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Internet Dating. How To Write Letter So That To Come Out The Crowd.

It's dead certain you have seen on the forums or blogs where are discussiongs on the Internet dating. In such discussions someone of the participants without fail competently claimed bitterly that the girls on the sites are simply a way of boredom, and may never date.

Whether it is true? Or, the poor fellow simply do not know how to motivate young girls by himself?

You know, if in the street or in a club you can see that there are men who have obtained with girls, on the dating sites you do not know what are the results of your friends-competitors. And what if someone produced all? What if there are guys who regularly withdraw to date most of pretty girls from the top-100? And if they do exist, whether we can learn how to be as successful as they are?

In this small text I will tell you how to stand out from thousands of other guys and even to rouse the interest of most fastidious and spoilt by attention girls. Indeed: the prettier and more popular is a girl, the better it will start to work.

Let's for the first investigate what do the rest guys do on the dating site. Having examined the 1000-s messages of men of 'all ages and sizes', we make the conclusion - all of them with a few exceptions comes down to a few standard options.

Here are a few of those options:

Hi. Let's learn about each other.
Hi! You have a cool photo.
How do you do? What are you doing?
Good evening. You're just beautiful. Debate?
Hi. I liked You. When and where can we meet?

These messages (or nearly the same of the meaning) came hundreds and even thousands. Most guys in one way or another played those options.

Do they work?

You guess on the response to this question. I would say more: regardless the contents of the profiles (a variety of men's forms: thick guys, guys artistic, stylish guys, ordinary guys, jockstraps and intellectuals) - nice girls almost never react to such messages. With such messages content of the profile practically does not affect the outcome of affair.

What is working well? Are there such messages, which attract the attention and raise interest?

I reveal the secret: we secretly experimented with the aim to learn for what do girls react and what is left unattended. We sent a variety of messages, each time adjusting and changing the style, if they worked not well. We tested different girls and found out if something works or not.

For example, I discovered that if you send a compliment in the first message, then the chances for a response is extremely low. Of course, the girls are very fond of compliments. But this is only part of the truth. In fact, they value (and usually rarely get) compliments from their loved ones and friends, that is - from people meaningful to them. And the compliments from stranger men they receive hundreds a day. Even the Ugly Jane in the queue can hear a compliment from a local drunkard.

If you write to attractive girl, then be assured that today she has already received dozens of compliments and damn tired of guys who rise her to pedestal.

When you write "Hi, how do you do?" Or "Hi! Let's learn about each other", the girl begins to think that you are fatally boring and trite murderously. However, "begins to think"- a strong word: it will be not only her first, but the last thought about you. The point is that nice girls receive hundreds of "hello" and dozens of "howdoyoudo", And they react in reflex to them as informational slag, and placed the guys who sent these in a folder "Blacklist".

Ok. All of these common approaches do not work, and the guys who use them, just hope for luck and random chance. But how to write so that man come from the crowd (of course, as the best) and to cause girls interest and sympathy? How the approach should look, which will take?

Let us consider the formula for constituting such an approach.

First. Most guys in their messages will certainly send compliments, to flatter and write about the stunning beauty of your target. You do write to her in opposite, as if you turn to old friend. Use of "amigote" or even "colleague". I promise that you will be the only one from whom she received such a message.

Second. Normal guys will send to her Muzak made her mouth sore: "Hi! How do u do?" and "what are you doing?". You will throw down a challenge to the girl. You will have to catch her, giving to understand that you are something better than her, and that she must try to interest you actually. For example, write that you would be met, but have not yet feel safe with her. She will be smiling reading your messages and thinking: "What is this guy? I will teach him a lesson!"

Third. Set your own rules of the game. Write, as if you're doing her a favour with starting the conversation. As if you say her: "I'll chat with you, but only if you will be interesting and worth of my efforts". But do not express this directly. Use a humor. If you write that will meet only if she has a big bust and she promised to lie in bed on the first date, you will be alone for a long time to stare at the women's photos.

Use these three rules every time when you will compose another message for the dating site.

Consider the dating sites as an intellectual exercise, which being performed correctly, will give you the prize in the form of pretty interesting girls who will be happy to wait for a meeting with you.

By: Julia Pika
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