Tuesday, May 6, 2008

You Decided To Meet Russian Bride. How To Start.

You decided to find a Russian woman to marry her and you have no idea what to start with? Certainly you have to know more about Your future Russian Bride.

For the begining try to imagine the portraite of "your" woman. Where does she live, what's her occupation, and what's she interested in? The main thing is what position a man has in her life and what does she want from a man, what are her criteria of choice. Are you ready to satisfy the requirements? A girl or woman has of course her right the same as you to choose.

What are you ready to offer to her in exchange for what you want to receive. Some men think that helping a woman to move to their country is enouph to build stable relationship. There are Ukranian and Russian women who will be led by this motive, but do you want to have such a wife?

Register to the site GreenLea.Ru, try to put several good photos of you (not made by your mobile) Read an article about photos for Russian dating sties. Communicate with several Russian women you like.

See if they answer your question, if you are comfortable with them. You won't know what to say with some of them, but you will instantly find some topics with others. Read about compatibility test, we developped and approved it for three years.

Be active - show yourself as a confident and energetic man as you certainly are. Write letters. The best number is 40-50. Visit live chat. It will allow girl to see who you are. Read about your first letter to Russian woman.

But what if your search does not result in anything? What if girls do not write to you or you do not like those ladies who write to you? It means that you direct your charm not on the women you want or you selected wrong image. Read our recommendation from beginning and change your profile. The main thing - do not give up!

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