Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Big buttocks in scientists's eyes. Amazing results.

It has long been known that the accumulation of fat (lipopexia) in the abdomen and body sides is to increase the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease. But if you have fat on the thighs and buttocks - it's just good!

In some cultures, the plump buttocks is a sign of health and beauty. American scientists found, this is actually true.

Unbelievable, but a woman with big booty has better chance to live a long life. Studies have shown that fat in the hips and buttocks reduces the likelihood of developing heart disease. The accumulation of fat in this part of body occurs due to an increase of the number of fat cells, but not their size, as in the abdomen. Therefore, if the fat is accumulated on the pop, it is not accumulated in the blood vessels and internal organs.

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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Women's Organization FEMEN showed, what will happen to sex tourists in Ukraine.

In the Ukraine, they came up with a rather interesting way to show the world that country is not a mecca of sex tourism. It's no secret that, according to many polls, the most beautiful girls on this planet are living in Ukraine. This fact influenced the fact that the country is one of the most popular among the so-called sex tourists. Moreover, in some countries even have been raffled special sex tours to Ukraine. In New Zealand, in the live broadcast of radio station "The Rock FM" there was a ticket to sex tour in Ukraine given one businessman named Greg Morgan.

Upon learning of this blatant fact Ukrainian women's organization FEMEN has developed and published the special poster that was distributed by one traveler in New Zealands Auckland. The poster shows a sexy Ukrainian woman with bare chest, which holds a sickle with the flowing blood on it in one hand and in another - man's testicles are cut off...! Would sex tourists like to go to Ukraine after viewing this poster?

By the way, the Ukrainian organization Femen often holds the protest in which the participants attempt to defend their rights by bare chest. Quite often FEMEN argues against Putin and Russian politicians. Below a few photos of FEMEN.

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