Monday, May 12, 2008

Causes Of Russian Brides' Interest To Marry A Foreigner.

First, there is a purely technical, but rather, demographic reason. In Russia, the as data of statistical compilations reported, there is a clear shortage of men.

The figures show that in the big cities every tenth woman loses her husband simply because a lack! We think, except the figures, many Russian ladies show on the same, being quite attractive and lovely, but remaining single.

Outweigh of women increases not only in relation to the demographic situation. That way and every way in Russia there is a lack of men. Over and above those which were born and walk the streets in trousers, drop out of women's sight as possible husbands for the following reasons. Much of our men are in the army and live in closed garrisons, inaccessible to "seeking" women. A large part of them is in prison. After all the criminality basically covers the masculine. Add to them the huge number of simply come down men alcoholics. All those men deleted from the possible candidates for marriage, also reduce the chance for women to find a partner.

Secondly, to the reasons which make to replace a Russian partner by "imported" one, the ladies desire to get a man of another quality can be attributed. It is known that Russian men are in no small measure are saddled with so-called "bad habits". Unfortunately, a considerable number of our men, to say the least, they like to put away a lot of booze. To drink after work considered absolutely normal.

In addition, for the years of Soviet power many men have lost their ability to take responsibility for the family. They do not know how and they do not want to earn money to provide their wives and children even with needed most. And besides, that they do not provide family, they do not seek to replicate from woman at least her domestic responsibilities. It is not unusual for our reality, when the husband returned from work, is located in front of TV, while the wife, also spent her day at work continues its home - cooking, washing, cleaning etc. Neither exhortations, nor tears, nor scandals can change the situation. Men are not accustomed to the fact that their wives need help.

In addition, our men, nothing to hide, have lost their ability to be a gentleman. During the advances they can focus on small signs in the form of flowers or a hike to the movie, but in a state of matrimony, they completely stop noticing a woman in the wife. As a result, the majority of Russian women lose the interest to a marriage as a point.

But when they have heard about the style of attitude of American or European men to women, they are solved to risk to try a warm breath of "imported" courting on themselves.

We should pay tribute and say that there are the most wonderful, attentive and caring men in Russia. There are those who can become a wall for his wife. But, agree, such men are usually already taken up. That is they are in the status of a spouse.

Thirdly, the reason for seeking a foreign groom is the crisis in the economy of Russia and other former Soviet republics. It is no secret that in these countries there is no stability, confidence in the future, no social security. Crises and instability affecting primarily to the positions of women. It is particularly hard for her, the new environment.

Especially if a woman rears child. And even two. In our country it is accepted to marry early. And children are born by women mostly in the age of 20. By age of 25 many women being disappointed by the marriage, handled to divorce. Such women are in dire financial situation, and have difficulty to choose a single man who is ready to marry.

Peers of these women, men of thirty-forty are seeking a partner among younger women and, preferably without children. As a result, it is this portion of potential Russian brides remains virtually without a chance to marry, and is forced to draw their eyes in search of a possible spouse to the West.

By: Julia Pika
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