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Russian Women And Beauty.

Choosing clothes, we are usually guided by the criteria of taste and fashion and do not reflect on the influence the colors and style have on our sexual instincts. Many people cannot even imagine that the very utility clothes can be more erotic than the most extravagant lingerie.

Create a Sexual Silhouette
Imagine the outlines of a male and female body and try to recall what their prominent features and distinctions are. We see contours of a figure from a distance and they are the first thing we pay attention to. If you want to look sexual, the main requirement for your clothes is to help the process of your gender identification instead of preventing from it. In fact, the concept that we regard as sexuality first of all means maleness or feminity.

The simplest decision is maximum of open body uncovered by the clothes. Short skirts and low necked dresses give women an indisputable advantage in demonstrating perfection of their forms. Men are not so critical as many women think. Men can as well uncover their chest, shoulders and hands, especially if they are strong and brawny. When it is too cold to expose yourself, do not get into despair. Clothes densely fitting the body also look sexual. Narrow trousers and skirts, closely fitting things and elastic materials also emphasize the maleness or feminity of your figure.

It was not by mere chance, that the beginning of jeans fashion concurred with the period of sexual revolution. Being a material that fades with wearing, denim to the best advantage accentuates the relief of male and female body.

If you feel uncomfortable in tight-fitting clothes, you can put on something chunky, soft and translucid. Most favorably it looks in motion when each movement reveals separate details and adds new fragments to the mosaic of your image. You should be more attentive with rigid fabrics and volumetric details. Expanded shoulders make your silhouette look more musculine, while the clothes that visually broaden your hips emphasize feminity. Therefore, big artificial shoulders in lady's clothes and baggy trousers hanging loose around man's buttocks do not improve your sexual successfulness.

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Choosing Sexual Color
Various colors have different effects on the most secret corners of our mentality including feelings, emotions and ancient instincts. Color aura is determinted not only by the color of clothes but also by the color of hair, lips, skin, different details and accessories.

Contrast intensive colors call for "sexual Duel". Black color is the most effective one, then follows red and white. That's why these colors are widely used in erotic lingerie. However, the combination of these colors is almost provocative. Those who like quick and vigorous sex should try to take advantage of this opportunity selecting the clothes of proper gamma. In such a way, a white-skinned woman in a black dress wearing scarlet lipstick will have a great sexual appeal for men.

If you prefer refined sensuality to vigorous sex use soft pastel tones. Lilac and light blue attract creative intellectuals, while pale greenish shades are admired by poetical philosophers, as long as ivory and rose-pink appeal for sentimental romantics. "Cheerful" colors such as orange, cannary and emerald green supported by print fabrics and motley patterns help to create comfortable atmosphere and make the dialogue easier. Those people who see sex as a pleasant game and source for pleasure and comfort may take advatage of suchlike clothes to find a common-minded partner.

If you want to protect yourself from importunity, you should use brown or moccasin shades. These colors symbolize constancy and readiness to follow habits, norms and rules,while khaki and mustard shades point at disinclination for sexual adventures.

Unnaturally bright "acid" colors are peculiar to defiant people whose main goal is public attention. Sexual appeal takes place rather in their manners and talks than in actions. Even when they do something they claim to be able to do, they do it for the sake of their image and not because they really get pleasure in it. Grey and faded shades imply reserved manners, shyness, uncertainty and unwillingness to stand out from the crowd. But under such a shell there can be hidden a sexual pearl, which will probably shine in your hands.

Don't Forget about Erotic Details
Surveys taken on the matter of the most erotic parts of male and female body have shown the most unexpected results. For men, the most sexual parts of female body were not legs or bust, but rather full lips and a dimple above the breast. The things that women regarded most sexual in men were brawny shoulders and tough buttocks instead of a big penis as many men would expect. Despite the unexpectedness of these opinions, people tried to draw attention to these parts of the body for a long time. Women used to rouge their lips from the times immemorial. If you want your lips to look more chubby and eloquent, it is better to use two lipsticks applying a darker one over the contour and a lighter one in the middle. "The most erotic" point on the chest since ancient times was decorated by various necklaces, and as well you'd better not to neglect this sexual trick. Men used to draw attention to their shoulders by tattooes and epaulettes symbolizing their power and status.

In modern clothes their role is carried out by decorative epaulettes and stripes. Just the same, hip-pockets, useless from the practical point of view, contrast lines and labels in jeans fashion are made to draw attention to the "underside" of masculine sexuality.

Hairdress, as well, is an important element of your image.
The rigid superfashionable hairstyle "flavoured" with varnishes and gels is a feature of a furious fighter of sexual front. Refined seducers and seductresses are hiding behind long romantic locks, although they quite know their real worth and sometimes even try to advance it. Owners of a fine crop of hair are inclined to oral caresses and long and pleasurable lovemaking. Slick hair are perceived as an attribute of obstinacy and indifference to the spheres of sex and sensuality.

Perhaps, the most disputable attributes of modern sexuality are three days' stubble on a man's face and feminine short bloomers. The three days' bristle undoubtedly helps to create a more manly image. But a sensitive woman will obviously imagine what sensations may emerge when such a scrub touches her gentle skin, and she will hardly want to try it. Shorts enable women to show the best of their legs more effectively than any extra-short skirt. But, in such a case, men's glances, despite all natural laws capable of travelling not only along a straight line, meet there a Chinese Wall and quickly cool down. Stubbles and shorts affect aesthetical perception, but bring no sexual appeal.

Therefore, they mostly attract those who prefer "erotic shows" to real intimacy.

Find The Style
Official business style has been initially created so that sexual fluids were unable to prevent from work. Another thing hardly compatible to sex is sports. Moreover, sports frequently serves as a "substitute" to sex, or as psychologists call it, as a sublimation of it. If you want your communication with the opposite sex to be successful, do not put on a business or gym suit going out. Leave them for the office and gym. What style will you regard as the most sexual - romantic, extravagant, classical or free-form? Everything depends on you.

Your Essential Guide To Avoiding Online Dating Scams

It is widely acknowledged that the Internet has opened up many doors for people everywhere, giving them access to all sorts of products, services and information that they would never have

had before. However, it has also opened up the gateway for millions of con artists to take advantage of people that do not even live in the same country as them! UK online dating is no different in that respect. You can meet people from all over the country but can also fall victim to them as well.

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to tell the legitimate UK online dating sites from the bogus ones at a glance. They may look the same and navigation may feel the same, but this is exactly why the bogus UK online dating sites are successful. The incidence of online dating scams has risen in the last year or so but you can avoid falling victim to them by reading on!

There are two common types of UK online dating scams – the email scam and the fake site scam. The former is when an email is sent to you regarding a site that you are already a member of, but the latter is a UK online dating site that has been set up specifically to lure people to it with the sole intention of ripping them off. The following lists will give you a checklist so you know exactly what to look for!

The Email Scam

  • The majority of emails sent to you by UK online dating sites will start with your member number or real name. A bogus email will start with your screen name. For example, instead of John Smith it will read jsmith007.
  • The email will always have a link contained in it. Whether or not you think that the email is real, always log in by inputting the web address into your browser. Never click on links to sites in emails.
  • If you are doubly suspicious then go to the site via Google. No search engine will index a duplicate site because it is usually hastily set up so it can easily be taken down again and leave no tracks for law enforcement to follow.
  • If you suspect that a phishing email (the correct term for them) has been sent to you then report it to the UK online dating site itself. They will confirm whether or not it is real.The

    Bogus Site Scam

    A bogus site will often be introduced to you via an email. Again, search for the site through Google or Yahoo to make sure that it appears on the search engines to verify its existence.

    Check out the UK online dating profiles. Bogus profiles will appear to be very similar in most cases and will almost certainly seem hastily put up. Most people take a little time over their profiles.

    When you go onto a payment page, it may be difficult to tell the difference, but always check for a little padlock appearing in the corner of your browser. This means that it is verified and secure. Another indicator of this is a web address beginning with “https” and not “http”.

    Finally, search the Internet for reviews of the individual site. If it is real then there will be a number of reviews written by real people available for you to read.

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    Dating The UK is a brand new experience that is safe and secure for UK singles looking to enjoy some online speed dating.

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Torn Pantyhose As A Way To Conquer A Woman... Tips For Men (From Woman)

Well. You are young, free, and a lady appeared on the horizon, when looking at whom a obstinate snake of the loneliness runs up to the neck. Lady is good, arrogant, impregnable, and pays no heed to you. You want badly to see the lady undressed. Well, at least in the home dressing gown to let the sawdust out. A she-goat, on which you can get to the right side to her, as ill luck would have it, does not arise. But a corporate party arises, where she will inevitably be. Even if the party does not regard you, you must be there. How - the case of fantasy. You can get acquainted with someone from her entourage, and you can come just without invitation, pretending strenuously that you are the most welcome guest there. Still, no one will understand, whose.

For the party buy a bouquet of roses. Not the most expensive, but necessarily the most thorny. Do not let bouquet slip out of hands even for a minute - it is the main object which is indispensable for the acquaintance.The lady, certainly, is not deprived of attention. Next to her the steep file of men of various ages and status infinitely is. Don't let this discourage you. Keep closer to her, but do not need to take action. Still she will not notice, among a myriad numbers of admirers. Despite the bouquet. To make her to notice, you need to commit something unusual.

Do not worry, to dance naked on the table, to crow and stand head over heels you do not need.

Everything is simple. Fans are being cared, trying to please, - you just be alongside, not trying to please. You must look pensive and abstract, but do not forget about the bouquet.

And wait in the wings.
Attention! She is coming to the table. Those around give her a chair. Rush ahead and move aside the chair. Here your big time comes! She, of course, has fallen, angry, but remembered you! Therefore, she will start to look narrowly, burning with the desire to take revenge. The beginning initiated. Read more.

Thus, she fell. From fear you drop on her the bouquet of roses. Flowers will give incident a slight charm, and accordingly to physics law, will tear over-priced panty-hose. Should have to buy new one, that will be a reason for the next meeting. And then, it will enable sure the entire evening to be beside on the pretext of that the hole in the panty-hose must be concealed from the eyes of others.

Mask it actively and thoroughly, in depth, shield with back, snuggle up to leg and draw lady to the most distant corner, away from the eyes of rivals. Then, on the same pretext, offer to take her home. She will agree. For women there is nothing worse than to defile through the entire city with an arrow in the most visible place. (Agree that the legs are the most prominent!)

And here we are already leading her to car. Be sure to tell by the way several times that you do something the other way, you're badly hurry, in general - knickers, you do not need all this! As a result, she will feel obliged, despite the fact that the author of torn panty-hose were you. Furthermore.

Mind you don't open the door of car before her. She will immediately decide that you are ready to give up entire world to her legs. I know this exactly, I am the same. Instead, sit down in cold blood at your place and throw away dissatisfied:

- Well, what is? How soon? I am late!

Let her be messing about the latched door, losing her perky look. Can you imagine what it is a beautiful woman in torn tights, stupidly jumping in front of the car? I have not seen more absurd spectacle! I had been jumping myself! Drive offhandedly and with speed. With whistling at cornering. Let her squeal from fear, losing self-possession. A frightened woman - easy prey. The fine for speeding in this case - a disappointing trifle. What will be then, will compensate the loss of more than money!

Next. Take her to your home, suddenly remembered that you quite forgotten to feed the cat. It is necessary to have a cat. Better to borrow from the neighbor. He Will shout of desperation, which is quite get over the hungry roar. If she will be outraged and demand to immediately bring her home, charge her with hard-heartedness and cruelty to animals. Even if she hates the cats all the same will agree to go. Which women can accept the fact that she is a ruthless, selfish shrew?

Having arrived. The cat must have been shown necessarily, so drag her into the apartment. It is desirable that the apartment was on the twelfth floor, and the elevator did not work (you can arrange about with the lift-boy). Let her puff over, up the stairs. She will get tired and sweated, that will give you an excuse to offer her the bath. She will agree, because they do not want to look fright even before you. Mind you don't remove from the cache the candles and brandy until she takes a bath. Trite and boring. Give her your old bathrobe and push to the kitchen, explaining your actions that for the fifth month have dinner with ravioli from shop.

Let her cook the cutlets. Minced meat should to buy in advance. She will immediately understand that you are - a) bachelor, b) a hungry bachelor.

No woman in this case will remain indifferent. While she cooks cutlets, silently take the cat back to the neighbor, kit up in tricot (preferably torn) and slippers, and have a sit quietly in front of the TV with newspaper.

This initially so melts! Besides, it is a symbol of calm family life. Now, the cutlets are fried, eaten together and this is a crucial moment. Mind you don't hesitate, hum and haw and to mutter that it's too late, you have to go to work early morning, and therefore to sit at the wheel, nothing should be. She will understand misinterpreted and make off, not even demanding money for a taxi.

Just say with authority: - "It is time to sleep! Come on!" And then stand up and go to the bedroom. You will see, by inertia, she will follow you.

Well, in a bedroom act with lightning speed so that she could not come round and make off. And try to make sure that she does not fall asleep until morning. Don't give a damn for the work! Once you can!

Bidding farewell in the morning, casually kiss her cheek, murmur: "I'll call you", and disappear. For sure, now she will not forget! There is no a stronger impact in ambition! Gee whiz, to buy panty-hose at her own expense!

Mind you don't call immediately. Even if feel like, you should wait at least a week. Well, a couple of days, when even quite unbearable! And then, dialed number, casually say:

- I bought minced, would have to fry cutlets!

She will come flying like one o'clock. How can she condemn you for the cutletless existence?

That's all.

Have read? And now do everything within an accuracy of vice versa. Because all this -the right path to marriage. Personally, I did so get married.

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Beauty Of Women In Bikini.

Beauty is great power, and it is, on the opinion of classics, that will save the world. Beauty is a personal matter of taste. Of course, you agree that "tastes differ". The perception of beauty is a matter of personal subjective opinion. They often say: "Beauty arises under the eyes of the observer!"

And what is the beauty of women, resulting under the eyes of men observers?

The men of different nationalities appreciate the beauty of women in different ways. The most beautiful woman from the Peruvian Majorun is considered she who has more flinders in the lower lip, tattooed and colorized body, necklaces of monkey teeth,the feathers, shells, sticks in hair, nose and ears… The Natchi feel ugly a man, who has not artificially deformed skull. Philippine Palavenjo file and blacken the teeth. In Senegal, Wolof women make hairstyle of plenty of braids standing on ends. Vietnamese Zyaray put on the spiral bracelets to extend the neck…

How do modern men appreciate the beauty? What are qualities or traits of girls considered to be mainly in the definition of "beauty"?

The very first competition of beauties was held back in 1888 at the Belgian Spa resort. And naturally, the organizers of this event were men. The girls-finalists were selected from photographs sent to the jury. The contest was very unassuming. Participants were concealed from the public, they lived in a house where outsiders were not allowed, competitors were being brought to contest in a closed dearborn. All the men present at the contest were dressed in tailcoats, and the women - in long dresses. The Winner has become a 18-years-old Creole Berta Sukare from Guadeloupe, she received a prize of five thousand francs.

The first "Miss Germany" was selected in 1909. It was the 17-years-old seller of cigarettes. The jury considered her not only the title of the most beautiful girl of Germany, but also the entire world. They reasoned, probably like this: if she is good to us, then there is no girl better, certainly, among foreign girls. It was this "Miss Germany -Universe", who had her photo taken on advertising postcards for the first time.

And only in 1921 the girls for the first time appeared on stage in swimsuits on the selection of "Miss America". On April 15, 1951 in London there was held for the first time a contest "Miss World". The idea of competition belonged to Eric Morley, who turned the beauty contest in a bright show.

Competitors appeared on stages in swimsuits "bikini", which were at that time still poorly known and caused the real furore. To compete in beauty contests are now allowed only unmarried women without children, aged from 18 to 27. And throughout the year, when Miss has victorious crown, she has no right to marry.

Nowadays the finale of the "Miss World" contest is in live broadcast to more than 70 countries around the world. The total audience of viewers is 2 billion.

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Married And Still Dating

If you are reading this, you probably fall into one of two categories; one, you’re married and you are thinking of cheating on your spouse, or two, you are wondering what the heck this article is going to be about and you just had to click and see! Well, if you are thinking about cheating, you’ve already given up on doing all you can to keep that spark alive that got the two of you together anyway, so go find another article. This one won’t be what you are looking for.

Did I just mention the “spark”? OK, everyone, be honest. In the beginning, you know, while you were in that dating stage, before the sharing responsibilities, before the kids, the shared pets, working different shifts, maybe different days off, before bills, BEFORE MARRIAGE, what used to happen?

I know I used to go dancing, I went on dinner dates that required dressing up (and that means a little bit of makeup and a comb through your hair!)(NO McDonalds!), we walked along the beach at sunset and we went on picnics at the park and talked the day away. You and your partner did things together, you were on your best behavior, and you enjoyed each other’s company.



But do they really have to? I mean, all the time?

No, they don’t! And you all have to do is to make an effort and little by little either keep that spark burning or find ways to bring it back if it’s starting to flicker and fade. It doesn’t take much effort, it doesn’t even have to take much money, but there has to be a conscious thought that “I want to spend time with my partner today”.

It may be taking a short walk through the neighborhood after dinner (holding hands, of course), maybe get a sitter (or sitter swap if you are on a budget) for a few hours and go see a movie (cuddling is great for this activity, hint, hint!). How about dressing up instead of wearing those jeans (or sweats) and t-shirt and going window shopping together? One, you will feel good about looking so HOT (and don’t you feel sexy when you know you are looking good?), you get to spend time with your honey, AND you get to talk about all of those things you are looking at while you are shopping. (This is a great time to drop hints about what you’d like for that birthday coming up or try and see if you can figure out what he’d really like for Father’s Day! Doesn’t he have enough ties, maybe he’d like that new fishing pole in the Sports Department this year?)

Do either of you brown bag your lunch to bring to work? When was the last time you snuck a note or a cute card in the bag to be read when lunch comes around? Just a simple “I love you! XOXOX” on a sticky note is sure to bring a smile to your partner’s face. Ever see those little “love coupon booklets” (I’ve seen them at Barnes and Noble and Wal-Mart to name a few) that you can tear out a page and leave on a pillow or hide in a suitcase for those who travel to see when they arrive at their destination? Some of them are very sweet and lovey dovey and some of them are just “HUBBA HUBBA”, you start hot flashing and the steam starts coming out of your ears! Whew! YOU decide how far you want to go. The look on your partner’s face may be enough to get things into perspective, nothing like SEEING that you are turning on the love of your life to get your own juices flowing! Wow, talk about a turn on, right?

When was the last time that instead of turning off the lights at night and waiting to see who starts snoring first (let’s get real, ladies, some of US snore, too!) that the lights get turned down to dim, you warm up some lotion or a lightly scented oil and gave your honey a rub down? My partner just goes all boneless and limp, then when I start rubbing his feet, I’d swear he’s part cat, he is literally PURRING! Just don’t forget to WARM the oil or lotion up; cold lotion will NOT relax your partner! LOL

Have I said yet that my husband has NEVER just let himself go to sleep after I give him that extra attention? Oh, no, my honey can’t wait to return the favor with the scented oil, he takes his time on MY feet (oh, my God, limp just does not describe how your body feels with a good foot rub!) and by the time he reaches my back, we are back to the HUBBA, HUBBA stage! I don’t think anyone needs me to explain any further what that means, right?

I’m going to go out on a little limb now and mention “phone sex”! I mean, come on, be honest, didn’t you have phone sex (whether it was just heavy flirting or all out petting yourself and telling your partner what you were doing) BEFORE you were married? I’m sure that most of you did (I can’t be in the minority, right?) (I am so laughing on this one, HUBBA, HUBBA, the memories . . .) So why does that have to stop because you are married and have kids? Wouldn’t you think that this is the BEST time to have phone sex? Now, be smart and think about the condition of your partner if you call him on his way TO work and get him all hot and bothered, I mean, do you really want his boss to see him that way? Well, some of you may be twisted enough to do this (I am so laughing on this one!), BUT calling him on the way HOME can be so productive, especially if you can have Grandma pick up the kids for a few hours and be wearing something sweet (hey, seductive works BETTER than sweet sometimes!) when you open the door for him to walk into the house.

Can you hear me say “PLAN A DATE/TIME WITH YOUR HONEY?

Nothing I’m mentioning here is anything new! Just a little bit of planning (spontaneity is wonderful, too!), just a little conscious effort, just a little bit of “he/she makes me happy and I want to spend time with them” is all it takes. You got married, so there must have been a reason why. And doesn’t it just make sense to try to keep that happiness, the joy, the satisfaction of spending time together, the contentment of being with the right person, to keep all of these things alive in your life?

I have to admit to really, truly feeling my own heart swell whenever I see an older couple walking past me, arm in arm or holding hands, and showing their connection, their love, to each other in their faces, in the way they stand next to each other.

Now, ultimately, isn’t that what we all really crave? Acceptance for what we are, no matter what, and the love we can share with the right person?


“Married” and “Dating” do NOT need to be on separate plains, intermingle them for the very best results. HAVE FUN!

By: Michelle Lacroix

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A Letter From Blonde Daughter To Her Blonde Mom.

Also read the beginning.
My dear mummy!

Yesterday I finally finished reading your letter. I have news too. Recently your son-in-law read a study that says that most of road accidents happen near your home. Therefore, we moved to another apartment. The apartment is beautiful, there is a washing machine here. But it does not work. Yesterday, I put linen in it, pulled the cord, and all the clothes disappeared. I am looking for Manual (a neighbor all the time proves to me that "this refuse chute is OK").

Recently, the same as my brother Tolya I got problems due to defects in detail of car. Tell you all in detail. I have a favorite dog Arnold, of a rare dwarf breed Shee-Ttsu. Typically, Arnold sits on my lap. But recently it was necessary to stall at traffic lights. I clicked on the pedal, but there was Arnold, who was able to climb somehow under it because there is no a stuff, to protect it from falling under the pedal any small animals, and the instruction does not warn about this. I immediately drew back my leg, because Arnold loudly whimpered of pain! Because of this, I crashed into another car and badly creamed my own car.

Then I was told that I was to blame in the accident, and I will have to pay for repair both mines and another car. If I must pay for that they have done poorly pedal? Had they done a car as it should be, my doggy would not be able to climb under this pedal. And nothing was written in instructions about that small pets could go under the pedal! In addition, Arnold has a fractured pad, it has to treat at veterinarian. Therefore, I need money to repair the car and for daughter's school.

Now in the mornings I have to seize an opportunity of passing metro to get to office. As a proof I send you the pictures which I made with my new phone of last brand.

At work I learn to go roller-skating. I think might be useful. After all, winter is only once a year, and I love to skate.

Your Daughter.

Oh, quite forgotten. I received your letter. So you may repeat, because the money was not really there. I checked twice.

Russian Brides. Do Western Men Hunt For The Girls?

Do we Russian girls have something that differs us from the representatives of excellent gender, living in more prosperous countries, that foreigners are willing to spend a lot of money, if only to marry a Russian girl? Some of them come to Russia several times in stubborn pursuit of their goal.

The general view of Western men: Russian girls are kinder, more caring and thrifty. They are good wives. Women in the West, according to men's view, are materialist too much, demanding and spoiled. To some extent this is true. Russian women look better, dress elegance and neat (we have never suspected!) seem more kind and "homy".

Men in the West do not look to the welfare of the bride, the most important thing for them - external attractiveness and sexuality. Only dull-witted, poorly educated man can decide on "marriage of convenience", the rest ones can earn the status by their job. Due to the western wages it is not beyond one's power.

We can not say that there are not beautiful women in the West. There are, and quite a lot. But what distinguishes Russian women is a desire to be "loved". Our Russian women are femininity. The sea of warmth and charm is in them. Western women are pretty and smiling, quite friendly, but they are "cold". Growing up in prosperous society, they are too independent and self-sufficiency. They strongly aware of their rights and, above all, they are not obliged to tolerate the inconvenience.

The first question they ask themselves if there are any, even the smallest differences: "Why do I need this?" They are not accustomed to "renounce their principles". The more beautiful woman is, the more confident she is on her indisputable right to the very best in the life - a beautiful, sporty, smart and educated husband, of the high wealth and tireless care of her.

Western woman knows the price of them and their attractiveness. In the West, men still care for women, not vice versa! The men with whom I have had conversations (many of them were previously married), said with one accord: Russian women are good wives. They were hampered to explain what was the difference between a Russian wife and the wife from the West - both are cooking for the family, maintain the order in the house, raise children, care of the husband - but agreed in one: Russian wife - is another life, more happy and calm. According to them, with Russian wife, the marriage "works out".

We are just raised in different conditions that makes the other mode of human relations. We grew up in close apartments, where if sneeze, you can hear "Be healthy!" through out the neighbor's wall. A family of 4-people in three generations, excellently got along together (and they are getting along) in two-room small-size apartments, which would be rather little for one on Western standards. Even at the desk in our schools we have two pupils, while they have one.

The state of perpetual crowding leads to birth of healthy "feeling of comradeship" when, willy-nilly you have to make others into account. We grow up in a situation where everything depends on everyone. Russian people, and especially a woman, has a surprising ability to adapt. Nowhere, except in Russia, could be born the saying "A human is not a dog, he can be accustomed to everything." Our people feel like a fish in water, in an environment that is absolutely unbearable for any normal Westerners.

In family life, this ability is resulted as a limitless tolerance. Russian woman did not even notice any infringement of her interests, where a normal woman from the West already shut the door with a bang after a hot quarrel. The point is not that women are spoiled or ill-humored - Western woman does not have a mental mobility, which allows you to survive in this situation without losing the integrity of your ego.

This is a key point, where the differences in approach to family life are from. If there is a disagreement on any matter, the Western woman will always act according to her own understanding of the proper way out of this situation. When she is confident in her rightness, she has not thought not to take action against the husband. Even if she goes to a compromise, she would feel deeply unhappy and will not let her husband forget for a moment, what she has sacrificed.

For Russian woman a compromise is a way of life. If a violence is inevitable then to relax and enjoy. Russian woman is natural in her adoption of behavior and actions of her husband.

That does not mean that she does not try to influence on them. She just does not try them reject. She is always with her husband. That's all the secret. We are not better. We are not kinder. We just are more tolerant. Our personal scale of assessment of the values has more points, and where the western thermometer maxed out there the ours continues to work successfully. Actually this is a great thing - the ability to accept the reality and people as they are.

Another objectively existing option, which is crucial for foreigners is the place of the family in a woman's life. Our Russian woman naturally puts the family above career. The Western men call this "commitment to the traditional family values" Dating and Matchmaking agencies receive many letters from women whose career is quite successful, even on Western standards. These successful and professional women consider themselves deprived with family and children. They are happy to exchange the high professional status for the position of Western housewife.

For Western women the housewives rank is somewhere on the level of our Janitor. She can feel happy, only reaching the certain professional peaks. In principle, there is the aim to fight for - high professional status ensures a high life level. In Russia, even having a relatively high post, a woman does not receive good money, which provides the freedom and independence. With our Russian salaries - you doing any career, still will not earn money to have a decent standard of living - own country house, car and a good ability to manage them, the opportunity to travel in first class and the most important thing that money brings- the possibility not to worry anymore.

Career successes are also unstable in Russia. What happened with thousands of bank employees, which were the subject of envy and the dreams of career, after the crisis of August 1998? Frankly, the family life has potentially much more satisfying but fewer disorders, than the work.

By: Julia Pika
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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Things You Should Know About Internet Dating

The internet dating industry is constantly evolving to match the needs of it's users. Today internet dating is one of the most popular things that people do on the internet. More and more people are turning to internet dating to find a meaningful relationship.

If you play sports and you're seeking an activity partner you can do that on an internet dating service. If you're looking for a pen pal who lives in a different country, or looking for someone for a serious relationship which can lead to marriage, you can accomplish this on a dating service.

These dating services are great because they give you the opportunity to community with people who you may never meet in the real world. In the internet dating industry there are 2 types of services there are the free services and the paid services. Based on my own experience I would advise you to avoid using the free services because many of these services are popular for harvesting spammers.

Joining one of the paid services is much better, it will cost you some money to upgrade your membership but it's worth the price. The paid services will give you more control, more features and much less spammers.

Here are some tips you can follow if you are just getting started with internet dating.

First you need to find an internet dating service that you have confidence in, some dating services will provide video training as well as a FAQ section. You should take full advantage of this and use it to your benefit.

Then you will need a decent profile, if you're not sure what to say in your profile you should read some profiles from other members on the site. Try to find some good profiles, then you should implement some things from those profiles into yours.

You will need a good picture, for your profile the importance of having a good picture is sometimes overlooked by many members on dating services. If you don't have a good picture you should get one taken.

All to often people do not take their time when creating a profile, it's extremely important that you do not rush this process. Having a bad picture or having typos in your profile can have a negative effect on you, this can be a huge turn off to other members. It's best to take your time when creating your personal profile on an internet dating service.

By: Marvin Perry
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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Russian Girls. Jades Or Angels.

Surely you're not surprised with the fact that Russian girls like indeed the girls of any other nationality are a certain mixture of angel and devil. But this blend of Russian girls has its national characteristics. Today I want to talk about Russian girls in terms of their propensity to bitchiness (I think the word "jadishness" will suites better, so let me use it hereinafter). And how this can be overcome successfully.

You once are cruel, gently then
Again you beat my fragile nerves...
You have to wear warning plate:
"I'm dangerous! Before you Jade!"

So exclaimed a poet, often run up on terrible jades and time after time missed very painful blows. Assuming that at the call of bard all jades suddenly take the plates recommended them, the tender and vulnerable men will certainly be shocked by a huge magnitude of the jadishness -as terrible as the tsunami, and unpredictable as El Niño, a spontaneous phenomenon of nature.

But the jades can be different, here are the major types of jades, which most often occur in our Russians latitudes. We hope that this classification is useful for our readers, because the enemy, as the famous commander said, must be known by sight.

Spontaneous jade.

By appearance she is soft, decent, gentle, faint and kind, but can get worked up with half-turn. The only wrong word, a vague gesture doubtful compliment, and the poor man is assailed with tubs of dirt, buckets of charges, often in the form of material objects griddle (with a garnish), teapots (with boiling water), hot irons and aromatic dishes with borsch.

The main signs of this type of jade are the dove-eyed view and some complex. Spontaneity of the nature is also evident in the nature of sexuality. This lady can quickly get excited and dominate a man in any interior of the home, at work, in transport, at a public event. She does not love to refuse herself something, as her constraint centers are struck by unknown to Science viruses. Natural jadishness is to be treated difficult and long. Resorts, waters, expensive gifts, moralizing interviews are not effective. "Antibiotics" are helpful in the form of regular injections (sometimes with the use of physical coercion). In the reasoning behind this suggestion is the teachings of Pavlov's instincts, and the result of it - jade's clear understanding of the fact that, if she once again "begin to pull a trick", it will be very painful.

Pig-headed jade.

The most difficult type. The stubbornness is transmitted maternally or acquired during poor upbringing in childhood. This jadishness shines through all, daily and hourly. Pig-headed jade is in a state of perpetual hysterics, therefore is extremely dangerous to bystanders.

In the sex she is unpredictable, as well in her deeds. The distressing statistics
impassively reported of numerous injuries of mates to be at fault, caused by jealous jades of this type. Reeducation - not subject. Only hippopotamus with a thick skin and blind deaf and dumb cynics can get along with such a lady.

Oddity jade.

"You are an interesting oddity, but the matter, you see in terms ..." - sang a famous singer. What's the matter, he did not conveyed to curious public. And the fact is that "oddity jade" is a term born in Odessa and characterizes the most warm and mild (tolerance) jadishness type. Oddity jade constantly wants to change everything around her partner's life, an apartment, work, friends, children and relatives, the situation around him, the view outside the window and even the country. For such a girl the permanent dissatisfaction,
some timid romanticism and sentimentality is typical. She always looks for something better, "miracle", but her actions often resemble Don Quixote's struggle against the mills.

Oddity jade brings a lot of inconvenience to a family. She makes them all the time comments, trying (most of the good intentions) to change these loved ones for the better. She is very disappointing that they are changing, but not so quickly as she would like. She is often on the verge of tears. She is often, wantonly crying, explaining this by the pain from the imperfections of the world. In sex she requires a romance, candles, guitars, gentle words.

When treating this type of oddity jade the excellent results are given by full load the girl with some interesting affairs, so that she has neither time nor effort left.

Jade - chameleon.

At work, she is angel with gentle winglets. She is warning, soft, witty, radiates charisma and charm, is sober, logical and predictable in the deeds and thoughts. If necessary, she will serve any sexual services to superior officer. She has an excellent reputation of reliable, executive employee, her portrait hangs constantly on the symbolic Leaderboard.

At home, she has changed to one hundred and eighty degrees, becoming a tyrant in a dressing gown. She continuing needles the henpecked husband, children-sloven, mother-in-law-schizophrenic, not allowing them to relax for a second. Sex in family relations she uses as an additional tool for exerting a pressure on her husband. Husband to be guilty is charged deprived of "sexual rations" to the full remedy. While she herself is exposed to corrective with great difficulty. A life partner with a very strong character is only capable to eradicate the chameleonizm from such a person.

Armed with academic advice, you, men can safely apply them in everyday practice, because those times when jades will wear distinctive plates, is unlikely to come soon, remaining a pious wish of the poet in the clouds. Not for nothing the aforist who came under the charm of mistress-jade and abled fortunately, to break out of her iron embrace, finely perceived:

"A jade is a woman who changes a man into a hybrid of Vibrator and ATM". Better not true.

By: Julia Pika

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Monday, May 12, 2008

Causes Of Russian Brides' Interest To Marry A Foreigner.

First, there is a purely technical, but rather, demographic reason. In Russia, the as data of statistical compilations reported, there is a clear shortage of men.

The figures show that in the big cities every tenth woman loses her husband simply because a lack! We think, except the figures, many Russian ladies show on the same, being quite attractive and lovely, but remaining single.

Outweigh of women increases not only in relation to the demographic situation. That way and every way in Russia there is a lack of men. Over and above those which were born and walk the streets in trousers, drop out of women's sight as possible husbands for the following reasons. Much of our men are in the army and live in closed garrisons, inaccessible to "seeking" women. A large part of them is in prison. After all the criminality basically covers the masculine. Add to them the huge number of simply come down men alcoholics. All those men deleted from the possible candidates for marriage, also reduce the chance for women to find a partner.

Secondly, to the reasons which make to replace a Russian partner by "imported" one, the ladies desire to get a man of another quality can be attributed. It is known that Russian men are in no small measure are saddled with so-called "bad habits". Unfortunately, a considerable number of our men, to say the least, they like to put away a lot of booze. To drink after work considered absolutely normal.

In addition, for the years of Soviet power many men have lost their ability to take responsibility for the family. They do not know how and they do not want to earn money to provide their wives and children even with needed most. And besides, that they do not provide family, they do not seek to replicate from woman at least her domestic responsibilities. It is not unusual for our reality, when the husband returned from work, is located in front of TV, while the wife, also spent her day at work continues its home - cooking, washing, cleaning etc. Neither exhortations, nor tears, nor scandals can change the situation. Men are not accustomed to the fact that their wives need help.

In addition, our men, nothing to hide, have lost their ability to be a gentleman. During the advances they can focus on small signs in the form of flowers or a hike to the movie, but in a state of matrimony, they completely stop noticing a woman in the wife. As a result, the majority of Russian women lose the interest to a marriage as a point.

But when they have heard about the style of attitude of American or European men to women, they are solved to risk to try a warm breath of "imported" courting on themselves.

We should pay tribute and say that there are the most wonderful, attentive and caring men in Russia. There are those who can become a wall for his wife. But, agree, such men are usually already taken up. That is they are in the status of a spouse.

Thirdly, the reason for seeking a foreign groom is the crisis in the economy of Russia and other former Soviet republics. It is no secret that in these countries there is no stability, confidence in the future, no social security. Crises and instability affecting primarily to the positions of women. It is particularly hard for her, the new environment.

Especially if a woman rears child. And even two. In our country it is accepted to marry early. And children are born by women mostly in the age of 20. By age of 25 many women being disappointed by the marriage, handled to divorce. Such women are in dire financial situation, and have difficulty to choose a single man who is ready to marry.

Peers of these women, men of thirty-forty are seeking a partner among younger women and, preferably without children. As a result, it is this portion of potential Russian brides remains virtually without a chance to marry, and is forced to draw their eyes in search of a possible spouse to the West.

By: Julia Pika
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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Your Profile On Dating Site. Trifles Are Important.

Theorem. To catch a good fish, you must offer a very good bait.

Numerous dating sites are colorful with ads. Smart ones post their profiles on several sites simultaneously. The persistent ones, not spare money, raise their profiles on the top row every 2-3 days. Beautiful ones hope for professional photographs. Ladies expose the most attractive parts of the body, talently take tempting poses of the mermaids, unobtrusively swash in the foam of waves. Apollos, muscles slightly tensing, invite mates to hold unforgettable night. Alas, at the age of Internet and mobile communications a few people find what that were looking for.

What are they looking for? Women are looking for that very Only One, a half. For whom, who will deliver by his soul and body the pleasure and comfort to the family, nurture and bring to mind not numerous, but an ambitious offspring.

Men want to find a beauty women "under the status" and rather try her in the nearest horizontal soft place. And then, as God gives. And He gives, but somehow not the way you want, and not to those who tries more. Why does it go amiss, though it seems bites and the place is full of fish?

1). Questionnaires are empty. You can see photos only. Here you are! It's Me!. Unravel a mystery. If guess - would be a prize! Alas, the people can guess bad.

2). Questionnaires are not honest. Someone is using photos of known and unknown artists. Someone lie on the pages, trying to attract maximum partners, hoping that they will get loved-get used.

3). Owners of profiles are honest, modest and shy. They can not stand giving the information for fear that their neighbors or colleagues will know, and will judge.

4). Owners of profiles are slow-witted. For example, they write about their preferences, that love to travel. And then later it turns out that he prefers to do it in an aircraft and to live comfortably in expensive hotel. On the other hand a partner can imagine traveling as a pedestrian route, nights in mountains, in forests by the bonfire with songs and mosquitoes ...

There are dozens of examples of how the sexual giants have turneddwarfs,businessmen -auto washermen, passionate women - cold Atlantic herrings.

What to do? To risk. Maximum risk. Becoming the most candid. Expand yourself from all sides. Emphasize the qualities for which you dear friends, can be loved. Do not be afraid of skew the views of friends and acquaintances, because YOUR LIFE is on the scale. Maybe it is today, now the person to whom you have sought will flash by and disappear. He might not notice you, if he thinks that your spiritual life is empty or bad.

Questionnaires or profiles should be filled until the edges like the bowl with wine, which held to dear guests. Let the photos show your individuality. Go towards each other. Take politeness and willingness to look inwards human. It is where the real wealth is hidden. Expand before your likely companion your best spiritual qualities, love and tenderness, courage and

Communicate maximum frankly, there is a wisdom, too. Remember that there are no trifles. Sometimes they are very important. Someone might like such a trifle as there was in one of the forms: a woman wrote that she had pets, but she also considers her pets the titmice, which sit on her window sill. She wrote that she was very fond of them. And someone will get this trifle in the heart. And then write more about happiness ...

To enter into a woman (man) for a night, just smile, sympathy, music and a glass of wine enough. To enter into a woman (man) for long, you have to disclose your inner spiritual world. Enchantment of spirituality, love and kindness is very strong. They attract, and there is no opportunity to confront them. Show what you are for now. If you still have shortcomings, show that you want to change yourself, that love will change you for the better.

Good luck on dating sites, dear friends!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Commemorative Booklet For Scammer.

The possibility of "easy money" from the foreigners who want to get acquainted with the Russian girl, always attracted not particularly sensitive people. They deeply damn that their actions are severely undermined the credibility of Russian girls and cast doubt on the possibility for someone to actually arrange their own destiny. We have unpleasant news for them.

The cases of fraud from the part of Russian citizens in relation to men foreigners when scammers under various pretexts skunk out of their money are not terminated and we are not under a delusion that one day they cease altogether. All this discredits the Russian girls and the system of international marriage agencies. Therefore, we ourselves take tough measures against people who was observed in fraud against foreign men.

We will not reveal our professional secrets that ensure the effectiveness of the fight against fraudsters. We will note only known, in order to recall that fraudulent activities in the field of international dating does not go unpunished. If you place to the profile the misleading information: other people's phone numbers, address, photos, your profile is removed and placed in the blacklist. The possibility of registering on our site for you is lost forever.

Any complaint by men on request of money under various pretexts (for treatment of parents, school, visa, travel, etc.) is regarded by us as a possible deception. After verification and validation of complaints (correspondence, receipts of the Western Union system, bank transfer…) profile of the gold-digger is removed, its data, including the correspondence with a man, is to be printed and sent to relevant international and Russian law enforcement agencies. This will forever close the access for such girls in any European country, as well as the U.S., since the placing to the database of Interpol will not allow them to obtain an entry visa. Mind a chance of arrest by Russian law enforcement agencies. These precedents have the place long ago.

We recommend the girls and young people who have chosen to "earn" money by deceiving foreigners to think hard, is it worth risking. Indeed, all may end behind bars of prison cell.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

You Decided To Meet Russian Bride. How To Start.

You decided to find a Russian woman to marry her and you have no idea what to start with? Certainly you have to know more about Your future Russian Bride.

For the begining try to imagine the portraite of "your" woman. Where does she live, what's her occupation, and what's she interested in? The main thing is what position a man has in her life and what does she want from a man, what are her criteria of choice. Are you ready to satisfy the requirements? A girl or woman has of course her right the same as you to choose.

What are you ready to offer to her in exchange for what you want to receive. Some men think that helping a woman to move to their country is enouph to build stable relationship. There are Ukranian and Russian women who will be led by this motive, but do you want to have such a wife?

Register to the site GreenLea.Ru, try to put several good photos of you (not made by your mobile) Read an article about photos for Russian dating sties. Communicate with several Russian women you like.

See if they answer your question, if you are comfortable with them. You won't know what to say with some of them, but you will instantly find some topics with others. Read about compatibility test, we developped and approved it for three years.

Be active - show yourself as a confident and energetic man as you certainly are. Write letters. The best number is 40-50. Visit live chat. It will allow girl to see who you are. Read about your first letter to Russian woman.

But what if your search does not result in anything? What if girls do not write to you or you do not like those ladies who write to you? It means that you direct your charm not on the women you want or you selected wrong image. Read our recommendation from beginning and change your profile. The main thing - do not give up!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Internet Dating. How To Write Letter So That To Come Out The Crowd.

It's dead certain you have seen on the forums or blogs where are discussiongs on the Internet dating. In such discussions someone of the participants without fail competently claimed bitterly that the girls on the sites are simply a way of boredom, and may never date.

Whether it is true? Or, the poor fellow simply do not know how to motivate young girls by himself?

You know, if in the street or in a club you can see that there are men who have obtained with girls, on the dating sites you do not know what are the results of your friends-competitors. And what if someone produced all? What if there are guys who regularly withdraw to date most of pretty girls from the top-100? And if they do exist, whether we can learn how to be as successful as they are?

In this small text I will tell you how to stand out from thousands of other guys and even to rouse the interest of most fastidious and spoilt by attention girls. Indeed: the prettier and more popular is a girl, the better it will start to work.

Let's for the first investigate what do the rest guys do on the dating site. Having examined the 1000-s messages of men of 'all ages and sizes', we make the conclusion - all of them with a few exceptions comes down to a few standard options.

Here are a few of those options:

Hi. Let's learn about each other.
Hi! You have a cool photo.
How do you do? What are you doing?
Good evening. You're just beautiful. Debate?
Hi. I liked You. When and where can we meet?

These messages (or nearly the same of the meaning) came hundreds and even thousands. Most guys in one way or another played those options.

Do they work?

You guess on the response to this question. I would say more: regardless the contents of the profiles (a variety of men's forms: thick guys, guys artistic, stylish guys, ordinary guys, jockstraps and intellectuals) - nice girls almost never react to such messages. With such messages content of the profile practically does not affect the outcome of affair.

What is working well? Are there such messages, which attract the attention and raise interest?

I reveal the secret: we secretly experimented with the aim to learn for what do girls react and what is left unattended. We sent a variety of messages, each time adjusting and changing the style, if they worked not well. We tested different girls and found out if something works or not.

For example, I discovered that if you send a compliment in the first message, then the chances for a response is extremely low. Of course, the girls are very fond of compliments. But this is only part of the truth. In fact, they value (and usually rarely get) compliments from their loved ones and friends, that is - from people meaningful to them. And the compliments from stranger men they receive hundreds a day. Even the Ugly Jane in the queue can hear a compliment from a local drunkard.

If you write to attractive girl, then be assured that today she has already received dozens of compliments and damn tired of guys who rise her to pedestal.

When you write "Hi, how do you do?" Or "Hi! Let's learn about each other", the girl begins to think that you are fatally boring and trite murderously. However, "begins to think"- a strong word: it will be not only her first, but the last thought about you. The point is that nice girls receive hundreds of "hello" and dozens of "howdoyoudo", And they react in reflex to them as informational slag, and placed the guys who sent these in a folder "Blacklist".

Ok. All of these common approaches do not work, and the guys who use them, just hope for luck and random chance. But how to write so that man come from the crowd (of course, as the best) and to cause girls interest and sympathy? How the approach should look, which will take?

Let us consider the formula for constituting such an approach.

First. Most guys in their messages will certainly send compliments, to flatter and write about the stunning beauty of your target. You do write to her in opposite, as if you turn to old friend. Use of "amigote" or even "colleague". I promise that you will be the only one from whom she received such a message.

Second. Normal guys will send to her Muzak made her mouth sore: "Hi! How do u do?" and "what are you doing?". You will throw down a challenge to the girl. You will have to catch her, giving to understand that you are something better than her, and that she must try to interest you actually. For example, write that you would be met, but have not yet feel safe with her. She will be smiling reading your messages and thinking: "What is this guy? I will teach him a lesson!"

Third. Set your own rules of the game. Write, as if you're doing her a favour with starting the conversation. As if you say her: "I'll chat with you, but only if you will be interesting and worth of my efforts". But do not express this directly. Use a humor. If you write that will meet only if she has a big bust and she promised to lie in bed on the first date, you will be alone for a long time to stare at the women's photos.

Use these three rules every time when you will compose another message for the dating site.

Consider the dating sites as an intellectual exercise, which being performed correctly, will give you the prize in the form of pretty interesting girls who will be happy to wait for a meeting with you.

By: Julia Pika
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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Internet Dating As A Way To Lose Yourself.

Have you happened, the moment you find yourself at a computer, right away download the favorite dating site to spend long hours there? If not, this article is not about you and we are happy for you.

Because for someone the Internet dating is currently acting as a drug substitute for everything else. This is not limited by wearing out by sitting all days through in the Internet. Behavior is changing, one wants to finish quickly onerous "other matters", to quickly set about to what suddenly became the principal.

Sometimes the girls are starting to deny themselves even food and sleep to spend more time in illusory world, where so many men admire you. If you tell such a girl that her state of anxiety inspires you, she surely will find the explanation that there is no cause for any concern: that this is simply a way to spend time, that this is the place to communicate with friends or she just enjoys, playing her fans. All this may be partly true, but only partly. The full truth is that she would sacrifice a reality for illusion.

Maybe she even went to date, scheduled on dating sites. But if these dates with men has been proved unsuccessful over and over again, and for a long time she again goes back into illusory communication, there is every reason to worry.

You will demand what is the poor? Why not to sit a couple extra hours in comfort and security at the computer? It is only one poor thing here: when the reality is replaced by illusions, even such a plausible and fascinating, as the Internet romances are, a person loses a part of himself with these illusions.

What is the point to try to make someone seem in reality, if on the dating site there will always be dozens of fans? Why should we establish strong relations if we can change the men at least several times a day, even if in pretence? And if all this is so cool and pleasant, why not to sacrifice by boring school or career? So there is a risk of losing ourselves in fact and to spend on dating sites the lees of life.

What to do if your friend is subject to such a reliance, or you have noticed in yourself the signs of it? First of all, try to diversify the life by the other forms of activity. Walking in the park is almost always better than the evening for a computer. Casual acquaintance in the institute, at work or in the streets will give you more emotions than any Internet acquaintance, and has no fewer prospects.

Just remember that the dating sites - are only tool to ensure that you met someone important to you. They simply hundreds or thousands times expand your potential possibilities, increasing the chances according to the probability theory, but NEVER would be able to replace the reality. Do not get involved in Internet communication for "just to chat" - do look for a real living partner you can meet.

Internet sites would render you an invaluable service.

And did you happen when you could not force yourself to leave the dating site?

By: Julia Pika
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It could be interesting to look at the History Of Internet Dating and to learn what are the Dating Sites if you want to get real benefit for yourself and eventually find your second half.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Glorious History Of Bikini

Bikini - one of the many remarkable things donated to World by the French. It was invented… by engineer vehicle manufacturers, Louis Reard, who once took a new profession - designer of bathing suits.

On July 5, 2006 worldwide fashion industry noted a landmark date - 60 years ago super-weapons of seduction appeared in the women's arsenal, having been during six decades forcing men turn at them on the beaches, the first bikini-style swimsuits emerged!

Although, the history of fashion shows that even 1600 years ago in the Roman Empire there were seductress who wore bathing suits, consisting of two parts. They are shown on the ancient mosaic in one of the temples of Sicily.

Separate swimsuits were not a special novelty. wartime played its role in it, when they called for a rational approach to everything. In 1943, in the United States it was requested to reduce by 10% the consumption of fabric, going for tailoring of one female leotard.

So there were separate bathing suits. On the beaches of the U.S. the men have shown increased interest in women, which have embraced the patriotic appeal.

Reard finds his swimsuit cutting it from 30 inches(0.76 sq. m.): bust of the two triangles connected with lace and open panties.

Louis Reard developed a design of swimming suits, which disturbed the masses. The only lack was - a suitable name for the new items: something defiant, exotic, so that to draw attention to it.

Four days before the displaying a new model in Paris, U.S. army conducted the nuclear tests on the island, known as the Bikini Atoll. The name was found - "Bikini".

On July 5, 1946 a new bikini swimming suit saw the light.

Later Reard repeatedly noticed that the costume received the name of the island but not in honor of the nuclear explosion.

While the fact remains obvious that Reard benefited the most appropriate and discussed theme at that time for naming his model. Simultaneously with Louis Reard the similar separate swimsuit was produced by Jacques Heimand and named `The Atom`.

The new model was presented as the smallest in the world swimwear. Reard immediately responded, saying that his bikini `is less of the smallest in the world` swimsuit. Indeed, the new bikini swimsuit of Reard was so frank, that Parisian models did not dare to show it at the podium.

Micheline Bernardini - professional stripper of one of the Parisian clubs was hired to show. She agreed without hesitation to show bikini. Bernardini did not have a beauty in the classic sense, but after her appearing in bikini her popularity has increased noticeably in the press. Fans rubble the model with letters (they call the number about 50 000 letters).

The emergence of bikini aroused lively discussion throughout the world. In Catholic countries such as Spain, Portugal and Italy, the bikini had been forbidden. The organizations fighting for improving of morality, put pressure on Hollywood with the requirement to delete scenes from films where actresses were dressed in bikini. One of the writers said, `bikini opens all women's secrets, except mother's maiden name` of the owner of such a leotard.

Movie Star Esther Williams, who has had more opportunities to observe women in bikini, than any all of them, noted that bikini is a manifestation of flippancy of its owner.

So lasted until mid-1950-s. All had been changed after the acclaimed film was released on the screens: "And God created woman". The first European sex bomb Brigitte Bardot acted in the film in bikini, that had destroyed all barriers at once! After the film becoming cult it was already impossible to stop women. The beaches in San Tropez and Italian Riviera instantly have been flooded with fashionable swimsuits. The church was forced to admit defeat. And garment factories, working in three shifts, a few more years could not cope with orders.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Who Are The "professional" Internet Brides? Why Do We Wale This Way?

This is the article from the series the "Diary of a Russian girl", which I am hosting one of my blogs. What does "professional" bride mean? In my opinion, this is a young girl and not very one as well, which is actively engaged in finding a husband in the Internet. It all is easily and simply.

The idea to write about habitu of dating sites came to me after my social circle lately had changed very much, and I entered the world of professional dating. I immediately will specify: Russian brides are divided by geography. Part of them go "hunting" on local, domestic sites, and the others - on international.

In this article I will try to compile a portrait of the second category of girls and try to analyze the causes, pulled them on such a difficult path.Who she is "a professional Internet Bride"? "Gammed enough" on sites where girls are discussing the problem of dating, correspondence, first meeting, etc., I can provide general trends.

For today, this is a girl disappointed with Russian men. If during the post-perestoyka the girls sought to marry abroad, to marry "for a country, house, the future", then the situation has changed today. On the way of dating go the girls, who did not get to build relationships here, who are tired of selfishness, of the vast self-loved Russian men, and their high-and-mighty manners, infantility. To this list can be added drinking, married, blue. That does not mean that there are no real men in our space! The problem is that, obviously, someone was lucky, and someone wasn't.

This a girl, who wants love and happiness, wants to meet in the endless open spaces of the Internet a man beloved and to build a relationship with him. "Professional" bride has a higher education, speaks foreign languages (English is required, for expanding the geography of the selection), she is mobile (often a professional bride has open visa "Shenghen"), she is a cosmopolitan (believes that love knows no language barriers, distance and borders). She has a European mentality, she had spent some time abroad. She does not accept such a relationship as "marriage with a foreigner", she communicates with him as if to communicate with the Russian man, it only in a foreign language.

This is a very romantic girl. She is looking for love it is, the very HER MAN. She understands the complexities of the love at a distance, sadness of the rare meetings, calls. She understands how difficult it is - sometimes from the acquaintance till wedding it takes not one year, she sometimes does not realize what does push her to such a complex and thorny path, but she believes that at the end of the tunnel will see the light. She believes in her dream, waiting for the miracle will happen with her. She holds all the evenings and weekends on dating sites and MSN messenger. Writes information about herself in all possible languages, learns a little more French (German, Spanish), is in a correspondence.

At that time, her friends get married, build family relationships, give birth to children, and such a Webgirl spends the time in the Internet, hoping that she will be lucky.

And yet, strangely enough, she likes her homeland, she is very fond of her city. She would remain here with great pleasure, but there is nobody to live with...

So I tried to reveal the image of girl who is looking for a husband-foreigner from the inside. To show a small part of her emotions and feelings, her hopes. Because this is a very complicated way, but this girl does not choose the easy way.

I was in no way to offend the representatives of a strong half of humanity, but at the same time, you need to understand that besides strong men, there are weak and cowardly, which, unfortunately, are appearing in not a single copy on the way of our Russian girls.

By: Julia Pika

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Why Cute And Pretty Girls Don't Love Me...

You have a problem with pretty girls, while your friend everything goes perfectly. Cute girls just cling to him. But those same pretty girls for some reason are starting to avoid you after the first meetings. What don't the girls like in you?

Perhaps you're just the type of man who discourages the representatives of the opposite gender. Certain types of men can attract or discourage women. It particularly relevant is at the stage of dating.

Below are named and described male character traits which deters any women and not only cute or pretty girls. Knowing them, you will be able to control yourself and make a favorable first impression on girls.

1. Needy woman's attention.

He is a very emotional, imparts a girl all his feelings and emotions. He constantly doubts in himself, he needs to hear that all is well between him and girl, that he had a good work, friends, etc. Sexually attractive character traits of men are confidence and independence. Women strive to get a man of strong spirit, so you can scare her by your sentimentality at the stage of dating. But, as you know, women are substances of contradictory they simultaneously want two opposite qualities. Your mental becomes your trump when you will bring together and develop relations a little. Then you can talk on any hob-nob, a woman will even seek to learn what do you have in mind and heart.

2. Predictable.

It is dull to communicate with a man who always acts on the pattern and never presents surprises. Unpredictability and the spirit of freedom attract women, so they give themselves up in the hands of "bad guys" so often. That does not mean that you should become a "bad guy". Just be different, mix predictability and unpredictability. For example, suddenly call and invite her to dinner or a trip to nature.

3. Arrogant.

He condescends to communicate with people and talks with them as if they are worse and more
silly than he, gross with those he considers them bellowed himself. A woman estimates a man by how he communicates with others. Thus, she foresees how a man will communicate with her when they are closer acquaintance. If you want to impress a woman, do show more respect to others. Remember, she oversees you.

4. Ill-mannered.

He undisguisedly examines other cute women in her presence, may even to flirt a little. That does not confuse him. He can talk about his past victories at the amorous front. In general, all this shows that he does not respect women. Such a behaviour will not like a woman, both at the stage of dating, and at the stage of serious relationships.

5. Greedy.

He invites the woman to visit and subtly hints that it would be a good idea to pay Dutch treat. He will not come down with money once again for bouquet of flowers and always orders cheap wine. From the first date a woman feels in the mode of austerity. The words "budget" and "savings", are not germane on the first date. At the stage of courting a woman should feel special, otherwise nothing will do.

6. Debater.

Any conversation he turns into verbal battle. The woman does not feel comfortable at the time, she has to defend herself, to think about what she said. To communicate with a rival lover is a stress. If you have this feature, try to relax mostly during the visits, as well as a desire to start a dispute comes to you from the fact that you are nervous and do not know what to say. Pre consider the possible topics for discussions and questions that you can ask your girl.

7. Considers himself always right.

Such a man feels entitled to judge others. From the first visit, he begins to indicate the woman what she would do and what not to do. Such behaviour cause a woman nothing but feelings of irritation and anger. Who will like that someone reads a lecture to her, yet even on the first date. The cases, features, character and deeds of a stranger, all these are the personal matter. If you do not like something in girl already on the first date, do not continue to meet with this woman. Each person has advantages and disadvantages, one can tolerate some of them, the other can not. To alter the other person is not a grateful work.

8. Misogynist.

A man of this type makes no secret of his attitude to women, releasing cynical and offensive comments relatively to the entire female sex, and towards his girl in particular. This is definitely one of the men's qualities, which total-lot causes any negative reaction from the women. If you are a misogynist, why would you even go to visit? To verify once more your rightness or in the hope of finding your ideal there? If you do want to find your half, then you have to discard the illusions (there are no perfect people), and to change yourself, become tolerant. And pretty girls will stop to avoid you.