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Tips For Buying Lingerie As A Present

Lingerie is one of the most special and intimate gifts a partner can buy for their loved one. It’s a perfect gift for your wife, girlfriend or significant other, but it’s essential you get it right. Buying any old thing without even considering the size or style is a massive faux pas.

If you get it right, it will be romantic and shows that you really care and understand about her. It shows that you’ve put in time and effort to really think about getting a perfect gift. However if you get it wrong, you could end up sleeping on the sofa, at best. Follow these tips and you’ll be getting her a wonderful well thought out gift that she’ll love.

Do your research

Don’t guess her size or the style that she likes and don’t ask someone that doesn’t know her for advice. The only person that knows what will fit and looks best is your partner, so listen, take notes and ask questions. If you want to be more subtle, then don’t come out and ask straight away, “what bra size are you?”

Here’s a tip. When she’s away, just have a look at what size underwear she has and make a note of it. If there are different sizes, then pick the newest underwear she has, this will be her most current size. Also have a look at the different colours and styles that she likes. Whether it’s pinks or reds or whether she has a particular cut or fabric she prefers – it’s good to know.

Lingerie is for her, not you

One of the most common mistakes when buying lingerie is that someone may buy something they want to see their partner wearing. Avoid the slutty and skimpy stuff that you see those glamour models wearing, because if you do buy her some gratuitous underwear, you’ll be sending her the wrong message.

Stick to laces or silks and, as mentioned, have an idea of the style she likes. So this means working out the bra cuts, whether that’s full cup, half cup or a camisole. As for knickers, does she like French knickers or thongs? Remember it’s what she wants, what she’s comfortable wearing and what makes her feel special.

The price is right

Don’t get put off the price tag either. Lingerie is expensive and if you’ve found the right size and the right style, then just go for it. Buying good quality lingerie comes at a price, but she will tell the difference. For starters it will last longer, which means you’ll get to see her in it more than once. Also the quality of the fabric will be another tell-tale sign, if it’s good quality underwear, then she will feel better wearing it.

This doesn’t necessarily mean going out and buying the most expensive thing you can get your hands on. Just because you’ve gone into a lingerie store and bought the most expensive thing in the shop doesn’t mean that you’ve given the choice of lingerie any thought. Think about her lifestyle and her tastes, and then buy accordingly.

Go to her favourite designer / store

Don’t just turn up to any lingerie store in your local shopping centre. Take time to find out who her favourite designers are and where she likes to buy her best underwear. If you’ve just bought some mass produced underwear, there’s no guarantee she will like it, and besides most people would probably have the same lingerie if it’s that easy to pick up.

If you don’t know her favourite designer or store, then take some time to look up lingerie boutiques or specialist lingerie providers online. You’ll get the benefit of better customer service from experienced store workers, and there will be a better selection of brands to choose from too.

By: Vincent A Rogers

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Vincent Rogers is a freelance writer who writes for many UK businesses. He recommends Fred and Ginger for Bridal Underwear.

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