Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Long Legs Cause Rejection

Applicant for vacancy was refused to air traffic controller after it was found out that he has too long legs to fit them under a desktop.

23-year-old Briton Ben Sargent-Thomson, with the height of 2 m 8 cm, has received a notification that he has passed on the job after the interview and successfully passed all necessary tests. But the governing body of the National Air Traffic Control withdrew its offer after it became clear that one-meter legs of a new employee do not fit under the table. Ben was told that the constantly crooked position of his feet can cause serious harm to his health. And the governing body is not ready to assume such a responsibility.

In desperation of the fact that all his efforts have been in vain and he loses the cherished place because of some stupidity, young man proposed to use a special chair under his knees. But this idea was rejected.

Then Ben made a complaint, accusing the governing body of the company in discrimination based on sex, explaining it so that only a man can be tossed out into the street because of the too long legs.

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