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Flirting Tips To Make Her Want You

Effective flirting is the first step to making a woman want you. The problem is that many men don't know how to make the art of flirting work for them. Some men come on too strong and are seen by women as weird or creepy. Others flirt too subtly, such that girls don't even notice that they are actually flirting. The good news is that you've come to just the right place to learn how to use flirting to your advantage. Apply the following flirting tips the next time you see an attractive woman:

Action speaks louder than words.
This may be a clich?, but it holds true where flirting is concerned. Men are generally attracted by how a woman looks, but women are attracted by a man's actions. For most women, your actions speak volumes about your character. It's easy enough to tell are woman you're attracted through your actions. Give her a slightly mischievous smile once or twice during a conversation and you'll soon notice her giving you back a shy smile. That's your cue that the subtle flirtation is working.

Control your tone of voice.
Regardless of what voice type you naturally have, you have the ability to lower your voice and make it sound smoother and sexier. The next time you have a conversation with a woman, try to change the tone of your voice for about 20% of the conversation. Make it sound a little sexual and then combine it with your mischievous smile. If you're a bit nervous about trying out this technique, you may practice playing with your tone of voice in front of the mirror before actually trying it out on a woman. Once you perfect this technique and apply it with confidence, you'll surely bring your dating skill to a whole new level.

Reach out.
Many men hesitate to touch a woman on the first date, thinking that this might be seen as being too forward. On the contrary, a slight brush against her arm or a casual brushing of her hair away from her face is a very effective way of flirting. It tells her that you're interested while at the same time showing her that you're not the sleazy type. Heightening her sense of touch is also a great way of building her attraction for you.

These are just three of the best of flirting tips that you can take advantage of. There are hundreds more where they came from, but these are the basics and they are guaranteed to get you off to a good start. You may want to use these tips to get women into bed with you, or you may want to use them in looking for a woman with whom you can build a lasting relationship. You may even opt to use these flirting tips to let a close female friend know that you want your friendship to develop into something more special. Whatever your purpose is, learning how to flirt properly will definitely help you communicate with women better and make the woman of your dreams want you.

By: Allan Palos

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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Stop Being Single - Meet Someone Compatible With You Who Is Also Looking To Find Someone Like You!

Do you find that you end up approaching someone only to find out they are taken or not interested? Do you think you’ve found someone perfect only to find out they are completely the opposite of you? Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way to up the chances of them not only actively looking for someone, but also looking for someone like you? Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way you could find someone who fits your ‘perfect partner’ description without having to go on ten dates first? Guess what? There is a way! And everyday more and more people are joining this new way of dating and finding love. It’s called online dating.

Many people are quick to associate online dating with losers, or people who can’t get someone in the ‘real world’. But the truth is the people online ARE people from the real world, and they are either tired of finding losers offline, or they want to find someone who has the same qualities, beliefs, and interests that they have.

That’s one of the great things about online dating sites. They match you up with people who are compatible with you! When you sign up with a dating site you will find that you usually have to fill out a personality form. This allows you to talk about the things that matter to you most in life. It also allows you to talk about the things you are looking for in a partner.

Other people are also filling out these personality forms, so matching you up with someone who feels the same as you, or is on the same path as you in life, becomes much easier than trying to find someone with the same likes and interests offline.

This makes for a win-win situation for you and everyone else on the dating site. You can weed through people who go against what you want in a partner, and focus on people who are exactly what you want for a partner. And when someone finds you on the site, you can be assured that you are what they are looking for, because they will know what matters to you.

So as you can see online dating sites offer a great platform to find someone who fits your ‘perfect partner’ description. They also allow you to find someone who is actively looking for someone just like you! This is the reason that millions of people are using online dating sites and the stereotype of ‘losers only’ is quickly diminishing.

By: Bellaisa Filippis
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