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What Turns A Woman Off From A Man She Barely Knows?

Most women can agree on common qualities in men that turns them off before they really even get to know them. They are simply one of those things that most women agree upon. Do you posses them? Here’s a list of the top qualities that turn a woman off from a man – sometimes before she even talks to him.

1. The Wandering Eye

A woman who is interested in you is watching you, even if it’s from the corner of her eye. She’s watching how you act and move and, maybe even more importantly, where you eyes wander. If you are checking out every single woman who walks into the place then you may be losing potential dates that you didn’t even know that you had!

A wandering eye will tell her that you are not ready to be in any kind of relationship. Most women are looking for some sort of relationship or at the very least focused interest from a man. They are not looking for a man who will be checking out every single other woman who walks by. It may not be the truth about you but it’s still how she will associate you with the wandering eye.

2. A Seemingly Non-Interest in Her

If she notices that you don’t look her way or don’t really show some interest in her when you are talking to her then she will instantly get turned off by you. She doesn’t want a man who has no interest in her or looks as if she is boring him to death. And if she feels that she doesn’t even have the appearance to catch his eye then she's really not going to give it a try with him.

If you see a girl who you like then make sure you shoot her at least one glance that says I notice you. And if you are in a conversation with a girl then make sure that you pay attention to her and what she is saying to you. This will let her know that you are interested and give her the green light to go ahead.

3. You Are Obviously Arrogant

I actually see this behavior a lot more than I think most people would believe. I think that guys think they are displaying self-confidence. And don’t get me wrong, you want to display a sense of self-confidence, but if you are openly arrogant about yourself then you will cross a line into a territory where most women will not venture.

You can portray arrogance by giving her or other people dirty looks. You can also do this by talking about other people as if they are not as good as you. This is a really unattractive trait to a woman who might be interested in you, and she will instantly be turned off when she see’s or hears your arrogant side.

4. You Are Gross

I actually think this should have been first now that I really think about it. This is something that makes women not just turned off by a guy but physically sick to be around a guy.

For example, there is a guy that attends a coffee shop I go to regularly. He is constantly coughing and hacking. He also spends a lot of time farting, burping, picking his nose, and pulling the underwear out of his ass. He is disgusting. And he’s single. In fact, I’m pretty sure he still lives with his mother.

If you display even one-tenth of what this guy displays you will still be gross. Even crotch scratching may be viewed as gross depending on what sound goes with it. Make sure you avoid doing anything that is gross to a woman if you are single and looking, and in public.

By: Bellaisa Filippis

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