Sunday, January 25, 2009

Do You Love A Shy Man? Keep Him

There is an idea that women prefer men that are self-assured, who consider themselves God's gift for women. It is only half-true. There is another category of women who like quiet men, who would listen more than talk, and who think profoundly before speaking. A shy man can be considered attractive by some women but, he shouldn't be too shy, anyway.

During childhood these men were probably very quiet, always sitting in the back of the classroom, they usually talked when they were asked and their contact with girls was little. With the passing of time these men discovered that they can be an element of attraction for the opposite sex so they could benefit of this particular situation.

As an example, a quiet guy sitting in a bar is more desirable for a woman that a talkative one. For some women making a shy man become outgoing can be a challenge. She can think this man, after his transformation, will be faithful and discreet. From the intimate point of view, a shy man will be more passionate than other men and very attentive at the demands of his partner, he will be always ready to please her.

But, because nothing is perfect, there are shy men up to the extreme and women should avoid them. They are the puppy type, without initiative, and always ask for the partner's permission. They are influenced by their mothers and want a relationship where they play the part of the child.

Let's say you are in this position, in love with a shy man. What can you do?

1. Help him be confident

Build-up his confidence in himself, tell him he is handsome, intelligent and a great lover. If you, the man, are in this position, think that she really loves you.

2. Make him consider women the way they are

A woman is not a goddess, does not have a pedestal, she is just a human being.

3. Determine him to socialize more

He needs to be friendly and communicative with people, it's better to be around others.

4. Practice is the best way to change

When you want him to meet your parents, practice some dialogues, find possible answers to certain questions that need to be answered.

As a conclusion, shy men are loyal, good listeners, passionate, discreet and trustworthy if the partner knows how to deal with them.

By: Marius Gherghinescu
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