Monday, October 27, 2008

How To Get Acquainted With The Russian Girl.

Indeed, how to get acquainted with Russian girl? What to do, how to behave to attract her attention? Let's try to find answers.

Based on my experience and stories of my friends, I can identify two categories of places of acquaintance: high-tech space (here, you can include the Internet, sms, etc.) and of course the real space (street, subway, work, school, university, college, cafe, etc.).

The premier plus of reality is a personal contact, where it is well visible the emotive speech, and the reaction of partner, and his feelings for you... The disadvantage - a limited choice if you're not in Russia.

The main advantage of cyberspace is the same as every the abstractiveness of exterior of a partner and the familiarity especially with his internal content (we consider the situation where none of the partners is not hiding under a mask). And a great choice! Because there are several millions of Russian girls a day in the Internet now.

So the basic rule, in both spaces is the presence of a wild desire to make the acquaintance! That desire will help you in any case, because even failing once you will not leave to try again and again! Persistence is one of the fundamental qualities of a successful man!

The first phase is preparation. This phase is completely dictated by your creative kind. You should make it much, but the result will not take long to appear! The human psyche is arranged so that our attention is drawn to all unusual, bright, unlike the rest... This is one of the laws of inadvertent attention, that is the attention, which operates outside the control of our consciousness, in any case, even if we do not want to. Therefore, that very law I advise you to adopt.

You must be unusual in your photo and correspondence! But what will be the unusual in you - it's up to you. Either clothing or hairstyle, it may be piercing (mainly do not overdo, to not be similar to the pads for needles), and it may be unusual chip... Perhaps you will be with a book in the hands, or eye-catching fashion magazine, or you might just deliver quite unexpectedly some interesting and unusual words... This can be anything and if to begin to describe all this, I'm afraid there will not be enough either force or time... So try to be creative and I am sure you will find for yourself exactly what must be!

The age is of no small importance in acquaintances. It is even said that age sometimes stands in second place after the appearance and charm. If you already are about 30, the age does not cause difficulties in acquaintances with the women, but if you are 20 or even younger...

The majority of Russian women and girls have a well-established stereotype of to the "relationship with young people who are for many years younger than they are." This stereotype has been smooth over or disappears with age, but it is particularly pronounced among persons aged 14 - 20 y.o. This is well explained by two factors:

In this age interval, the speed of physical and mental development of young men and women is different, and the latter is slightly lower than the first. As a result, the girls feel, even their peers are younger and sillier, not to mention the boy who is under. For the Russian girls in this age period is very important the point of view of girlfriends and mothers, who often do not approve the relationship with a young man who is a few years younger than girl. But, as mentioned earlier, with the age the stereotype grows weaker or disappears, because the gap between the development of girls and boys is gradually declining and then has been smooth over at all.

If you want to get acquainted with Russian girl, whose age is not more than 20, then try to "find" a person that is your peer or younger than you. If the object of your admiration is already over 30, the lady will likely be honored with the attention of young person who is under her. But do not forget that all rules have exceptions.

By: Julia Pika

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

How To Help A Russian Girl To Find You

Here is a little secret, which not all men know: Russian women, even very beautiful, value in the men primarily self-confidence and diversity of interests. You are surprised? Yes, the self-confidence and versatility are much more important than appearance for the Russian women of all ages. This applies both to dating in real life and online as well, that we are now talking about.

If you sign up for online dating site, you will find out that there are far more women than men there. But those who look through the questionnaires and make the first step in most are men, this is in the "traditional" about the role of men. Women are interested in only those questionnaires which somehow catch them. So always has been and so will be, some things do not have been changed. That's why your profile and photo are very important.

Tactics of dating you can select yourself: to begin introducing the first, or to wait until your questionnaire is noticed and someone writes to you. If you prefer the first, ie to take the initiative yourselves, it is best to think out the original greeting for your first message, to motivate, arouse girl's interest and encourage her to answer you. Do not use the standard phrase: «Hey! How you doin'?», «What the mood?», «Hey! Let's learn about each other», Etc. Someone will accept it though. But you soon will get tired with such messages, the other women will be sending you. And you will filter out such women, since it would be uninteresting to response for the umpteenth time that «all serene», «good mood», «we'll introduce». The same «your» woman will notice you, if you distinguish yourself with the original greeting.

Remember, the confidence and versatility, but do not confuse these concepts with a brash and selfishness. It is important that the woman understands that you have friends that you care, and that you are interested in various things, not just football. And another important detail: Do not begin a story about you with "I am of those guys, your mom had cautioned you against."

You will kill you with this phrase. Another phrase that you should never use: "I can be a man of your dreams." You can, but the girl has to deal with that question, so you do not offend her ability to make decisions. Do radiate the confidence and versatility, and you'll find your dream girl.. or she will find you.

Would not be nice if the girls themselves were acquainted with you? Well, you have a chance, if you create unconventional profile, which marks you out from the crowd.

The second method of dating - to not write the first, but to wait until they write to you.

In this case, the emphasis should be placed on photos and for the content of profile. It is best to place multiple pictures, which well show your face, figure (your height), the photos where they can see exactly your «zest». Women in substance are curious and at the same time practical. They do not "love by eyes", and they often choose the men's photo with any incompleteness. Choose wisely the background! The woman is far more interested in photo taken in your kitchen, where in the background "accidentally" the part of the dumb-bell is seen (hence you watch over your health) than the picturesque photo of astride a white horse.

Photos should present you in your usual environment! Tip: put the «fresh» photos, there is no need to place photographs of five years ago. All the same, with the meeting if it happens, you will have to appear as what you are now. After choosing you by photo, some women will look at your profile. Fill out the standard form of questionnaire, as well as a section «About me», which should reflect your character, your singularity and originality.

By: Julia Pika

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Thursday, October 16, 2008

How To Respond To A Woman's Internet Dating Profile

So, you see an amazingly HOT woman on She has great photos and a personality to boot! She has a great sense of humor and a very dynamic personality. You can tell she'd be a great addition to your already fulfilling life. She also lives reasonably close to you.

You just HAVE to respond to her! But how?

As you can imagine, she's probably getting 50 to 60 emails a day from every guy within a 500-mile radius. She opens her inbox to see a barrage of boring emails with subject lines that all looks the same.

"Hey baby! You're so fine!"

"Hey, nice guy here. I think you're cute!"

"Oh my GOD! You're so beautiful! Please respond to this email!"

"Baby, I want to make you my love muffin!"

And the emails get worse and worse. This is the reality of a beautiful woman on an internet dating site.

And this is GREAT news! Why?

Because, you are going to be the real MAN that stands out and gets her attention. You've already seen her profile and now you MUST find a way to get her eyes on YOU.

How do you do that? It's simple. Have a GREAT subject line in your email. If you don't have a great subject line then your email will NEVER get read. Simple as that. That's why we have to put good subject lines in our response. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF RESPONDING TO ONLINE DATING PROFILES!

Now, I like to use subject lines that are ambiguous. Ones that leave her wondering, "What is he talking about?" Women love a good mystery and nothing is more mysterious then a subject line that has her wondering why you wrote it. I might write something like:

"Oh my GOD! What are you doing?"

It doesn't get more mysterious then that! When she sees an email like this in her inbox, you'd better bet that she's going to open it. Now, you need to be sure and explain it in your email to her. If you don't she'll feel tricked and move on to someone else. There are many different ways to go here. I might start off my email like this:

"I mean, here you are sitting there with 50 emails in your inbox and it took you this long to get to mine? I just might forgive you if you're up for a challenge. Then, just continue your email. See how easy that was?

The most important thing is to get her attention right off the bat. Once you do that, you're in.

So, write down a list of ten creative, eye-catching, and ambiguous subject lines similar to the example above. Then come up with ways to start off an email using each subject line. Once you have your arsenal, you're ready to respond to all the hot women in your area.

By: Christophe

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Christophe, author of the book "Internet Dating Mastery" is a recognized authority on the subject of Internet Dating with over ten years of experience. His website, provides a wealth of informative articles, internet dating tips and tactics on everything men need to know about online dating.

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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Career of Anna Semenovich. Thanks to the beautiful breasts?

The latest rumors. Anna Semenovich returns for Sporting.

In a recent interview beauty Anna Semenovich has mentioned that she would return to the big sports. Now the actress, along with other members of the "Ice Age" project goes on tour across the country.

Incidentally, during a recent show in the City of Lipetsk, Anna managed to fall on the ice twice. Culprit of the first drop was the partner of Anna, actor Alexei Makarov. Artist has not kept the girl, and full-bosomed beauty fell down. For the second time the two partners have already landed in the heart of the rink.

However, the public did not condemn the couple of these faults. In the auditorium, by contrast, they took it with delight and bestowed Anna and Alexei Makarov with stormy applause.

Talks of Semenovich's returning in sports have been exaggerated before. It was even that she will participate in the Olympics-2010 in Canada.

Recall, 6 years ago Honored Master of Sports Anna Semenovich paired with Roman Kostomarov parted the six best dance pairs in the world. After the operation on the meniscus doctors banned Anna to resume training within two years, a long time for an athlete. So Anna left the ice.

"It was like the fact that you reach out for an apple, and when you about get at it, the branch is suddenly broken. But I want again to dedicate myself to figure skating," - Anna shared. By this token since she returned to the ice, the ex-"brilliant" run on telling all of her sporting achievements. It shows that the girl again become keen on figure skating.

Now Anna is planning a career in the women's single skating. Who will be her coach, is not yet known.

However, the producer of the show "Ice Age", a famous figure skater Ilya Averbukh told that Anna will not be able to return to the ice as a professional. "All this is "Public Relations", which her producer invented" - Averbukh said. - "Trying to draw attention. After all, they need to tell about something else but Anna's breasts, really? Well, think yourself: how can a man after such a long break (actually Anna left figure skating at the age 18) to return to professional sports? This is impossible. As it is she run such a rich life: shooting in the series, recording the first album ... "

But the sport has seriously hardened Anna, it made of her a strong woman, a strong person who will be able to catch up. In fact, leadership qualities that are inherent to athletes, helped her to achieve much in life. Perhaps the only indeterminate point in the biography of Semenovich is the personal life.

"I feel like a family, children, but my heart is still free" - Anna always repeats in an interview. Of course, for such a beautiful, self-confident, independent, successful woman it is difficult to find the man by becoming.

By Anna's view, he should be a honest, intelligent and with a good sense of humor. "The last quality in our time has been a great rarity itself, I can not understand why. But we women bitter want that the man was not bored ever-ever" - Semenovich sighed . - In addition, he must earn not less than me and ... wear clean shoes."

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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Scientists Have Brought The Ideal Formula For The Woman's Bust.

Cosmetic surgeons have determined what type of breast is most consistent with the ideal. The main thing is that the nipple should be a little string up, and the upper half - slightly smaller than the bottom.

Patrick Mallucci spent considerable time studying photos of naked models in magazines and tabloids to formulate his theory. The results of the work he presented at international conference on breast enlargement, which opened in London. He hopes that surgeons carrying out such operations, will benefit of them.

In his report Mallucci writes: "I studied a large number of photographs of topless most popular models, to raise their combined proportions and understand what makes them attractive. The results have enabled me to form a template on which you can plan an operation to increase breast and set aesthetic standards".

According to experts, the key aesthetic elements are nipple position and the proportion between the upper and lower half of breast. "The ideal ratio - is 45% to 55%, that is when the nipple is not in the middle of the brest, and some at around 45% of the size of the breast from the top" - Mallucci said. He is adding: "All models, which I considered, are consistent with those parameters. It is generally recognized that they have beautiful breasts. None of them have not yet done an operation to increase the breast."

Malucci said that the most beautiful breast the American model Caprice Bourrette has - a view shared by many of his clients. He added that women are also often asking not to do them breasts as shape as "unnaturally round" breast of Victoria Beckham.

Breast enlargement - is the most popular cosmetic surgery operation in Britain. Last year they made 6156.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Small Breasts: Does Size Really Matter?

Written by Sandra

It’s a debate I have had with my girlfriends for years. The grass is often greener on the other side, and so women continually exchange reasons why it is enviable to have either larger or smaller breasts.

No doubt, breast size has a strong impact on a woman’s mental well-being as well. After all, it's impossible to ignore the emphasis our culture places on breast size. From puberty to adulthood, a woman faces idealized norms and contemplates her potential to measure up. Biases exist against women with large breasts as well as small breasts. A girl or woman with larger breasts may deal with assumptions about her sexuality. A girl or woman with smaller breasts may feel inadequate. Recognizing that these external and internal pressures exist, we must encourage girls and women to become comfortable with their own bodies.

The bottom line for all women is that you shouldn’t expect more or less from your body because of your breast size.