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The History Of Internet Dating. Getting started.

User is a friend of user. And sometimes even more. The phrase "We met online" no longer leads to enthusiastic trembling. At worst, they will look at you as a little child, at best - will answer: "We too". Only for 10 - 15 years the virtual acquaintances have undergone a serious evolution.

Dating sites have not been only commonplace means to meet and even find a real husband, but constantly are improving, offering its users more flexible, convenient, and most importantly, reliable methods of communication. Nowadays to seek acquaintance on specialized Internet sites, means to be at a less risk of fraud than if acquainted on forums.
Internet dating has its roots. Like any offspring of progress it nascent spontaneously (like the Internet itself) and it was preceded by forms of communication, based on advanced for its time other technical means.

Technology: acquaintance by the phone.

I have a hazy recollection of a Soviet song, lyric hero of which, complains that to combat a loneliness and to prevent depression, he dialed a number at random, run up on a very pleasant lady, talked with her, said bye-bye, but what a number had dialed - forgot. The method of depressed clumsy guy was adopted by: the very first instrument of the virtual dating was phone.
There were amateurs and professionals who had practiced this method. In fans' life, two or three telephone dates were just amusing episodes. "Professionals" (mostly young pale men with burning eyes) approached to the issue thoroughly: they torn a strip off telephone books of their friends and buddies (that was in case to whom refer) and outlined a list of the victims. The list identified the names, telephone numbers, interests, preferences and details of biography of each telephone subscriber so that not to confuse unintentionally.

How it happened: in telephone dating all depends either on a charm of caller, or on his
perseverance. Some "victim" got into the habit of every-evening telephone "dose" not worse
than to watch regular series of "Santa Barbara".

Where is the danger: worth nothing to take seriously a phone chatterbox, despite the
apparent convergence and commonality of interests. The more so, to hold any hope on him. For
the caller most important - to create an interesting image in listener's opinion. That is why the "professionals of phone cases" rarely insisted on meetings.

Technology: chat familiarity

Once the Internet became more or less accessible to the masses, epidemic infatuation of chat
rooms began. It is now chat is "fie", a low genre. Formerly in chat rooms could be found very entertaining personalities. In addition, with time in chats became possible to cluster together the parties on issues of your interests, preferably not very exotic.

How it happened: we choose chat, preferably more crowded, record our own nickname - and
include in understanding conversation. We could seclude to privacy for private conversation with liked user. Meetings can happen, of course, and one to one, but more often monthly or weekly gatherings of "all collective farm" practiced - exactly where the vast majority of chat romances were stroked up, sometimes even ended with marriages, sometimes even happy.
Where is the danger: if you now will want to revive the good old tradition, then be prepared
that in chat rooms now young lovers of beer and courtyard company sittings are. All more or
less interesting audience moved to a new virtual spot - LJ ( "Live Journal"). The Last Mohicans which maintain the traditions, remain the Visitors of thematic portals on poetry type. They meet once a week to show their creativity and to desecrate someone else's.

Technology: acquaintance in the Live Journal

Today, to have account on a blog, to say easier, keep a diary network - is a rule of good tone. As well from time to time to carry out "de-virtualization", to meet with readers.
How it happens: to start you need to create a magazine and to write something there: "How I
spent the summer" or "What I hate the fascists for". Then you need to subscribe to the journals that you plan to read and comment. And then - to track your own readers and commentators. The charm of reference the blog is that the author himself asks the topic of conversation, himself looks for interlocutors on interest and himself organizes community he likes.
Where is the danger: from a deep immersion into LJ you can languish severely and forget that the text and its author - they are, as they say in Odessa, two large differences. And to
experience great disappointment when personal meeting.

Technology: sms-dating

Sms-dating is a reincarnation of chats after they finally got out of fashion, and the population one and all got mobile phones. Despite the fact that the principle of anonymity of interlocutor is also preserved in the sms-dating, roughly to calculate the gender, age and level of intelligence of action participants is not so difficult. Age: 12 -18 years old, intelligence at the level of PTU (trade school), is in back proportionality to age: the older sms-chatter, the worse with the brain he should be. Otherwise how does one explain the passion for sharing with nothing significant messages? The Sex of sms-interlocutor, of course, is difficult to calculate, but if the information on the age and level of intelligence is available it is not so important any longer.

On the number, boosted by operator of mobile communications, anyone can send a message like this "I am John. I love beer" and get a response, sort of something the same. You have a pleasure to dig down to "who is who" and for the cellular operator is joy as well. Because each message is paid.
Where is the danger: first of all this type of communication no one can be absolutely fascinated with. But if this did happen, do carefully monitor the status of your account on the phone and the state of your level of intelligence as well. A romantic connection will likely not take place.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

How The Single Russian Women Can Become Brides.

Sometimes searching for love takes from Russian women much moral energy. Perhaps it is time for them to reconsider their approach to finding real love. Here are five mistakes that make single Russian women in the dates and the initial phases of relationships.

If something sounds familiar it is not bad to try to fix yourself! My Russian girlfriend Irina invites you to examine the five most common mistakes of single Russian women. Irina has experienced all this, so it makes sense to read. For Russian women it is true. Here are Irina's practical conclusions.

I am not deserving of love.
If you believe that you do not deserve of love, then it will be so. Many women after the series of dates and partings feel that they have something fateful, that prevents falls in love with them. They speak phrases like "Who needs me? Clear case, I am doomed to loneliness. I wear Celibacy Crown (evil fate, nothing to do)."

Of course, we all deserve a love! And how do you think? But if you constantly insist on your evil share and a stamp of a loneliness on the forehead, then this attitude is beginning to manifest itself in every word, in every gesture and deed. A doom alternately with timid hope is seen through these women, and a desire to do double more to keep an ordinary fan despite the evil enchantments. A result: we are working onrelations, cling to wagons of the leaving train, for not to remain in solitude.

But what if you start to convince yourself of the opposite - "I am such a beautiful (good, clever, erudite, charming) that I am just doomed to a great love." Maybe there is a sense to try Motivational Autotraining? As a heroine of Irina Muravyova did in movie "The most charming And Attractive"?

To clear away the defeatism thoughts, start with a simple: keep a diary. Be in the track of Bridget Jones, snort at men, spill the evil thoughts on paper and convince yourself that you're irresistible. Day after day, it will be given to you easier. Ask your relatives and friends to compile a lists of your positive qualities and record them on the first page of the diary so that you could see it constantly.

Men are not enemies - female rivals are the enemies.
Try to stop to see the enemy in men. Yes, the harsh truth of life is that good men there arefar fewer than bad, mediocre and so-so. But they still left, and can be found anywhere.

According to a harmful law of nature the women are pulled to those men who are inclined to not to respond to calls and sms, to say idiotic false excuses, to care only about their mental rest, to make a declaration of love and then have a sex with your best girlfriend. A feeling is, that the women falls in love with them from masochism. Sometimes you need to go in childhood to find the reason: perhaps your father was the life and soul of the party, but the harsh and cold at home. You had to fall over backwards to earn his attention. When you're grown up, you metaphorically continue to meet with "dad".

Do believe it - the life with a fully positive man, boring and predictable at first sight, can be denied the extreme ups and downs, but to be calm, full of caring and warmth.

Do not take freedom of man.
Repeat as spell: love - is not a leash. Once 29-years-old Tonya, my friend, received the offer of hand and heart. This was her dream life, she and her groom in her fantasies were inseparable days and nights. But the young man had an other views on family life. For the sake of Tonya he was not ready to renounce the fishing, preference with friends every week, although she believed that they should not spend their free time for other people's lives. Her uncertainty and a thirst for attention literally put her future spouse under the house arrest. Of course, it was the only his desire to escape from it.

As a result, Tonya and groom left each other. Summary: even the happiest couples need of space for growth. The more dynamic life they live - in terms of work, hobbies, friends - so they become more interesting for their second halves.

Do not waste your energy for other men.
Treason - is always a treason, even if it occurred in the imagination. It goes without saying, that your partner is entitled to relevant attitude with respect and kindness. If he is talking about his problems, successes and failures in bed, about joys and frustrations to an attractive blond-colleague at work, then how would you like it?

Probably it sounds somehow madly, but all the same: there is the only person who primarily is entitled to your time and energy, and this man is your friend, husband, groom. And if you spend your mental energy on another person, you are agreeing to take energy from your relations. It is your partner, but not the colleague, has the right to hear first about your flight in a dream, intimate feelings and a good joke, overheard in the subway.

Each has his own truth. Mind to seek the compromises.
If you constantly have to be right, this is wrong. Perhaps you feel that you and friend have a lot of common. You both are economists, you both love to play backgammon, and to dance tango, skiing on mountain. Maybe you know some steps better than your partner, in addition you know how to dance waltz and salsa a little.

That does not mean that it is you also have to better understand the wines, engine oils and modern drama. The habit of the justice is similar to the disease. Once distinguished oneself, a human wants to be right in everything. To stop is difficult, but possible. To sorry - it does not mean to show weakness. What to do, in love it is necessary to concede, and sometimes too much.

By: Julia Pika
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What Can Be Treated By Means Of Sex.

Scientists have proved once more that sex is useful for health. Researchers note that favorable results will be particularly evident when seized in love at least once a week.

Scientists have discovered striking number of therapeutic properties of sex, ranging from life extension and ending with painkillers effect. The studies do not show whether salutary effect of sex is the result of sexual intercourse, or those emotions that people experienced during the intimate proximity.

Nevertheless, sex beneficially effects the physical state of human. This is especially true for women. Scientists adduce six ways of influence of sex on the human health:

1. Sex is able to heal of the flu and colds. According to researches of University of Pennsylvania, sex 1-2 times a week can threefold increase the level of immunity-stimulating antibodies - immunoglobulin A, which protect the body from respiratory viruses.

2. Sex is rather better than the Cosmetologist's room. In the course of study in Edinburgh Royal Hospital the group of experts reviewed the people of various ages through unilateral mirror and made the assumptions about their age. The survey participants, which look, according to experts, at the age of 7-12 years younger, on average, have a sex 4 times a week. Scientists believe that it is a regular sex helps them to look younger. One reason is that sex increases the level of estrogen in the blood of women that makes them shining hair, and skin - elastic.

3. Sex burns the calories. During sex more than 4 calories per minute are burned. For half an hour of making love you can spend the calories obtained by eating four chocolate candies. So consider the sex as a way of daily sports.

4. Sex cures migraine. For women, headache is the main cause for love to do, but not to abandon it. Raise of level of endorphin(e)s and corticosteroids in the blood during excitation and orgasm is an excellent analgesics.

5. Sex stabilizes a menstruation. Several studies conducted by endocrinologists of Stanford and Columbia Universities, showed that women who weekly have sex, have more regular cycle than those who refrain or have a sex from time to time. (A similar study showed that even lesbian affection beneficially effects menstruation). The researchers argue that the very closeness is important, not the orgasm.

6. Sex can rid of troubles. Women use the pelvic floor muscles that deter urine. With the age, they wear out, so they have to make a greater effort, to avoid accidental urination. The same muscles can be trained during sex - while a better way simply does not exist.

So, it's up to you what to choose:


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Which Of Russian Brides Leave Russia In Search For A Husband Abroad?

After the collapse of the Soviet system, Russian women have quite obsession idea to marry a foreigner. Who are these women? What does not suit them in "their" men? What other motivation drive the excellent gender? Why are Russian women seeking foreign husbands? All this is not as easy as it seems. You can write off much on the vital disorder. Abandoned Losers husbands will say that they go for the money, wised with life experience, men think that the dreams of a sweet life, derived from movies, stir up the mind. But nobody wants to look at the root of the problem. That very problem, as each woman, leaving the country takes with her a nation's gene pool.

Every born child will be a citizen of another state, his mind will work for the benefit and prosperity of other nations, his children will bring even more benefit to quite alien people. And to the question "why" the convenient and easy answer will always be found, although the cause is likely need to look for is in Russian men.

If you look at the root of the problem and its origins, then in 1990-s Russian women were moved by desire to improve their financial situation, get a fed life, a sense of confidence in the future against the backdrop of dismal poverty and destitution. Currently, number of women wishing to obtain her foreign husband has not become less but it has little other motivation.

Welfare standards more or less are stabilized, but a sense of dissatisfaction of "their" men emerged. Watching a lot of Western films about millionaires, Superman, good and attentive prince, Russian women simply are taking on boarding dating sites, marriage agencies and offices, completely forgetting that the brutal reality is fundamentally different from that dream.

Quite a widespread view that those women which go abroad in search of their husbands, are poor, ugly, with a failed career is simply wrong. Digging the materials of marriage agencies, there has been a curious picture…

Most women who leave Russia, in search of a husband-foreigner, are quite young and have a good education, wealth of many of them is above average, they have one child, were not married or divorced. It would seem, what more all of these women want that they move heaven and earth, leaving to any unexplored countries, flinging the usual lifestyles and changing the stable positions in society for the unknown. As it is known in Russia there are far more women than men, and if to sort out the economically insolvent men, lazy, ill-mannered, drunkards, so what remains to Russian brides for to build a family, birth and upbringing of children? At the time, the position of Russian men were very badly undermined by economic problems of 1990-s. At that vague time, the time of ups and downs, the collapse and revival of hopes, many men fell by spirit because of life turmoil, took to drink, and the role of head of the family gradually falls on the fragile shoulders of Russian women.

Spoilt by maternal care boys growing up, they become to create families, totally being unable to bear the burden of father, a getter and head of the family. Very often, even on the slope of years, the mothers continue to care their overgrown kids. It can be quite a lot of talk about all Russian shortcomings in which only Russian men themselves to blame.

Internet, destroying the boundaries between nations, also destroys the boundaries of communication between people. Frustrated in Russian men, Russian brides go to search for the life partners abroad.

According to statistics the successful marriages are only two per cent of brides married a foreigner. Perhaps the thirst for imports has been absorbed with the mother's milk, probably to blame largely the men, but the young Russian girls already have a firm belief that at home they have no prospects, no successful marriage, can not create a strong family. Why?

Hard drinking, inability to provide family with small salary jobs, low culture, push Russian women to find a fantastic Prince from distant countries. Even having a little idea of how dangerous the upcoming adventure with aliens can be, the girls, women, post their profiles of Russian brides on sites, and look forward to their careful, rich and beloved. It is hard to say which category of women exposed to this "disease", but the average age of girls is the age of 19-20. These are the girls with the even unformed thinking, with no education, profession, full of glowing hopes and dreams.

Very often yet the first experience of the personal contact between Russian bride and her future husband is grievous. Such an attentive and charming groom-foreigners over here became the opposite in their homeland. Gifts, flowers, gentle words are replaced in the beatings, threats, and even arrest custodial in a distant country. There is a number of examples of aither good marriages, or just tragedies. Yet not so long ago, a smiling girl from photo,
gets almost as a slave, could not see her children, with no money and documents to return to her homeland.

The most terrible, why the Russian brides want some overseas miracle, in some ways, the Russian men are to blame. Probably, the men made them sort of kind, and now they are looking for happiness in distant lands. It is men's fault. If "theirs" men become closer, more gentle, kinder and smarter, the Russian women will treat them with due respect and love.

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Free Online Dating - It’s Easy, Quick And Totally Free

Easy and simply

One of the biggest benefits of dating sites is that they are easy to manage. These sites allow the user to enter and use of such service for free without getting bogged down by delays of time and inconvenience. You have to register on an online dating site. As the second step, you have to paste your profile and begin searching for your perfect date. There is no endless waiting around bars, restaurants and malls hoping to meet a single available person. You no longer have to engage in boring conversations undertaking risks of being saddled with a dull date.

Quick and sensible

Free online dating services give you the power and liberty to decide how you want to pursue your dating online quest. You set your own pace – taking things slowly and chatting a lot before actually meeting the person. You are even protected from public embarrassment and humiliation of rejecting the other person without hurting any feelings. Dating online is as quick and fast as you want it to be. Unlike the traditional date, there is no obligation to sit through an entire evening with your date. Dating online permits you to exit gracefully from a situation if you start getting the wrong vibes.

The virtue of being anonymous

You can try out all sorts of behavior and indulge in frank, open talk on a free online dating service. Your chat room partner doesn’t have to know you – you are known only by your screen name. Thus, there is the safety feature of anonymity which makes it easier for people to converse openly about thoughts, feelings and desires. If you don’t like someone, you can exit from the chat without risk of being publicly recognized by the rejected partner in a public place. The biggest advantage of anonymity is that you become more confident about yourself and in your own ability.

Availability of time and choice

Free online dating services are open all the time – at all hours of morning and night giving you the freedom to access the dating site in accordance with your time schedule. The dating site can be opened from anywhere which further adds to your convenience. You don’t have to be in a specific place to attain entry into the site. The site can be accessed at home, office, college, friend’s house – anywhere. You can be wearing anything ranging from casual clothes to your night dress with disheveled hair when chatting with your potential date. There is a wide and diverse choice of available suitable dates. You just have to pick and choose.

Self advertising

Many times, people want to meet someone and start dating but just don’t know how to go about it. Free online dating services provide you the comfort of convenience of advertising and showcasing yourself on the Internet through your profile. People get to know you just by reading your profile – they can chat with you and develop a relationship. Dating online makes the process of searching for dates easier and quicker.

By: Alan Lim
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Nine Subtle Hints That Woman Is Not Interested In You.

To avoid wasting time with the wrong girl and in the wrong place, remember nine simple hints that you simply have no chance.

1. She continues to look round the sides. When a woman is interested in your society, she makes every effort to ensure to be not distracted and listen to you carefully. If she is looking around the sides, transferring replicas with someone else, in general, not hearing you, it means that you are not interesting.

2. She is not talkative. Even the not talkative woman loves to talk, so give her such a possibility. If you see that her reaction to your speech is limited by "yes" or "no", she does not ask counterclaim questions and has been reluctant to answer to yours, it means she is not interested. Also note the gesture language. If your interlocutor fold her arms, lays leg on a leg, was bend from you and does not "play" with her hair - she is bored with you. But if she began nervously to drum with fingers on the table or hammering
by foot, it means you'd better just leave her alone, otherwise nobody knows how it may end up for you.

3. She said she was waiting for someone. It is unlikely that she will want to continue acquaintance with you. If woman said that someone she expects is coming very soon, you definitely have no perspective, and it is better to leave quietly.

4. She said that she has to leave. If a woman looks at the watch, around the sides as if she is waiting for someone, in general, feels comfortless by you, please be assured that your acquaintance will not continue, because your interlocutor will slip away under the pretext that she has urgently to go somewhere.

5. She refuses that you would order something for her. Women waives this only if she does not want to continue to communicate, especially if after your suggestions she makes the order herself. But do not despair, at least you will save money.

6. She refers the other men in a conversation. This can take many forms. She could say that she had a lot of male friends, may say that you remind her former guy or begins to tell what type of men she likes (at the same time it will be absolutely opposed to you).

7. She says that she does not like in males the following: When a man is shorter than she is, elder, has no regular employment, a beard, listens to rock, etc. Commentary does not matter, but it will address to your specific traits. Even if she accidentally makes a compliment to you, she immediately will try to reverse it by negative trait.

8. She continues to stress that she is very busy. The most classic excuses - she is a very busy woman, and she has no time to have relations with anyone, she works till late, etc. There are variations on this theme. For example, she does not give you her phone number because: she has no cell (or something wrong happened with it), she has a roommate which has
just moved in. Frankly saying, you can also be given a wrong phone number.

9. She says that is not looking for a "friend". If a woman said that she was quite satisfied with today's situation in her personal life, or that had not yet recovered from a previous love drama, or something sort of this, then she wanted to get rid of your society.

Conclusion: Of course, in the life exceptions of the rules occur and the above advice may not apply to your specific situation, or can be ambiguous meaning. Certainly we can say only the following: When a woman tells you that she already has a man, this is a 100% negative reaction to your ambitions.

By: Julia Pika
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Women's Nature. About 10 Erogenous Zones.

Women often complain that men are focused too much on female genitals and forget about other erogenous zones, which stimulate pleasure. We present here the list of erogenous zones, the stimulation of which will provide you success in the bed.

1. Eyelids and temples. Eyelids are the concentration of nerves. Women will like, if you are going to kiss her along eyelid until the center of temple. Field between the corner of the eye and the temporal bone is also very sensitive to all sorts of endearments. Therefore, after several passionate kisses to the lips also pay attention to these areas.

2. Helix and neck. As mentioned, women love by ears. Helixes and the area beyond them, as well as the neck, especially its inner side, will apprehend well, not only kisses, but tender stroke, tickle with tongue, lick, etc.

3. Neck and shoulders. An extremely pleasant is stimulation of neck rolling to the stimulation of shoulders. There is even better to apply a tougher tactics, passionate kisses, bite a little, the vigorous massage motion.

4. The belly button and "V" area. Women like to feel strong embrace of the male, so do not be lazy huge the partner for the waist. Clasp her when kissing neck and shoulders. With fondling movements from the waist go down to the bottom of the abdomen, "V" zone (zone between the pelvic bone area below abdomen, ending in an iliac bone, without genitals). Stop coming within genitals (that is another area).

5. Field of hair growth below abdomen. You can fondle her with kisses and stroke both along, and across (from the belly button to pubis). Remember only that you should not be rushed to move to genitals, if not enough paying attention to this area.

6. Foot. For some women feet are taboo, because they might be afraid of tickle or suppose there are dirty, for another women this is an erogenous zone. So no hurry to take on this erogenous zone, walk up to it with caution. You can begin your study with washing feet and massage them by hands and a towel, and only at the very end you can stimulate this area with tongue. If partner responds to you with fervent sighs, then you have achieved your goal.

7. Area under her knees. After stimulation of feet, legs, it's time to move to the area under the knee, where the skin is very sensitive to the stroke.

8. The groove at the base of the buttocks. You can touch it with fingers, move kissing, getting closer and closer to the center.

9. Buttocks. Very powerful erogenous zone, which however requires a slow approach. You can stroke and slightly compress them when stimulating the zones from 1 to 8, but the intense compression and slaps must be left for later, when the partner is already hot enough.

10. The inner surface of the thigh. This is the last zone, which requires the stimulation before proceeding to the genitals. Light blows with the fingers intermittent by kisses will be at the time, to finally become a partner excited. Nevertheless, do not touch neither vulva nor clitoris, focus on the inner surface of the thigh, leave genitals for the next stage.

If you want to look as a skilful lover but not just male in the bed, do not forget to pay attention to the above zones before sexual intercourse.

By: Julia Pika
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Your First Call To A Woman.

Your ability to build a phone conversation will allow to make a good impression to the woman. Many errors can be avoided simply if tentatively ponder that you are going to say and how it will look from the outside. The following items will help you to build your communication correctly and to avoid the most common mistakes.

1. The first talk on the phone should be short.

No matter how busy your day is, and how long have you to talk, you have to impress a person living a full active life. To do so, say what you wanted to say and there is no need of abstract discussions about the nature and the weather. It would not be bad if you have finished the conversation first. This will force the woman to wait for further meetings with you.

2. Talks must be finished on a cheerful note.

The woman always remember what you told her, ending the conversation. This should be something positive ridiculous that will force her to smile after she put the phone. Even if your first conversation was unfortunate, the latest joke can remedy the situation in your favor.

3. Your call should have a clear objective.

Do not call just to chat. Before the conversation you must prepare, utter the phrases that you are about to pronounce. You do not want that at the end of your explanation woman would ask you thus "So, what did you want to say me?". If you invite woman to visit, you should have several options where you can go to, just in case that at first one she did not agree.

4.Radiate a positive.

Women's trait, of course, is the ability to listen, they given by nature of compassion and the propensity to sympathy, but that does not unleash your hands. There is no need for it to drain all the negatives, accumulated in you for the whole day, to complain about life, etc. Not even a nagging need into the tube or talk with colorless voice. On the first few visits hide away your emotional baggage.

5. The message can be left on the answering machine, only if you are calling not the first time.

Do not leave a message on the answering machine, otherwise you will look like a man, who is very needy in her attention. If you call for the first time, hang up and try again later. Do not be afraid that unknown telephone number, displayed several times on her answering machine will alert her.

6. Call in good time.

This means that you must exclude calls during working hours. First, she will understand that you think a lot of her, once taking the time to call in a pause between jobs. Secondly, it can be inconvenient for her to talk when colleagues or boss is, and she could not be kindly with you, even if she wanted to be. If you invite a woman to visit by Sunday, then make a call until Wednesday. Never call on Friday evening or Saturday. If you lie on the couch and watch TV, you have not do anything, she must not know it, this is not necessary.

By the way. How to determine by voice, whether she sympathize with you.
If a woman likes a man with whom she talks, she raises the tone of her voice, that is, she starts talking with higher voice, even not noticing this herself. A man who is interested in the woman, on the contrary, unwittingly lowers the tone of his voice in a conversation with her. That is he begins to talk with more low voice.

By: Julia Pika
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Export of Russian Brides.

The experts noted a change in the wedding fashion in Russia: Russian brides are no longer so eager to escape abroad, and foreign Suitors find it possible to stay in the home of Russian wife. To understand the latest trends, we spent a half-day at the wedding ceremonies.

Portrait of Russian women to be engaged: the stare more rigid, the character stronger

Internet - suitcase - abroad

Exports of Russian brides, according to some estimates, has about 4.5 billion dollars of annual profit. As senior researcher of the Institute of Psychology of the Russian Academy of Sciences and an expert on the women's emigration Olga Makhovskaya notes: in the past 10 years, the diversion of Russian brides on West is measured in hundreds of thousands. Only in the United States, according to the U.S. Department of Justice, 75000 women went from Russia. Standard scheme: Internet - foreign fiance - marriage - departure from Russia.

According to Olga Mahovskaya's observations that carried out the study in America and in France, very few managed to become happy. Those who had thought that in the prosperous abroad life the problems could be solved by themselves, were cruelly disappointed.

First, they have to build into the caste society where clear rules of monetary and human relations govern. And secondly, there may come a disappointment to the husband: you know, Foreign Suitors which were looking for white-skin and beautiful but the unpretentious bride, themselves often are elementary losers, people with physical and moral shortcomings. Here and there begins: scandals, attempts to assert their rights in full ignorance of the realities.

Recently, however, Russian brides become a skilled hand and wised up. As the experts on the marriage matters note, the decision to marry a foreigner and leave abroad is adopted increasingly consciously - particularly by the young women from big cities.

Notably: Wedding Palace № 4 staff (Moscow) note that the Russian brides in the mixed couples now are very different from what they were 10 years ago. For example, in couples, where the groom is Muslim, Russian bride comes to the registry, already dressed in accordance with religious tradition of husband: "The shawl on the head - and the eyes full of love." That is Slavic girls, challenged in marriage a Muslim, are ready to pre-take the lifestyle and religion of her husband.

"I declare you husband and wife"

Wedding Palace № 4 - the only place in Moscow where the marriage with the foreigners is registered. In the middle of the week the Palace is calm. Looking in the mirrors, couples of spouses roam the corridors - on weekdays they often record non-solemnly and without Mendelsohn without crowds of visitors with bouquets.

She is blue-eyed blond, Muscovite, a lawyer. The white suit, smart view, elated mood. He - slightly shy German with glasses, the owner of the studio recording. Olga 23, Johannes - 46. For questions about future plans Olga responds willingly. To live, of course, will be in Germany. Judging by all in Olga's head is already formed a picture of her life in the coming years. And the notorious "children, kitchen and church" there are clearly not in the first place. In Moscow, Olga has graduated the College of Law, managed to work in state office and in Germany she hopes to continue her career. Of course, this will need to receive a second education. And thereupon she would like to go to some big company.

Olga was looking for the foreigner husband quite deliberately. She led the merciless arguments: It is well known that many Russian men have problems with alcohol. They are often lazy: wife is torn between the two works but the husband does not want to strain. In addition, Russian men often abandoned and neglected their children. When I took a look around, I realized that I do not want to assume such a future for me. Foreigners are brought up in a different way, they have more respect for woman and to the family. I have often been in Germany and imagine what a life is waiting for me there.

Olga is the Russian bride of new formation. She wants to run away from the Russian situation, but she relies not on the notorious Prince, but on herself. Such a sane Russian brides, it is now much greater. On the other hand, there are many brides who do not consider what is better or what is worse for their careers. A foreign husband is not seen as a ticket to a new life, but it just so happen that a beloved was from another state. Next couple - direct proof.

She is from Russia, he is a black resident of Cameroon. Getting took place four years ago, when Divayn came to Moscow to study. He is currently finishing a study for the dentist, but already in the home. Hearing the standard "I declare you husband and wife, congratulate each other," Divayn almost cries, snuggles up Silva and does not release her for long time. After wedding

they are leaving to Cameroon for good.
The explanation is simple: racism in Russia.

- Here they can laugh at the man of another colour, insult, not to mention the more serious consequences - Silva said briefly. Curiously, she never has been in country of her husband and she has too distant conception of the life. But that does not matter. - I follow my husband - she said very quietly.

So the next heroine - "ambulance" paramedic Elena is going after her husband without particular hesitating. Her bridegroom is foreigner, but "ours" - Dmitry has emigrated to Israel 15 years ago, working as head-cook. When he was asked why did he chose wife from Russia, he answered this way:

- Still, we better understand each other. Russian women are more emotional and their intelligence is developed that is valuable. Not only I thing so. In Israel, those who are from the Soviet Union they rarely marry indigenous Israel. About Russia, Dmitry said that even with all the positive changes that he saw after 15-years of his absence, he has not a thought to stay here to live.

- People are evil. On the second day of my arrival I was in the store to buy an expensive thing. I was in good mood, and said to saleswoman: "I am so happy to see you!" and a roar in response: "Really? ... But me - not!" I clearly was taken aback... This was the way run up to blunt boorishness - as if they threw me back to 15 years ago, to Russia of the early 90 .

A foreign - is equal distinguished.

In total: international couples registered on a day, have made such a choice: three families are going to leave Russia, one - still live in Moscow.

American Rass (52 years) and Russian Svetlana (34) looked the most solemn: she had white dress with ribbon cable, which Rass readjusted very carefully all the time. Rass was led to Russia by his job.He is trading company employee, he is already two months in Moscow. But this clearly was not happened by chance: the last five years, he was interested in everything that was connected with Russia. Talking with him, you know that the man is in the subject: exactly describes the population of Russia, is aware of the demographic situation. And the fact that the wife he chosen, is Russian, looks legitimate. Going to live here.

- I love Russia, it seems to me, more than my wife - Rass says and holds his hand to the chest.When he was asked whether he was afraid of Russian realities - bureaucracy, unwieldy and unpredictability - Rass answered philosophically:

- People are people ...

Svetlana said that she had not the goal to go abroad. Her life in Vladivostok was arranged: good work - chief accountant, and so on.

- Do not think that if you decided to marry a foreigner then manna celestial will pour on you. This is a life turn, it is necessary to overcome a lot of difficulties. What a hell is the documents gathering for the marriage - in Vladivostok we were just tortured by translations and taxes!

Of course, not all foreign get accustomed in Russia. Still, it must be a certain type: with a stake of romance in the nature, with the sustained psyche and the stock of optimism. Depressed moaners nothing to do here. It is desirable to be slightly adventurer that quietly to accept the chaos and unpredictability of Russian life.

Muscovite Kira hopes that all this would be enough for her future husband - Greek Nikos. At the end of this summer, they played an engagement, and in February-March next year they plan he to move to Moscow. Young couple are going to live here since they decided that Kira has a better job - she is journalist. Nikos has free profession: musician, he plays in restaurants and clubs. In the next few months, he must work out the contract, and then can move to Moscow. It is uncertain with employment here.

- I understand that in the beginning it will be difficult, especially with the money. I am afraid of some friends: "Your Greek will escape once first frost will come! You'd better leave away - because, our country is impossible to live!" But I do not think so. Moreover, I was in Greece many times and had the opportunity to plunge to the local life, to understand: there also is no honey there, problems are everywhere. In a small town, where Nick lives, compared with Moscow is rather monotonous life. For me there is nothing to do, at home, I will not put up staying at home long but there is no work there: I will always be "ksenos" there (stranger), and a top prospect - to wash dishes in a restaurant for a small to local standards salary. So why?

In general the girls who are held in life and have the opportunity to assess the prospects for immigration, take decisions very carefully.

"Endemic" export of brides from Russia to the West, of course, continues, but at the expense of another category of the population - these are not the girls from capital, but from the regions.

"Provincials are behind in the wedding fashion. And the reasons are understandable: in their environment, they can not always orient correctly, to take a good social status" - senior researcher of the Institute of Psychology of the Russian Academy of Sciences Olga Makhovskaya said.

- As to foreigners, in Russia they cause respect and even envy. Men are still attracted by the low level of competition, which they could win easily. They are distinguished because of languages knowledge, education, and their capital which as a rule, by our standards is more important. Here, they have more opportunities to take a top position. And, of course, in Russia there is entirely another standard of relationship. Foreigners receive an enormous amount of emotions. Many of them are like "caught" by this: even if the marriage breaks down, they are seeking a Russian wife again.

They say that nowhere else they can love as like as in Russia...


According to Svetlana Vasilieva, deputy leader of Wedding Palace № 4, which registers the marriages with foreigners, they record about 6000 marriages a year, about 1500 of them are "marriages, complicated with foreign elements". There is still an overwhelming majority of "foreign elements" - are men. Couples where the groom is Russian, are very rare: rating of Russian suitors in the global market of Marriage, seems to be low. Foreign brides are more in the repeated marriages. For example, a citizen of Libya in Soviet times married a Russian, adopted Russian citizenship, and then the marriage broke down. He understands that he needs "wife from ours" and brings her to Russia.

Top of suitors.

1st - 2nd places (with great breaking) - citizens of the United States and Turkey. The Americans - are often from USSR by origin, as well, marriages with the Turks are likely to arise after the resort dating (Turkey is the most popular spot of vacation for Russians). In Moscow there also are quite a lot of Turks working on the Contracts for construction.

3d - 5th places - Germany, Britain, France.

6th place - Italy.

Former socialist camp also enjoyed success - those countries, which have been formed on the territory of Yugoslavia, Lithuania, etc.

Of the CIS countries Ukraine and Moldova are leaders.

In recent years the suitors from Syria, Afghanistan, Bangladesh apparently surrendered their positions. It is due to the fact that fewer students come from the countries.

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How To Determine Girl's age.

Women have a feature distinctively differ them from men - it's always difficult to say for sure how old they are. And sometimes it's much curious to know the true age of women.

Problems with the definition of the age are more often against the girls of the age group from 16 to 30. Therefore, we shell look at each key point of that age interval, how it is characterized, what is inherent or contrary is not peculiar.

Make up. According to how and what the girl drifts onto a face you can draw an overall picture of her age. By this ground is easier to determine the girl under 18. It is up to that age, she preferred bright, sometimes in a bizarre manner make-up. By 20 years old she uses cosmetics, only in order to give the expressiveness to her face.

By 30 years old a woman starts again to use make-up actively, but not like at age of 16 - to draw attention, but in order to disguise the wrinkles have already emerged.

Appearance. This rate, as well as make-up, will seriously help us to move closer to the definition of an age of girls. Again, the brighter and more extravagant the girl dressed the more unusual is her hair color, the younger she is. Although, of course, there are exceptions there. By 20 years a girl attempts to show by all means her maturation, hence the strict models in her clothes are. 30-year-old woman without fail will add to her appearance a pep in order to express the individuality.

Where she could be found. 16 y.o. - noisy discobars, 20 y.o. - ultra modern Clubs, 30 y.o. - quiet and comfortable establishments. Everywhere and always there are exceptions, but it is difficult to imagine oneself 30 y.o. woman on the youth dancing.

Manner of conduct. In the movements and actions of the women which has already been held, you will hardly find a hesitation, indecision or insane activity. She demonstrates by all her appearance already existing type of continuity. The more unexpected non-logic deeds - the younger girl is. In age of 20, she is a mixture of adult women and very young girl. That is, in the actions there are both the strictness, which she has already imparted, and a bit of insanity, she could afford.

These are only basic indicators. They, of course, are averaged, so to treat them as absolute truth will be incorrect. The fifth paragraph "communication" could be, as it seriously clarifies the situation with . But if the conversation stroked up, why not ask simply "How old are you?"

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Do You Know How To Find The Right Online Dating Site For You?

Finding the right online dating site can be tricky since there are so many to choose from!
What you will need to look for on the right dating site is…

A generous free trial period, 14-21 days is long enough to “test drive” the site.

The right online dating site should also give you multiple search options. You should be able to search by User Name, City/State, Age Range, Height/Build and Last Log in Date.

By having extensive search options, you will avoid relationships that will not work for you. You shouldn’t begin a romantic relationship thousands of miles away if you are totally opposed to long distance relationships and are unable to ever relocate.

Knowing a members Last Log in date will keep you from getting your feelings hurt because someone you are interested in is ignoring you! They aren’t ignoring you…they just haven’t logged in in over a month!

The right online dating site for you should give you full access to the site. A lot of sites will allow you to receive emails from their members, but you will have to be a paying member to respond! Now how useless is that!?

The site should also have an outstanding customer service and tech support team. Nothing is more frustrating than having a monthly paid account, and have technical problems that last several days at time. (Good luck getting a credit…)

With all of the choices, the best advice I can give is, take your time trying to find the perfect online dating site for you. It is out there!

By: Vivian Johnson
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Vivian has been involved with online dating since it's inception! This is her main dating forum, since there is no other place in the world where you can have access to millions of eligible singles! Learn the skills you need to get the one you want! Free Internet Dating Course

Dating With Children In The Picture

Once you reach a certain age as a single, you may have children of your own or you may not have children, but perhaps you are meeting people to date who do. This definitely makes dating more challenging and possibly very rewarding at the same time.

In today's dating advice for women and men, let's look at dating from each perspective as we explore these very prevalent relationship issues.

Dating As a Single Parent... Finding time to date can be an issue. Between work and your children, that leaves little time for personal time, let alone dating. That means you have to be very efficient with your time. It helps if you have a support system ' either friends or family that would look after your kids while you go out. Many single parents have their kids every other weekend, so they can plan adult activities for when they are solo.

A lot depends on the age of the children. Younger kids are more pliable than older kids to accepting a new person in their parent's life. Often times, relationship issues develop quickly as the children may struggle with acceptance of the new person in their parent's life.

There is the perspective among single parents that they are less selfish than those people who don't have kids because they have to focus on others and not only themselves. The comments that I have heard from my single parent clients are:

"The person I am dating has to accept me and love the entire package- children and all."

" I really need the person I am dating to be flexible and understanding because I can't always control things when it comes to my kids"

"I wait awhile before I introduce my child to the person I am dating. I want to make sure that it's serious. I don't want my child to get attached and then have to deal with a loss if things don't work out." The benefits that the single parent gets from dating are having an adult companion and someone who can offer emotional support.

Dating as a Single Person Without Children Looking to Date a Single Parent.... A whole new world is opened up for the single person who doesn't have kids once this person is introduced to the kids of the single parent you are dating. You have to have patience and be willing to put the needs of your partner's kids before your own- many times. You will be going to kids events and spending time with your partner's kids in addition to your alone adult time. The child(ren) may accept you readily or you may have to deal with some resentment as if you are an intruder and taking this parent away from the child(ren).

The single parent may expect the partner to pitch in and help- with feeding time, cleaning up after the children, entertaining the children or other parent-like responsibilities. The issue of discipline and how much say you have comes into play. These are all relevant relationship questions needing resolution while you are dating.

The comments I hear from my clients who do not have children and are dating single parents are: "I need to feel that I am special and that my partner is thinking of me. I understand that most times the kids come first but I need to see that he is making the effort for us to have alone time."

"I really like the idea of being a part of a child's life since I doubt I will have children of my own at this age."

I have to see that the woman I am dating has a good relationship with her ex and that the kids' interest comes before their own. Also, I need to feel accepted by the kids for me to stick around."

"My biggest transition was having the kids around and knowing what to do with them." The benefits of dating a single parent are being a part of a child's life and building a bond that can last a lifetime while having a ready made family. What I hear from my clients is that it is not easy, but if you hang in there for the long haul, you do become a part of the family and it can be very rewarding. Among other dating tips for men and women is to understand that the key to both sides feeling happy about the relationship, is being able to communicate each other's needs and come up with a solution that works for both parties.

Dating with children bring in a whole new dimension to your dating experiences. It is definitely challenging at times, but from what I am told, the rewards most times greatly out weigh the downsides.

Copyright (c) 2008 Heartmind Connection, LLC

By: Amy Schoen
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Amy Schoen, MBA, CPCC, certified professional life coach and dating-relationship expert, helps singles to attract the right romantic relationship into their lives, is the author of "Motivated to Marry™-Now There is a Better Method for Dating and Relationships!" and speaks nationally to groups on dating and relationships. For dating tips for men and women, subscribe to her monthly ezine and teleclasses at:

Woman Says NO. What Does It Mean.

Very often men repeat the same thing: "A woman can not be believed", "Women's logic does not exist", "Listen to a woman, and make vice versa"… Such statements lead to rabies the feminists, force the hysterical blonde to cry and result housewives in mellow anger. How can we understand women? How to bring together both perception of world and the logic of the genders?
This is a rather complex issue, on which the scientists break their heads not one year. We have to do the same but simpler: most importantly, do not forget that all women, for that matter, all men, are all different. Depending on how their parents brought up them, what kind of education they received, what place in life did they find for their abilities to be realized, what a special nature has a person, what habits, due to all this Women need to be understandable in a very different meaning.

For example, there is generally accepted opinion that a woman should wait for the man would call first, first would propose to make the first invite to visit, the first will offer hands and hearts… Girls! Yes, if all your life to sit at the window in anticipation of the excellent Prince, it is possible to reach a pension! If you have a conflict with a young person, which is easier to call and talk about it, not waiting until the man understands (if ever will understand!) that you are in the grievance to him for something.

Men do not attach so much importance to details and if you do not draw their attention specifically, then a situation that is so important to you, will be passed by him. The same to the flirtation. If you will be smiling the whole evening, even with your most charming smile, and just limit yourself with that, it is almost 95 per cent probability that it will remain unnoticed or perceived as a sign of cordiality - not the more…

In order to attract a man, you must file a more clear signs for him and, in addition clear to distinct the cases, when you coquetry can reject any proposal, or directly accept. Your hidden "yes", implicit as impregnable "no" not every man will understand - whether you want this or not, 21 century goes now - the age of urbanization, ultra modern, and not tolerating the mincing fuss.
And you, our dear men, also should stay alert, because still not all the girls are guessed that you became somewhat lazier and do not want to "read between the lines". And if your chosen girl refused to go with you to a movie or restaurant, but her smile is full of archness and skittish dancing eyes screw up and beckon drowning - do not rush to abandon your goal, you are just played in those games, without of which You would not appreciate us so high as appreciate now!
Be happy!

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Seven Reasons To Use Online Dating Services

These days it is difficult to get back on the bike so to speak, after a divorce or break up. As a veteran of the dating scene, that finally found the one I want to spend my life with, here are a few reasons Why Online Dating Services worked for me.

1. You do not have to go to the bars.
Safety in numbers seems less and less these days. You are less likely to get drunk and make bad choices that will haunt you for the rest of your life. Did you see Knocked UP?

2. Time
All of us are working more and enjoying time less. Between working, daycare, piano lessons, football practice, work outs and whatever else your busy life entails, you do not have the time to get ready and go out and scope out a relationship. This makes the scoping part less and leaves more time for internet intrigue. Your, would be partner, is, usually, up front and personal right away and you do not have to guess if your right for each other. Or at least you can decide right away, if you are wrong for each other such as smoker/nonsmoker etc.

3. Anonymous
You do not have to put yourself out there for the wolves, so to speak. You can take your time and look, but do not leap. You can shop till you drop and you will not hurt their feelings.

4. You Can have Several first Dates.
The excitement of dating, again, testing the waters is at your fingertips literally. There are so many people using the net now, that it not the, desperate, thing to do, it is the standard thing to do. With 50 percent of us divorcing, we need to take our time and just date before we jump head on into a relationship.

5. More truthful in an e-mail
For some reason, maybe because it is so anonymous to begin with you get a truer picture of those who are on the dating scene. They cannot scam for long without being deleted from the service and there is also that, let it all hang out, feeling. You can go to the next if you do not like what you see or cyber, so people tend to be themselves. You can be honest, let it all hang out and wait for the one to accept all of your good and bad qualities before you meet them face to face.

6. Cheaper,
Ok if you want to feel better about it, Less expensive.
Lets face it, divorced = poor to most, at the beginning anyway, and it makes for a bigger pool of like income people to date.

7. Cyber-sex is Safe sex
You can be as experimental as you want without any repercussions.
There is no worry about who you did it with or whether or not you have any nasty diseases, because it is all out there in Never Never Land.

By: Jacquie Gehrke

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For more Free info, email me at or visit my web Jacquie is a Life coach with over 15 years experience in Human Resources, and Healthcare

The image of Russian brides in Russian folk tales

To understand the source of the nature of Russian bride it is better to appeal to Russian fairy tales. If you know the Russian woman you will know Russian Bride. A careful reading of Russian folk tales shows that the main figure of almost all fairy tales is a clever woman. There are fairy tales, calling the heroine directly to mind, for example: "Wise wife", "Elena The Sage" or "Vasilisa The Sage", "Czarevna (daughter of a Czar) The Guess Riddles." There are only 1-2 fairy tales per 1000, where a woman named "silly". But with careful consideration it turns out that the woman is simply of another kind, she is not consonant with the standards of everyday existence and firmly ignores them, and due to this she is believed silly by other people.

Ivan-goose (analogue of English Simple Simon) is very often found hero of Russian tales, but try to find Maria Little Fool! Not found! A woman in the Russian fairy tales may be quarrelsome, greedy, lazy, but stupid - very rarely. Starting from Vasilisa and Elena (the mind for the good) and ending Baba Yaga (the mind of evil), there is always mind.

Let us consider a typical fairy tale plot by the example of Zhukovsky's tale "About the Czar Berendey". Maria-Czarevna is very wise daughter of Koschey The Immortal. Koshchey asks Ivan challenges, and every time Ivan returns from he in despair. Three times a conversation with his bride Maria-Czarevna happens in which every time he said that Koschey is about to cut his head off. And on the question of Maria, "what do you intend to do?", he gives the same answer: "Nothing. There should not be Three times of death, but the only one you can not escape". On the advice of Maria: "Morning is smarter than evening" - the hero goes to bed.

This example demonstrates the archetype of fabulous relationship between men and women: the woman soothes while the man in important turning point of life for himself falls asleep. A woman begins to act: she consults with magic books, objects, sometimes her intentions are evil, but in her the boundless and not knowing the barriers energy is laid.

In the fairy tale of Zhukovsky Maria-Czarevna converts Ivan first into the bridge, and then into the forest, and then into her husband in the end. She converts, He is convertible. He is the material - She is the master, creator. This is not Ivan who marries Maria, but she makes him her husband, as he usually in the Russian fairy tales is idle, while She works. The motive of the women's power cuts across the most of tales. And this is not fiction of authors - it is a long ago rooted peculiar idea about the role of Russian women in the structure of being, objective reality but not just human life.

If for instance we compare the Russian fairy tales with the French ones, we can see that the relationship between men and women is opposed in them, in some cases is mirror image. In French tale a man goes to his goal and with the help of his mind and tenacity reaches her. In Russian fairy tales such dedication is typical for women. French hero unrelentingly seeks his bride, for the sake of her he beats the opponents, overpowers obstacles, he is ready to sacrifice even his life, while his lady bride sometimes is simply capricious.

Russian brides in Russian fairy tales, first, never are capricious, secondly, I could not find a Russian fairy tale where the hero died sake of his bride. Certainly, we are dealing with very different points of view on a woman.

In Russian fairy tales male character is little active, he can not do without outside help, which often comes from a female heroine (his bride), both active in goodwill and in the evil, in anger and tenderness. The image of luck often presented in the Russian fairy tales, is usually tied to a male character. A woman does not need luck, a woman receives all she needs by her own.

There are several plots of Russian fairy tales, in which the fate of women depends on the behavior of man. It is in these cases, the woman dies. Once the old man clambers to heaven, holding in his teeth a bag with old woman, and does not keep. Once he is deceived by old fox, to which he entrusted to heal old woman, a fox eats her. No matter how different the situation, the same outcome: a woman perishes of a man's fault.

Men's psychology in the tales image often reminds the child psychology, which must be directed, which has to be cared, otherwise he will make troubles, mostly to himself. With this role, of course, the woman best deals: mother, wife, sister. And in a fairy tales relationship between men and women, between bride and groom most often resemble the relationship between the mother and son, regardless who would in fact she was to him.

This is the reality of Russian fairy tales! What is this? The dream of a clever woman, writing, in order to make the plot more attractive precisely by its difference from real life or still reflecting the Russian life? I think the latter. Meanwhile, in Russian fairy tales we always saw the King but very rarely - Queen. Woman must save Ivan-fool, but remember her place! To become a Czar, it is for him without fail! Nothing reminded? Read Russian fairy tales, and many things will become clear in our Russian reality. The nature of Russian bride will become more understandable. "The Tale is falsehood, but there is a hint..."

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Village Of Russian Brides In China.

Guy from the Layan city of Shandong province married Russian bride Natasha. In the wedding ceremony they primarily were dressed up in traditional Chinese clothes, and later at the banquet - in the Western ones. The solemn wedding, distinguished by combination of Chinese and western styles, has attracted a lot of people.

Near Shulan city of Jilin province (3-hours far from Chang Tung) there is a famous village of Russian brides - Syhetsun. The fact is that 90% of rural men took foreign girls for wives, most of them Russians. Beautiful and happy marriages between China and Russia have become a local legend. Since 1996, the majority of men from the village Syhetsun went to Russia to work. According to the Syhetsun village Party Secretary Zhao Tszinseng , the village is now home for 650 families, with more than 2000 people. 700 people are engaged in business in Moscow - reported XinHua Agency.

Zhao Tszinseng said that each villager engaged in business in Moscow can earn from 50 thousand up to 1 million yuans. In the family of Zhou Ketsing there are four people there. Before going abroad the annual income per family member was not reached 1000 yuans. In 1998, Zhou Ketsing's family moved to Moscow and entered business. Now their annual income reached 400 thousand yuans. They bought a house and two cars. Now they are engaged in transport operations. According to incomplete statistics, the farmers who work in Moscow, can earn over 40 million yuan a year.
Residents of the Syhetsun village in Moscow are notable with diligence and reputable. Many of them have won the love of Russian girls. Chinese men are attracted to Russian women as they say becouse "Russian wife does not have a double bottom." If Russian wife smiles, it means "smiles". If she is angry, it means that she is actually something unhappy. Chinese wives deeds require of constant exhausting "deciphering" and "translating" in language understandable to men. Lee Yingchao and Russian girl fell in love with each other four years ago. Now they are - a husband and wife.

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Why Russian Brides Marry Foreigners?

To begin with, people abroad call Russians all those who speak in Russian, no matter from which country of CIS they are from. Since the Iron Curtain fell down former Soviet women obtain an opportunity to travel abroad and while some foreign men have praised them highly.

"Russian Bride" became a beautiful dream for foreign men, a sign of the success of building a family and a benchmark among brides all over the world.

What attracts Western suitors? What makes them several times to come to the stranger's country and persistently seek, spending time and a lot of money for search? All explained simply: the emancipation process in the West led to a reassessment of the social and spiritual values, a woman discontinue to be just a homemaker and a hotbed keeper. Today she put in the first place her career, and then only children and husband are.

Western women would not be overly concerned about their appearance, they dress in such a way that, first and foremost, it is convenient to themselves. They are confident and perceive the men as equal partners both in the family and in business.

In their turn, Slavic women are far less demanding, and very often the limit of dreams for many of them is teetotal husband and the children fed. They are able to work successfully and wage home economy and well-managed look as well. And finally, the most important and compelling argument in favour of Russian bride - a good education and a high enough intelligence to facilitate adaptation in an unfamiliar country that often defiant the pride
among foreign suitors.

This unique combination of qualities has been so pronounced that brought a tremendous interest from the part of single men from USA and Western Europe. Such marriages have ceased long ago to be a something out of a number of emerging and the Russian women themselves also have found reasons to seek a "second half" in other countries. One reason - the demographic situation in the CIS: there are much more women than men there.

One more another reason - Russian women are seeking to provide comfortable living conditions both for themselves and their children, to have access to the "smart" medicine, to live a full and colorful life, free traveling and not thinking about everyday problems - and there is nothing immoral and unnatural there.

And finally, there are decent men everywhere - both in the CIS and abroad. In a world integration the modern woman can and should base her choice not on the grounds of "our - not ours", but on much more substantial grounds. Usually they are the dedication and generosity, attention and creativity, loyalty and diligence, ability and desire to look good in any age, a sense of humor and natural charm, anxious attitudes towards women, children and the
home, ability to take care of loved ones - here are these qualities, and Russian women are looking for them in their Foreign the chosen ones.

By: Julia Pika

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Another reasons Why Russian Women Marry Foreigners you can find on the site dedicated to Single Russian Girls looking for Western men.

Power Of Desire. Think Of The Woman, Which You Want To Have

Ancient popular wisdom goes:

When you sow the idea - then you will reap the deed, when you sow the deed - then you will reap the habit, when you sow the habit - then you will reap the nature, when you sow the nature - then you will reap the Fate.

So it is say everything starts from our head. From this container of thoughts. Remember, as in the sacred books written: "First was the word, and the word has been…" And then the old long story goes on. Maybe it was in all different way. Maybe Creator sat and thought: "What then became bored. What if to make something alse? Let Me establish Earth and the life on it. "And He said: "Let there be light". And the full-program creation started.

But few people aware that we have the same processes occur. Our thoughts as actively implemented as a Divine Beginning. DO NOT believe it? You do look around! Do you see over there: that very "skunk" is standing, yes, your husband! Remember how handsome he was, assistant, master? And now? Hands not from the place grow! But stop and ask yourself: who had created this armless and the gloomy subject of any negligence? Do you want a honest answer? You!

"No, this could not be!"- objections from any of you. And I will give you an argument. Remember when you made court each other. What did you say, how did you act, how did you look in the end? And now? Is this different state? Of course, you will tell. Of course, differ! After all, it's been a long time! And now a different matter! And what, in fact, was changed? After all, a man who is at your side, he is the same. Just you may be not knowing the fact, set in motion an ancient mechanism.

What you think today that you have tomorrow.

Some ones went further and called the assistance of a law that instantly realize into reality all your thoughts. Especially if you accompany them even more with words and gestures. The Law is simple. But ignorance of the law does not exempt from liability! Attention, the Law!

What you pay attention to, it develops!

So Divine Creation is directly relevant to us. The same thing is happening and we have: before we do anything, we have raised some kind of thought in the head. And after we commit to do. But now the question arises. Whence they were, these thoughts appearing in the head? Why in one head light, bright ideas do appear, and in another the solid dump? It turns out, there is the explanation of this. There is a hypothesis that the idea does not arise in the head, it comes to us. Well, the scenario with you. You noticed, and even scored for sound: "Oh! The idea came. Oh! Again went away. "So what?", you will tell. "Why do I need to know that?" This is actually quite important. When you begin the process of working with your goals, be sure to write them. When you concentrate your attention on your objectives, tasks, the various useful thoughts start to come. And if you do not commit, they can quickly leave you. Thoughts, ideas, thoughts! It is through thoughts that our life takes on a particular line. Think of the partner, which you want to have and you will get it!

Personal Life. 7 Reasons Why People Do Not Set Goals.

"When a person does not know which dock his ship is heading due, no one wind will be the fair wind" - Seneca.

Everybody knows about the importance of placing at the top the most important tasks. But yet, even knowing this, many people continue being given up the turbulent currents of life, trusting that they whenever will accidentally get to the island called wealth, health and personal success! But years elapse, and the island has never encounters a way. Let us once again raise the theme of the importance of goals.

The Man Without a goal - like a ship without a helm, drifting aimlessly and continuously at risk raid on the reefs. A person with a goal is similar the vessel leading by an skilled captain with the help of maps and compasses, he knows the destination and he leads the ship directly to the port of his own choice.

Recent studies have shown. Our brain contains a mechanism of tasking, accurately and faultlessly guiding us to achieve the goals. Through this mechanism, which is in our brain, we are get every goal, unless it is unclear, and we are quite tenacious. The process of achieving the goal happens almost automatically. But it is tasking is the main problem for most people.

This means that we achieve all the goals we seek - it is a fact. You are now where you are and what you are, because you wanted this. Your thoughts, actions, the behavior led you to the current state. If your goal is to live day, to go home and sit down in front of the TV, you reach it. If you are thinking to end to feel good, to be healthy and live a long life then you will reach that goal as well.

The greatest enemy of your capacity to succeed and achievements is your comfort zone, your desire to stuck in rut and resist against all changes, albeit positive, which are trying to push you out. This is feature of every person to fear and avoid the changes. We want the things to remain as they are, but also be improved. But any growth, progress, development requires changes. Changes are inevitable. What would you do, life never stands still. It always changes in a particular direction. The situation has become something better, then worse, but never remains the same. Because the Act is valid - the cause and the consequence. Objectives are causes; health, happiness, freedom and prosperity - these are consequences. You sow the goals and reap the results.

The main reason for life success is the ability to set goals and achieve them. That's why people without a goal doomed forever to work for those who have these goals. Simple conclusion.

You work for the achievement of goals either yours or other’s ones. Let's try to define a number of reasons why people do not put the goal. After all, who is warned he is armed, ancient wisdom reads.

The first reason why people do not put the goal is that they are simply frivolous. They

prefer the word instead action, want to make great strides to improve their lives, but are unwilling to make an effort required. They lack the "fire" that mobilizes a burning desire to change, to transform their lives into something more, better, interesting.

The second reason why people do not put the goal is that they still do not dare to take responsibility for their own lives. We can not say that they made even one step to setting goals until a moment when people assume full responsibility for their lives and for all that is happening with them. Irresponsible people are the persons who are still waiting for to begin a real life. Such a person is using all his creative energies to think out exaggerating intricate excuses about his inability to make progress, and then buys lottery
tickets and goes home to watch TV and drink beer.

The third reason why people do not put the goal is to deep feelings of guilt and low self-esteem. A man who grew up in a particular environment, raised in the sense that he does not deserve anything, is hardly able to raise serious purpose.

The fourth reason for the lack tasking is that they are not aware of the importance of goal. If you grew up in a family where the parents do not rise the objectives and the issue of achieving the goals is not a topic of family conversations, it is likely to become an adult, never learned that the goal is setting not only in the sport.

The fifth reason why people do not put the goal is that they simply do not know how to do this. In our society, unfortunately, it is not possible to obtain a diploma on the subject of goals, and this discipline is much more important than any object ever studied you.

The sixth reason for the non-tasking - it is only the fear to receive a waiver, the fear to be criticized. From the childhood our dreams and our hopes are suffering from strokes, caused laughter and criticism of others. Our enemies and friends laughed at us when we represented ourselves someone. Their influence may leave the imprint on your attitude to yourself, on setting goals for life.

The seventh reason why people do not put the goal - is the fear of defeat. Fear of failure is the greatest obstacle to success in adult life. It keeps people in their comfort zones. It makes they bend down their heads and remain in the security, while the years pass by. The fear digested in early childhood as a result of criticism and punishment. Once deeply rooted in the subconscious, the fear spreads further, paralyzing and killing the dream ambitions, bringing more harm than any other negative emotion attending human soul. That is why people do not put goal.

Once again feel deeply the words of a great Seneca.
"When a person does not know which dock his ship is heading due, no one wind will be the fair wind".

By: Julia Pika

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Intuition For Success In Personal Life

Our life is arranged in such a way that in order to achieve maximum impact we should use our abilities in the fullest. It is not a secret that our brain is a powerful tool that literally works wonders. And of course you know that there is logic and intuition. Left and right brain hemisphere each perform its own function.

Take a simple task. This ballerina can whirl in any direction. Logicians see her whirling in one direction while Intuitive persons see another. Harmoniously developed person can make her to whirl the way he wants. If you think that she whirls clockwise, you have left hemisphere developed stronger (logic analysis), a counter-clockwise direction - right hemisphere developed stronger (emotions, intuition).

There is a need to develop, train, reveal your dreams. Move to your goals using the tool of logic and intuition to achieve maximum results. And if you have no goals yet, quickly decide where you to go. Otherwise your life can be a bit one-sided and not interesting. We wish you a wonderful, colorful life. Worthy goals and your opportunities revealed. We wish you well-being and prosperity. Put ballerina whirl the way you want. And you will see amazing changes in your life!

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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Five Myths About Bachelors.

Bachelors… These mysterious characters since ancient times attract the attention of mankind, or rather, the best part of it. And that is legitimate, because they are the only ones who find strength to resist all-marriageable instinct requiring the birds must nest, the beasts - digging burrows, and human - expect of a family.

Old bachelors are successfully resisting against public opinion, even if it is backed by millennial traditions. How do they do it - is difficult to say. They also do not advertise their methods, so to penetrate into the secrecy is not quite easy. Woman only can make this, the only way - to marry bachelor. But the problem is that such an experiment usually ends with rough loss of the experimental subject (remember the traditional wedding toast - "to the sudden demise of so-and-so bachelor").It is not astonishingly, that unmarried life is surrounded by a multitude of stories and legends (as, indeed, any anomaly). And since it's fashionable to refute "misconceptions" of mass consciousness, we will try to debunk few of the most common ones as well.

1.The Bachelor is unmarried man.

The first and most massive delusion. If a person is not yet (or is already) not married, it does not mean that he is single. To enroll him to the cohort of convinced bachelors it is required more than the absence of marriage contract. His position - is not a social status, but a life credo. This is a narrow range of people, they are terribly far from the family, to a certain extent "Loyal" singles are the elite of unmarried ones. The main feature of a true bachelor is touching concern for the card cottage, built from his interests and hobbies, habits and attachments. A marriage is a real threat to the fragile construction. That is why Singles perceive so painfully the slightest hints of marriage bonds. Ironically, this feature is a reason why women are attracted to them. Near bachelor, even the poorer, you can always catch out aspirants seeking to plunge him into family life.

2. Social rating of unmarried is too low.

"Socially immature" Singles are not ready to live in the family - it is a favorite object of Psychologists attacks from the women's sites. Well, if we take the premise of a marriage as the ultimate stage of relations, singles are truly defective. But more often it turns out that entering into a marriage a person loses opportunity for self-improvement - family "routine" eats every "good impulse". Just myth is declared equality of spouses - in fact someone always had to give way, stepping on the throat of "own song". How many sins are accused bachelors stubbornly unwilling to form a cell of society! He is indecisive, he has inferiority complexes, he is infantile, in general he is the brake of Social Development. It would not be! We can not enumerate the scientific discoveries and social transformations, in which Singles are involved. Recall only that entire World literature is based on adventures of bachelors (and misadventures of married men).

3. Bachelors are afraid women and even hate them.

Authorship of this legend, of course, belongs to women, who have not been able obtain a perspective bachelor in due course. They must blame themselves: too clearly demonstrated the desire to create a family. Singles immediately recognize these hunters and really circumvents them by "tenth road". And frankly saying, bachelor communicates with the opposite gender not without obstacles. Moreover, being not interested in marriage he primarily sees in woman a personality (also giving respect to shell, which personality is concluded in) Whether you can always expect the same from the legal husband? As for the allegations of misogynist , it is more the characteristic of personal nature and it does not matter either man is married or free - a secondary cause. It's no secret that some prominent sexual maniacs were faithful husbands and caring family breadwinners.

4. Unmarried has a lot of domestic problems.

Remainder atavism of "days of the past jokes". Unshaven half-starved mint clothing bachelor now can be seen in the old film only. In fact, contemporary bachelor always try to keep a decent shape - this is part of his image. Thanks to the development of household appliances, he easily copes with housework and even gets a satisfaction with the fact that there are his own forces costs. In critical situations Service life helps, but more often - voluntary assistant from the list of females aspirants.

5. Bachelors live less.

Error obliged for its emergence to biased methods of calculation. Young people which have no time to marry yet indiscriminately are included in box "Singles", significantly reducing the average age ratio. In addition, some researchers determine the divorced as the bachelors. It also distorts the statistics - who will give a guarantee that their health was not undermined by stress from wedding idyll? Some anonymous authors on the Internet pages even unveiled their unique discovery - "mortality rate among unmarried is higher than among married!" But we always were confident that the mortality rate in both cases is the same - 100 per cents. Now is the opportune moment to recall the myth of the notorious "glass of water", which "nobody will file"- the latest and the most" murderous "anti-bachelor argument". But think about: is it any life skill for sole cup sake (moreover just water!). By the way, the competent doctors argue that at this point we do not want to drink… It seems that no one argument against stag life left. Yes but with frequency of approximately two to three times a year when cold and uncomfortably in the street, and all married friends celebrate family holiday at the table with "Olivier", single begins to spleen and seriously to think about life companion. And, how vulnerable he is in these moments…