Friday, May 9, 2008

Commemorative Booklet For Scammer.

The possibility of "easy money" from the foreigners who want to get acquainted with the Russian girl, always attracted not particularly sensitive people. They deeply damn that their actions are severely undermined the credibility of Russian girls and cast doubt on the possibility for someone to actually arrange their own destiny. We have unpleasant news for them.

The cases of fraud from the part of Russian citizens in relation to men foreigners when scammers under various pretexts skunk out of their money are not terminated and we are not under a delusion that one day they cease altogether. All this discredits the Russian girls and the system of international marriage agencies. Therefore, we ourselves take tough measures against people who was observed in fraud against foreign men.

We will not reveal our professional secrets that ensure the effectiveness of the fight against fraudsters. We will note only known, in order to recall that fraudulent activities in the field of international dating does not go unpunished. If you place to the profile the misleading information: other people's phone numbers, address, photos, your profile is removed and placed in the blacklist. The possibility of registering on our site for you is lost forever.

Any complaint by men on request of money under various pretexts (for treatment of parents, school, visa, travel, etc.) is regarded by us as a possible deception. After verification and validation of complaints (correspondence, receipts of the Western Union system, bank transfer…) profile of the gold-digger is removed, its data, including the correspondence with a man, is to be printed and sent to relevant international and Russian law enforcement agencies. This will forever close the access for such girls in any European country, as well as the U.S., since the placing to the database of Interpol will not allow them to obtain an entry visa. Mind a chance of arrest by Russian law enforcement agencies. These precedents have the place long ago.

We recommend the girls and young people who have chosen to "earn" money by deceiving foreigners to think hard, is it worth risking. Indeed, all may end behind bars of prison cell.

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