Monday, July 21, 2008

Kama Sutra – Spice Things Up

Kama Sutra sexual positions are more like an acrobatic art than what many consider to be normal sex. Of the 64 sexual positions covered in the Kama Sutra, maybe ten percent of them are something that most couples engage in on a regular basis. Maybe this is the problem in relationships today.

When people are together and loyal to each other for a long time, they tend to get too comfortable in their sexual relationship, or worse, they can lose interest in their sexual partnership. 90% of marriages that end in divorce are a result of sexual problems or money problems or a combination of both. Kama Sutra will not likely help with the money problems unless you read the part that teaches you to be a prostitute (courtesan), but that, too, will likely lead to sexual problems.

Kama Sutra can, however, help with sexual problems. If you are comfortable in your sexual relationship, meaning if you do the same things time and time again due to a level of comfort that you and your partner have gotten used to, then it’s probably time to spice things up a bit. Of the 64 sexual positions outlined in Kama Sutra, how many of them do you think you have done with your partner? Probably not very many of them. Pick up the text and start reading. It’s time to give something different a try. Learn to master the new positions together. You can do this by reading the book together or by buying a video that focuses on Kama Sutra positions. The best way, though, is by practicing them – a lot.

If you have unfortunately lost interest in sex over years with the same partner, you can re-spark your sex life with Kama Sutra. Ask your partner to help you learn. Explain to him or her that you have become bored and complacent and that your libido just isn’t what it used to be. Let your partner know that it is not their fault and that they have done nothing wrong, this is natural in the course of relationships and you just need some help finding something new and different to peak your interest. Learning Kama Sutra together can not only help your sex life but can also bring you closer together emotionally. Isn’t that what a partnership is really about?

Don’t let your sex life ruin your relationship with the one you love. Learn about Kama Sutra and keep the spice in your life.

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