Friday, June 17, 2011

How To Get Women To Notice You Without Even Talking To Them

If there is a woman you like and you are not in her line of sight for dating then you may miss your opportunity with her. Another guy may catch her attention and she will be in his arms before you can even work up a game plan to get her to notice you. This is why it's good to have a game plan before you even find a woman you want to notice you. You will always be prepared.

Getting women to notice you is pretty easy if you are loud, obnoxious, and arrogant. Unfortunately she will notice you for all the wrong reasons and put you on the list of guys she will never, ever date. In this case any attention is really not better than zero attention.

You want the good type of attention that gets her thinking about you as:

- A guy she can see herself dating.

- A guy who has something to offer her.

- A guy who will make her feel good about herself.

- A guy who will make her laugh.

- A guy who is going somewhere in life.

- A guy who only has eyes for her.

These are the main qualities that she will be looking for when she's deciding whether or not you are a guy that she wants to get to know better. This whole decision can happen within a few minutes so you have to make the best possible impression you can on her whenever you are around her. To do this you can literally break down each requirement she will have and show her that you are that kind of guy.

A guy she would want to date - Be supportive and positive in your interactions with others around her. She will view this as a guy who would be a great supportive partner in a relationship.

A guy who has something to offer her - She may have the fancy car, the perfect teeth, and the money that pays her mortgage, but does she have a guy who can rock her world in bed? Hopefully not.

Whatever she is lacking in her life is something that she will be looking for. Partners often balance each other out and offer things to each other that the other person is lacking. If she can't reach the top shelf then show her you can. If she's lacking a car then show her you drive. Look for a void that you can fill.

A guy who can make her feel good about herself - This is easy. Give her a smile when you walk by her, or nod with appreciation when she is talking in a group. Show her that you think she has something great about her and she will feel good about herself.

A guy who will make her laugh - When you interact with people around her make yourself light-hearted and fun to be around. Everyone enjoys someone who can make them laugh, and if she see's that other people enjoy your company then she may view you as someone who can make her laugh too.

A guy who is going somewhere in life - If you happen to work around her then show her you are committed to your goals and that you are working towards them. If you don't work around her then act the part by checking your planner or discussing business opportunities on the phone. Whatever you can do to show her you are a man in pursuit of great things and not a chip-eating couch potato - do it.

A guy who only has eyes for her - While you are trying to get her to notice you do not flirt with any other women. Chances are she has you in her line of vision and if she glimpses you being a guy who spreads his affection around than she may put you on the do-not-date list. If you are going to flirt with anyone then flirt with her and no one else.

So remember these things when you are around a woman who you want to notice you. You don't have to talk to her, but you do have to give her the impression that you are worth her time to talk to.

By: Bellaisa Filippis
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