Thursday, May 1, 2008

Who Are The "professional" Internet Brides? Why Do We Wale This Way?

This is the article from the series the "Diary of a Russian girl", which I am hosting one of my blogs. What does "professional" bride mean? In my opinion, this is a young girl and not very one as well, which is actively engaged in finding a husband in the Internet. It all is easily and simply.

The idea to write about habitu of dating sites came to me after my social circle lately had changed very much, and I entered the world of professional dating. I immediately will specify: Russian brides are divided by geography. Part of them go "hunting" on local, domestic sites, and the others - on international.

In this article I will try to compile a portrait of the second category of girls and try to analyze the causes, pulled them on such a difficult path.Who she is "a professional Internet Bride"? "Gammed enough" on sites where girls are discussing the problem of dating, correspondence, first meeting, etc., I can provide general trends.

For today, this is a girl disappointed with Russian men. If during the post-perestoyka the girls sought to marry abroad, to marry "for a country, house, the future", then the situation has changed today. On the way of dating go the girls, who did not get to build relationships here, who are tired of selfishness, of the vast self-loved Russian men, and their high-and-mighty manners, infantility. To this list can be added drinking, married, blue. That does not mean that there are no real men in our space! The problem is that, obviously, someone was lucky, and someone wasn't.

This a girl, who wants love and happiness, wants to meet in the endless open spaces of the Internet a man beloved and to build a relationship with him. "Professional" bride has a higher education, speaks foreign languages (English is required, for expanding the geography of the selection), she is mobile (often a professional bride has open visa "Shenghen"), she is a cosmopolitan (believes that love knows no language barriers, distance and borders). She has a European mentality, she had spent some time abroad. She does not accept such a relationship as "marriage with a foreigner", she communicates with him as if to communicate with the Russian man, it only in a foreign language.

This is a very romantic girl. She is looking for love it is, the very HER MAN. She understands the complexities of the love at a distance, sadness of the rare meetings, calls. She understands how difficult it is - sometimes from the acquaintance till wedding it takes not one year, she sometimes does not realize what does push her to such a complex and thorny path, but she believes that at the end of the tunnel will see the light. She believes in her dream, waiting for the miracle will happen with her. She holds all the evenings and weekends on dating sites and MSN messenger. Writes information about herself in all possible languages, learns a little more French (German, Spanish), is in a correspondence.

At that time, her friends get married, build family relationships, give birth to children, and such a Webgirl spends the time in the Internet, hoping that she will be lucky.

And yet, strangely enough, she likes her homeland, she is very fond of her city. She would remain here with great pleasure, but there is nobody to live with...

So I tried to reveal the image of girl who is looking for a husband-foreigner from the inside. To show a small part of her emotions and feelings, her hopes. Because this is a very complicated way, but this girl does not choose the easy way.

I was in no way to offend the representatives of a strong half of humanity, but at the same time, you need to understand that besides strong men, there are weak and cowardly, which, unfortunately, are appearing in not a single copy on the way of our Russian girls.

By: Julia Pika

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