Saturday, March 9, 2013

Flirting With Females - 3 Tips To Put A Smile On Her Face

By: Chris Tyler

You probably feel like one of the goals that you have when you are flirting with a woman is to put a smile on her face. You know that if you could do that more often, the odds that you'd be getting more attention from the ladies would definitely go up in your favor. However, as easy as it might seem to be able to do that, you may find that when you actually try to put a smile on a woman's face, it's not that easy to do. Are there any tips for flirting with females that can help you out?

Here are 3 flirting tips that guys like you should pay attention to:

1. Use humor to get her to smile and laugh along with you. A good thing to do is to pick out something that is going on around you that you can make a joke about. You get the chance to show off your funny side a bit, and since it is something that is going on around the both of you, it gives her something to share with you. That is also a very good thing. Of course, stay away from jokes that might offend, especially if you are in a first impression situation.

2. Compliment her in a way that seems genuine.

Genuine compliments to a woman are never a bad thing. I know, there are some guys who give out dating advice who make it seem like you should never give a woman a compliment, but that is a little extreme. There is nothing wrong with pointing out something about her and then giving her a genuine compliment. What doesn't work is when it doesn't seem genuine or when it seems out of place.

3. Show her that you are interested in HER.

Women like to be seen as individuals and if you can show an interest in HER, meaning something that is unique to who she is, that is almost always going to make a woman smile. Try to see if there is something that you can pick up on that shows off her personality and then ask her a question about it. You may find that not only does she put a smile on her face, she starts talking to you more than she would if you didn't show any real interest in her. For example, you might notice she has a unique style and you might want to ask her more about her style.

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