Monday, April 14, 2008

A Letter From Blonde Mom To Her Blonde Daughter .

Hello, my dear girl!

If you receive this letter then it came to you. If not, let me know and I will write you one more time. I am writing slowly because I know that you keep reading not very quickly. The weather is good. Last week rain came just two times: at the beginning of the week, 3 days, and near the end of week within 4 days. By the way, about the coat that you wanted, uncle Vasya said that if to forward it with the cast buttons it will be too expensive by weight, so I cut them. You will sew them back, I put them into the right pocket. Your dad got a new job. 500 people are under him! He mows the grass in the cemetery. Your sister Nastya got married recently, and expects baby. We do not know what the gender will be, so that I can not yet say whether you will become uncle or aunt. Should it will be girl, she wants to call her like me. A bit of a strange decision to name her daughter Mom.

A funny incident with your brother Tolya happened recently: he closed his car and left the keys inside. He had to return home on foot (10 kilometers!), to take a second set of keys, and to release us from the car. If you suddenly find your cousin then remember her my greetings. If you will not meet her, then will not say.

Your mom.

PS: I wanted to send you a bit of money, but have sealed the envelope already.


Some why it is taken to joke over blonde. They were chosen as the embodiment of female's foolishness. As to me I actually don't believe the blonde are more stupid then brunets and conversely. They are very loveable, sometimes more direct and open. And the most important - they are not feeling unloved at the jokes against them. Maybe it's just the human envy? After all, they are beautiful!

Who and how parks.

The blonde on the Beauty Contest

Just scratched herself

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