Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Long Legs Cause Rejection

Applicant for vacancy was refused to air traffic controller after it was found out that he has too long legs to fit them under a desktop.

23-year-old Briton Ben Sargent-Thomson, with the height of 2 m 8 cm, has received a notification that he has passed on the job after the interview and successfully passed all necessary tests. But the governing body of the National Air Traffic Control withdrew its offer after it became clear that one-meter legs of a new employee do not fit under the table. Ben was told that the constantly crooked position of his feet can cause serious harm to his health. And the governing body is not ready to assume such a responsibility.

In desperation of the fact that all his efforts have been in vain and he loses the cherished place because of some stupidity, young man proposed to use a special chair under his knees. But this idea was rejected.

Then Ben made a complaint, accusing the governing body of the company in discrimination based on sex, explaining it so that only a man can be tossed out into the street because of the too long legs.

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Monday, April 20, 2009

Common Male Dating Blunders.

The rate of singles is steadily increasing year by year, and its little wonder judging by the way many people behave whilst attempting to entertain their date. We are witnessing more people entering the singles market, pushing the number of available singles up to record highs. Yet with so many available singles, one would think finding a new partner would be like a kid in a candy store! Not the case.

In a recent online chat room session conducted by The La Trobe Universities Centre for Public Wellness, interviews were carried out with female online dating members. The initial reaction by our female interviewer was that "the quality of these women were astonishing". They were mostly well educated, independent good looking women that had been single for an extended period of time. The main factor for their singles status, based on results of the online chat sessions was that finding quality men was the problem. Women often made up their minds whether there would be a second date or not after the first 10 minutes of their date

Men were either too confident, or not confident enough. Many men ignored the most basic of dating rules and didn't even offer to pay for half the meal. Other complaints single women had included men trying to feed them food without asking (how embarrassing), overpowering after shave, government and political chat (gee what a turn on), comparing ex-girlfriends, fiddling with their mobile phone, texting during a date, arriving late or arriving under he influence of mind-altering substances. Another common dating mistake made by men was failing to compliment their date on their appearance.
Here are some signs that a guy likes you and is trying to impress!
He attempts to only tell you "cool" things, or things that will "impress" you.
He seems nervous and unnatural whilst you chat... Occasionally presenting himself as formal.
He attempts to work out what the woman would like to find out about a topic.
If he chats about a topic the woman does not like, he back pedals and attempts to alter what he said to accommodate her.
He does not say anything speculative, doesn't badger the woman, and does not do anything to discomfit her.

More simple tips for guys!
Whether you think its important or not, the right clothes are crucial. It tells a lot about you. Take a little time to make an awesome first impression. Once you have secured a good impression you have gone along way to ensure the date will be a success. However there's no need to dress like a movie star to look good. Just give this some thought before your big night out. Remember, your there to impress her. If you use online dating sites, be honest with your profile details so to avoid disapointment on your first date.

Winning over your date isn't rocket science. Ladies will almost always be receptive if common sense gestures are used such as compliments, flowers and showing interest in what they have to say. Its all about effort, truely !

By: Matt F

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Monday, April 6, 2009

Spice Up Your Relationship With Lingerie

Lingerie- By far one of THE sexiest things that you can use to truly help spice up your relationship! There are many different types of sexy lingerie to choose from. The good thing is that sexy lingerie is available for both men and women!

There are many things that lingerie can do to help spice up the romance and also the quality of sex in your relationship. First of all, sexy lingerie might make you a lot more appealing to your partner. He or she might see you in a totally different light that he/she just cannot see you in regularly in day to day life. This is like getting a complete 'sexual' make over, one which not only helps to make you feel great, but also one that can truly help you to look your most ultimate best. Not only that, but just imagine the confidence and self esteem boost you will receive also!

This is great to help spice up any relationship! And surely you can imagine that the quality of sex in your relationship will also skyrocket! It's this kind of confidence and esteem that any relationship can endure! Because it really hurts when your relationship is in turmoil and by adding lingerie you can expect a great boost in the sexual confidence of your relationships!

There are many outlets online and otherwise where a woman can find the best lingerie the world has to offer. Three great outlets are Victoria's Secret, Frederick's of Hollywood and Sexy Depot. Victoria's Secret is mostly classy to elegant and is the chosen brand amongst all the Hollywood starlets, and even typical everyday stay-at-home moms or just everyday women. All of the world's hottest models from Giselle Bunchen, to Allesandra Ambrosio to Tyra Banks to Adriana Lima wears Victoria's Secret and we can all see why this brand continues to pave the way for being the most ultimately sexy mainstream women's brand of lingerie for women of all ages!

Now Frederick's of Hollywood offers some more naughty lingerie selections, including ultra sleek and skimpy thongs and ultra sexy pieces that any woman can wear. If you are looking for lingerie that is both naughty and nice, Sexy Depot carries a wide variety to choose from for both the modest and the exhibitionist.

Just how sexy can you feel by wearing lingerie? You can expect to heighten your sexiness factor by as much as 500% by using sexy lingerie! This is great news, especially if you were not feeling very confident in your relationship or sexiness factor! But what about sexy lingerie for men? There are many different types of lingerie that men can use nowadays to turn on the ladies! Everything from sexy thongs to ultra sexy jockstraps can be used to help spice up any man's sexual relationship.

International Male and Undergear has all the best brands built into one complete site. For men that are looking for that ultimate look to impress their partners, they should definitely check out undergear as there you can find amazing and sexiest underwear such as thongs, jockstraps, etc to impress your girl!


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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Every Rejection Is A Brick In My Palace

When I was 16 years old, I had the biggest crush on this girl at school. She wasn’t the most attractive girl, but there was a certain something about her that just made her so desirable. She was different and she knew it, this only caused her to be more desirable.

For the better part of two years I devised a plan to secure her as my girlfriend. My first step was to befriend her, every chance I got I would hang out with her. I’d buy her food, take her out to music events, I even took her to see an expensive hockey game. We’d spend hours alone together at her house watching movies, playing pool and just lounging around on her bed.

Throughout it all she’d see other guys, telling me all about the dates that she’d have with them. I listened intently and gave words of encouragement; all the while every word she said ate me up inside.

This pattern repeated itself until one day I finally decided to pop the question. One night while we were alone I turned to her and let all of the emotions that I had for her run free. I told her about how I felt and how life could be if the two of us were together. After several minutes of silence she broke the news to me. She only saw me as a friend and nothing else, needless to say I was heart broken.

After that night I never spoke to her again. I distanced myself from her and her friends and avoided her whenever I possibly could. I went out and met new girls, but the memory of her and the times we spent together continued to invade my dreams and my thoughts.

Throughout it all I never once kissed her, never hugged her, I never even held her hand. Looking back on it now my thoughts and actions could best be described as irrational, almost borderline insane. Somehow in my mind I had built her up to be my girlfriend even though we failed to share any sexual or romantic connection.

Since then I’ve met numerous men who have had similar experiences with women. Some have rebounded and some still live in their delusional relationships of years past. Upon further research I found that all of the men who had rebounded shared something in common, they not only accepted their defeat and their mistakes, but they relished in them. Their defeat didn’t define them, but it served as a warning sign, a life lesson that reminded them to never make the same mistake again.

In the game there’s an expression, “Every rejection is a brick in my palace.” It’s something that I hold near and dear and I use it as almost a creed. Regardless of how good you are with women, you’re bound to face a rejection every now and then. The question is how will you let this rejection affect you? Will it make you a bitter and angry person, or will it help you improve yourself and the way you interact with others?

At the end of the day attraction is not a choice. Women are pre hardwired with attraction in mind; it’s up to us as men to target these attraction mechanisms in order to create a relationship or a mutual attraction.

If a relationship failed to materialize, then chances are you did something wrong. You didn’t cater to her needs or you left out a critical step in the attraction process. The good news is that your mistakes of the past can be corrected. You can learn from your rejection and ensure that you never fall into the same trap again.

You can affect life, or you can let life affect you. The choice is yours.

By: Ramses

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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sex in the structure of human society.

With the development of technology of mass media, the rule of the structure in which people are, has come into its undivided domination. Human psyche at every turn is exposed to invisible, but highly efficient handling with the introduction of patterns of behavior and thinking. I would not want to use the words «making a zombie», but, in fact, everything is going to that.

Modern industry of information and entertainment is built on a simple principle: see, how other successful people do, and follow them, take their example. Everything what is demonstrated to you is a model of success. You are aware of it, but perhaps you have not thought about how huge the impact of this propaganda is, sometimes it is explicit but more often is acting quietly, little by little.

This particularly applies to all what relates to intimate relationships. That is here are firmly established stereotypes of how it should be. All printed and video matter on this topic demonstrates the relationships which, as it should be understood, met the standards.

Do not think that I am speaking of some conspiracy or deliberate propaganda. In fact, no one seeks to introduce some templates. All has been produced by itself. The fact is that human thoughts always have some doubts: am I doing properly? There is always a need for comparison, because the success itself is a relative thing. Therefore, when a person sees someone else's success, he is naturally inclined to perceive it as a benchmark.

Intimate affairs, and the sex in particular, are mostly taking place in closed circle, hence the need to confirm that «all of us are OK», is increasing. And if a man does not have, and moreover did not have a partner, then he just starts convulsively to search for a pattern. And, of course, the media satisfies the needs of the people providing all sorts of standards for a wide selection.

So the common stereotypes of how to do are formed, what the image you should have and all. For example, he is a cool «Macho», she is sultry «Sexy». Look at them, and do as they do. And if you do not fit into those standards, then you have something wrong.

It is difficult to imagine all the destructiveness of the rule. You probably think I have unduly inflated the importance of the problem, when I say that the rule of structure is the most frightening and harmful of all invented by mankind. Far from it. I am very reluctant to express.

The number of broken paircouples is enormous. The number of failed happy families, perhaps is even more. The main cause of discord in the end is the frustration in sex. All the rest is either consequence, created by this dissatisfaction, or excuses of people who do not wish to confess to each other in the true reason.

The dissatisfaction arises from the fact that the two follow the rule of structure. They know that, in accordance with standards it is necessary to do so, and just like that. The rule of structure reads: «follow my leader!» - And thus change yourself by being untrue to yourself. The man tries to adjust himself under the established standards, and receives a result of spiritual discomfort and dissatisfaction.

Mistake of a man, who has any problems with sex is that he plays a role. It's that simple. A man chooses one model from a variety of standards that suits him best, and another one to his partner. Then he takes the role and starts to play, and hangs on the partner the projection of his expectations. Surprisingly, that role he is playing as a gamer-viewer, because he constantly compares both himself and a partner with the standard: if all turns out.

As a result, he fails because the nature of sex requires for relaxation, freedom and commitment. Sex is the only case where you want to dive into the game with a head, with no roles. Normal and natural sex - it is game you play by the rules that you set yourself, without looking at how others do it, and how it is allegedly agreed.

In addition, highly puzzling is the improper mixing of different concepts: the love and the sex. Sometimes it is just nauseating when you hear this sanctimonious «let's make love». Is it easier to call a spade a spade? The sex - it is not love, and the love is not the sex. And are these things incompatible? They are compatible, but once more: love is not sex, and sex is not love.

You can either to combine or split these things. But the rule of structure prevents to do it so naturally. I am not mistaken in saying that any failures of sexual contact are connected to the fact that people, who follow the rule of structure, are trying to artificially mix the love and the sex. The result is an absurd hybrid.

In fact, if you forget the rules and standards everything is very simple. Imagine a scale with zero mark in the middle, where to the left is affection, and to the right - aggression. So, if the arrow goes to the left, it is love, and if it goes to the right, it is sex. Like this idea or not, sex, whatever one may say, is rather aggression than the affection.

But many people are shy or afraid when they wake up these «devil» instincts. They believe that it is unnatural. In fact: there are two normal people which initially behave absolutely normally, but then a predatory gleam appears in the eyes, and they begin to be up to all sorts of nonsense that does not fit into the framework... The framework of what?

Here the rule of structure comes into effect. On the one hand, there are accepted limits of decency, it is not always convenient to violate them. On the other hand, in this framework, it is impossible to obtain satisfaction from the sex. But it is desirable to have both.

And now, to adjust to the standards, people start to play their roles. Fearing the awakening animal instincts, they dilute the sex with established and how they think, the necessary rituals. This, in turn, causes a serfdom. We would like to let the horse, but the rule of structure does not allow. Conversely, if the arrow is taken far to the direction of aggression, then it appears a need to confirm: «Do you love me?»

So, there are two constantly playing spectators on the stage. They are like puppets, hanging on the threads of control, for which they have hitched themselves. What are they doing? They struggle to drag the arrow either to the one or another side. And you just have to spit on the rule of structure and release the arrow, let it walk freely, in correlation with the feelings of the soul, not the ideas of mind.

Someone might argue that doing so, it is easy to come down to the animal level. And here again is the rule of structure. Who had found this border, where humanity ends and the animal level begins? It does not matter even the border itself, but that you yourself must determine your own rules and not follow someone's else ones. You are the human, and therefore have a right for your own criteria of humanity and decency.

I hope you understand that I am writing this for people who have some problems with sex, especially for those who love each other. All you need to avoid the problems - is to release the arrow consciously in the same way as consciously is kept the control over the observance of the rule of structure.

There is a category of people who have not had any difficulties in sex. In fact, many of the problems are removed if to call a spade a spade, not to confuse the notions, consciously aware of what you want to get, and, most importantly, to be honest about this before the partner. Life soon becomes much easier if to be open. You can be confident: your partner too has a lot of hidden desires. And the situation may arise, when one wants what the other does not accept. What to do in such cases?

First, we should always remember one principle: relinquish of the intention to obtain, replace it with the intent to give, and you will get what was refused. This wonderful principle is working without denial, and you will not always understand exactly how.

Secondly, you must completely give up the rule of structure and replace it with another rule. The rule that states: allow you to be yourself, and allow others to be different.

As you know, to get satisfaction from sexual intercourse, you should feel free. Humans can not feel free, if there are excess capacity in the form of complexes, such as disability. Howsoever he tries to relax, the forces of structure will not allow.

The structure establishes norms of behavior and thinking, that is, standards of «being normal». The man does not understand that he is invited to ersatz, substitute success. Another's success could not serve as an example, a model for emulation. True success is achieved only by those who had the courage to violate the rule and make their path.

Following the footsteps of a stranger, a man is forever doomed to catch the setting sun. The standards for success - it is a mirage, but a person does not know or does not wish to know that the rule of structure keeps him in the web of illusions.

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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Do You Love A Shy Man? Keep Him

There is an idea that women prefer men that are self-assured, who consider themselves God's gift for women. It is only half-true. There is another category of women who like quiet men, who would listen more than talk, and who think profoundly before speaking. A shy man can be considered attractive by some women but, he shouldn't be too shy, anyway.

During childhood these men were probably very quiet, always sitting in the back of the classroom, they usually talked when they were asked and their contact with girls was little. With the passing of time these men discovered that they can be an element of attraction for the opposite sex so they could benefit of this particular situation.

As an example, a quiet guy sitting in a bar is more desirable for a woman that a talkative one. For some women making a shy man become outgoing can be a challenge. She can think this man, after his transformation, will be faithful and discreet. From the intimate point of view, a shy man will be more passionate than other men and very attentive at the demands of his partner, he will be always ready to please her.

But, because nothing is perfect, there are shy men up to the extreme and women should avoid them. They are the puppy type, without initiative, and always ask for the partner's permission. They are influenced by their mothers and want a relationship where they play the part of the child.

Let's say you are in this position, in love with a shy man. What can you do?

1. Help him be confident

Build-up his confidence in himself, tell him he is handsome, intelligent and a great lover. If you, the man, are in this position, think that she really loves you.

2. Make him consider women the way they are

A woman is not a goddess, does not have a pedestal, she is just a human being.

3. Determine him to socialize more

He needs to be friendly and communicative with people, it's better to be around others.

4. Practice is the best way to change

When you want him to meet your parents, practice some dialogues, find possible answers to certain questions that need to be answered.

As a conclusion, shy men are loyal, good listeners, passionate, discreet and trustworthy if the partner knows how to deal with them.

By: Marius Gherghinescu
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