Sunday, July 3, 2011

Women's Organization FEMEN showed, what will happen to sex tourists in Ukraine.

In the Ukraine, they came up with a rather interesting way to show the world that country is not a mecca of sex tourism. It's no secret that, according to many polls, the most beautiful girls on this planet are living in Ukraine. This fact influenced the fact that the country is one of the most popular among the so-called sex tourists. Moreover, in some countries even have been raffled special sex tours to Ukraine. In New Zealand, in the live broadcast of radio station "The Rock FM" there was a ticket to sex tour in Ukraine given one businessman named Greg Morgan.

Upon learning of this blatant fact Ukrainian women's organization FEMEN has developed and published the special poster that was distributed by one traveler in New Zealands Auckland. The poster shows a sexy Ukrainian woman with bare chest, which holds a sickle with the flowing blood on it in one hand and in another - man's testicles are cut off...! Would sex tourists like to go to Ukraine after viewing this poster?

By the way, the Ukrainian organization Femen often holds the protest in which the participants attempt to defend their rights by bare chest. Quite often FEMEN argues against Putin and Russian politicians. Below a few photos of FEMEN.

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Anonymous said...

God, women in Ukraine, even making a point, are better than girls in America when they're happy. Kinda a whiney, fake, obnoxious, "happiness". It comes from always trying to discredit the "Cinderella" girl-- who ironically almost does seem more Polish or something, than American.... and certainly not German, the overbearing little monkeys.... And in America we are obsessed with saturating ourselves in fascist movies until our noses bleed-- I realize that in a sense they're everywhere, but here we just saturate ourselves in them until we get cynical. (Which is why *this* would *not* work as well coming from us, ironically-- it's that saturation!) And always trying to put the girls here in lab coats or something-- and that and Protestant Bible reading and obsessive schooling for 7,000 years-- during which time you're told that marriage and real life and everything is a lie, our American academics aren't unlike our American action movies, sometimes-- it all really ruins them, seems like.... They tend to be either bitter an impossible no matter what, or bitchy and loud and stupid, or both. I don't know which part of griefing me and carrying on and on like morons-- really loud, morose ones, although they're so damaged that it's almost as bad when they're "happy"-- they think is going to make me grateful or something. A lot of them just end up thinking that they're far, far more attractive than they really are. (And somehow Macy's and such gets blamed, even though that's practically the only instance of American culture being anything other than necrotic-- because, if some academic hack from university says it, the lower orders of intellectual demons in the magazines and on the TV news aren't going to do anything except mindlessly repeat it, since I guess that's what happens when a greater demon gives an order to a lesser demon, right.... that and the peasant wenches who are just so emotionally damaged from not ever having *been* married, *really*, that all that they're capable of doing is spitting and whoever happens to be near them, practically feral, like hairy little monkeys from the jungle.... and groaning like a bastard, too, like some sort of *rusty machine*....)

(.... When I read about how women are in Russia, it makes me want to be a Cold War spy-- America did this to me, therefore, America deserves my contempt, and that's all.)

But that girl.... makes the funny East Slavic letters seem a bit less daunting, give the Polish girls a run for my money.... the Ukrainian castratrix, my Ukrainian castratrix.... cultural castration, right-- the cultural castration of the decadent Westerner-- this could be their new tourism campaign-- campaign, lol.... I don't know, she just looks so flush with life and happy to be alive, optimism-- you never see girls like that here, cynicism is like this unwritten law or something--.... with her shirt wide open, getting you all pervie about how she can take the meaning of your life away.... (And the 'cut' version, where she doesn't even show you her breasts, but she's still got the testicles-- *cash*trated, such a tease, and so unfair....) And all happy and stable somehow too-- try finding that here-- as though she were just pleased that she'd gelded the Nordic invader, since she's such a patriot and everything....

(It's not the same here, where they're just, ~ rude and dumb and ugly, and rough like tree bark, and about as emotionally connected as tree bark, too-- what's the point....)

It's as though she were my Soviet girlfriend. Or something. Not quite Poland, haha. Different.... region.

And this was even done by the women's people-- here the women's people are all these German-British academic snides who have taken solemn oaths never to.... 4, 096 characters?