into your brain when you French kiss that you will either experience a cardiac arrest, or permanently and instantly lose 25 IQ points. You will feel every taste bud, every pore of that woman's mouth. And, OH MAN, she's moving her tongue!

She's moving the...

I think that the...

Oh please, just let...

Uh, whoa.

That was really something else. Did I just black out there?


You Will Never Be Able to Concentrate on Anything, Ever Again

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Women Are Born To Shop.

Men who hate trawling the shopping centres now have the perfect excuse to stay at home.

Experts have found women are much better than men at finding their way around stores and locating products.

They excel at remembering the location of fruit, vegetables and high-calorie treats.

The researchers say the phenomenon has its roots deep in evolution, in the activities of our forebears.

While men developed the acute sense of direction needed for hunting, women mastered the art of gathering food such as fruits and berries.

According to the University of California researchers, these traits have been passed down, meaning men are better at reading maps while women are stars at shopping.

To test their theory, they sent 86 men and women on a trip around a farmers' market.

Each was given a list of stalls to visit and foods to sample.

They were then asked how much they had liked the foods and to map out the locations of the stalls they had visited.

The women were much more accurate in remembering the stalls' positions.

Further analysis revealed that their memories were influenced not by how much they liked the foods but by the number of calories they contained.

Foods with a high calorie count, such as almonds, olive oil and honey, were remembered better than vegetables and other foods which provide less energy for their size.

Writing in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B, the res-earchers said this is further evidence of an evolutionary origin, as our ancestors would have needed to memorise the location of the foods that would give the most energy.

They said: "The finding that nutritional quality enhances spatial memory further supports the idea that our task is engaging a foraging-related spatial adaptation."

Men, they said, tend to be better at map-reading - a skill honed through 'pursuing mobile prey over erratic and unpredictable courses'.

British research published this week used our hunter-gatherer ancestors to explain women's preference for pink.

The Newcastle University psychologists said it was likely women honed an ability to pick out the colours when foraging for ripe fruits.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Can we play on women's weaknesses?

Can we play on women's weaknesses? You need not to play on women's weaknesses, but to use the womanliness in reasonable way is possible. Every woman: Russian, French, English or any other nationality, by her nature is individual, but I still choose the most common women's weakness, which are located from the least-meaningful ones to the most…

One of the women's weaknesses a chocolate can be called and the sweets in general. Females like to treat themselves with all those "delicious": candy, ice cream, marmalade or, finally, the cake will always be pertinent, by the way, if you go to see her. Rather, you should not be against, with all these sweets. Of course, if she will share with you…

Fluffy and not very ones, large and small - all of them bring joy to woman. Even a keychain for cell phone, implemented as a small animal that you gave her not only in regard to your wedding anniversary, birthday or March of 8th without fail will enjoy her. The surprises, gifts with humor or with the intent, or maybe romantic note will please your beloved by remarkable sense of focus, sensitivity and romance.

Talks on the phone
Women can talk on the phone for hours - about anything. They can discuss everything and at the same time, nothing, nothing substantive, important, just talk, gossip, discussion, on someone or something.

This is followed by weakness to flowers. Women love when they are given flowers to the occasion and without it, a chic bouquet or modest one, no matter. Anyway, this is attention, and women value this.

A woman more than man, is inherent to this human weakness, as a curiosity. She is very interested either in what you think about her and what your friends think about her, what is the view on her from your parents. It is also interesting to know with whom you have met before, by what threads you are bound to a man and what is a destiny of your friend or your former lover.

Love for a variety of trinkets, ornaments and jewelry. Women love jewelry and they love when they are given these decorations, because in their view they deserve all these gifts. Thrust to the beauty and perfection is a remarkable propensity, and a provided feasible assistance in this will not remain not noticed. The best friends of girls are diamonds…

The women's competition
Why do women often compete with each other? Because even one of their weaknesses is the thirst of limelight. Being in the center, both male and female attitudes, be a cause for gossip and talk behind their backs, all of this gives them self-confidence and inner satisfaction. This raises the need to keep the fashion, to maintain good physical shape, to take care of their appearance.

Pleasant words in her address
A woman like (as, indeed, and a man) when she gets compliments. If her attractive appearance draws attention on the party, she will become even more beautiful, if they commend her sense of humor, she will crack jokes sorely even greater. Indulging with women's weaknesses will bring her joy, comfort, tenderness and once again will prove the sincerity of your emotions.

Women love to shop and spend money on clothes, shoes, accessories and cosmetics... It is adopted to consider that the shopping removes a stress, but as to the female, it often turns into a real mana. Dressing from the leading designers, to buy expensive clothing brands is the desire of each woman. A woman can buy the outfit and wear it only once, and is in the order of things! As long as money is - and women can find how to spend it.

Man's attention
Each woman seeks male attention, ways and means to achieve it have no meaning for her. Even the most, seemed at first glance, inaccessible men will fall before her charming, unless, of course, she does not chooses so. It is just statistics confirms that the men who are more difficult to tame, enjoy a high woman's demand. But along with the hunting for men the woman unusually subtle feels and craves the gentle touch. Light massage of shoulders, stroking on the back, sweet kiss - and she has already forgiven, she is ready to echo by her tenderness and warmth.

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